Self Development Road Map


I have done 3 journals before. But with out the certainty of a solid plan moving forward.

Last night I have mentally devised a plan for 2020 sub listening and in this journal I will Document my progress

Current Stack: KSt3 Qlst1 Day 28

Plan: ( Stacking modules and Super chargers not included)
Jan: QlSt1
Feb: QlSt1 k3
March: Qlst1 k4
April: Qlst2 k4
May: Qlst2 k4
June: Qlst2 k4
July: QLst3 k4
August: QLst3 k4
Sept: QLSt3 k4
Oct: QLSt4 k4
Nov: QLSt4 EOG 1

Each month would be followed as per above plus a stackable module / single stage/ stage 4 of previously completed stage 4.

Let it roll!


@mecharc, you used to plan around upcoming life events, like exams, office, etc.
I hope the above is done similarly, and not as a means to just “use every product I can in one year”.

Also, you and @raphael have been exceptionally silent about what you’re working on / what is happening with life & subs. Do post an update.


@Simon - right now am playing Khan ST4 and Quantum Limitless ST3. It’s an intense playlist alright.

Right now my life is in a state of flux and it can go anywhere. That’s why I don’t want to journal publicly until I choose a specific direction for myself. Am looking again at rewriting my goals before proceeding.

It also depends on Emperor Fitness since I am looking to upgrade my physical health. Depending on what Emperor Fitness is, I will purchase it and might end up running only Emperor Fitness for a while (or maybe with Ultimate Artist). This depends on whether EF has health oriented benefits. Else, I am considering many other scenarios which are too early to share.


@Simon I am having some family emergency which is more severe than I had thought. I have left everything else that I was working on. I have virtually taken the year 2020 off from everything that is not the problem I am facing.

Just an update on exams that I sat for.
I had 4 exams.
But only sat for 2.
I had to come back home for emergency.
The two i sat for, I got high distinctions in both.


all the best


Ql 1 K3 Day 28

Over arching Effects of Ql- I have less anxiety overall.

Over arching Effects of k- Greater sense of self worth

Previously, I would stutter while explaining anything. Now, that has seemed to disappear.

Girls were not my goal, so haven’t seen any result in that field.

I have increasing sense of internal status, but haven’t noticed external effects yet, but I won’t complain in this regard.


That’s amazing! Congratulations on the 2 exams!


Day 29 Qlst1 KSt3

Today was the first day after a long time, when I felt low status.

I was in the presence of a cousin of mine.

She is older than me, and has been like my sister ever since I was born.

She is a very good person, takes care of me alot, but, she is like a boss lady, she is very dominating ( not domineering) and assertive. I spent time with her today. She imposed her frame on me and I could not find a way to dodge it. Being rude or aggressive was not an option because she wasnt doing anything bad or wrong. It was just that she had more control over the situation, and I could only at best submit to her frame.

I had forgot how it felt to be low Status, powerless and at the disposal of others. Today was a good refresher.


PCC would have helped you there…


I was thinking the same thing! But I don’t know if I should add to this stack, or at a later time.
I ask that because, I am already running a heavy stack.


Guys, I have a meeting with a huge potential client

What super charger should I listen to before heading into it?


@mecharc - if you already have The Commandant, I would recommend playing that.


I think I have taken all I want from khan for now. Being high status in the social way, was a priority for the kid self in me. Many new life changing events have unfolded in the last couple of days, which is leading me to change my priorities.

I believe Khan has helped installing the self image I wanted upto an extent. But given what’s happening in life right now, being a dominant social beast should be the last of my priorities.

I don’t see the need to keep on using Khan for now.

My main priority now is to become more business savy and be more responsible towards the reality of life.

I will stick to my plan of starting EOG from may.

But, I don’t feel I need more from Khan at this point in time.

I am considering replacing Khan with Mogul in my roadmap for 2020.

I would love some advice.

I’m very distressed, not with sub usage, but with my life situation right now.


If you’re in the middle of a time of transitions, what you may need is inner strength, stability of vision, and wisdom. So you can hold your center as the dust settles around you and you can quickly intuit the new configurations that are coming into being.

In times of change, it’s appropriate to cultivate the inside and the roots.

What programs? Godlike Masculinity, for strength and solidity. Quantum Limitless for penetrating and rapid discernment. And make sure you’re getting sleep and exercise to facilitate smoother integration of and adjustment to all of these changes.

I’d also say Alchemist for deep wisdom, independent of external changes and conditions, but I think you haven’t started that one yet; so it would take a while to kick in.


Thank you for those words.
QL is a definite part of my stack as in my plan.

I am looking to replace K, will mogul, as it has glm and also wealth programming.


I am taking more responsibilites.

I feel marked improvements in my communication.

I feel more in control of how people perceive me.

In the recent past (before the sub journey), I used to try to be a bad, selfish person in order to be Alpha. now that has changed. I want to help everyone! And i know my own worth!


Good going, @mecharc


That sounds really good.


Be the alpha that people WANT to follow.


2020 to 2024

2020- Year of Quantum Limitless
2021- Year of Gold
2022- Year of Khan
2023- Year of the Quantum Golden Khan