Self Development Road Map


I had the same tendency as you do.

Then I started EoG. I did not keep journal or even count the days. But I did run every stage atleast a month. Kind of pushed the thought of subliminals out of my mind. And then when I finished St4, couple of weeks later I noticed that my productivity dropped. I felt like I needed to take a break. But I did get some great results out of it.

It really matters that you keep your chosen stack. Or even just one sub.

EmpQ is my choice currently, but I’ll have to see what kind of testing SubClub wants to do.


@Hoppa Would you like to share some of your achievement s with EOG please?


I mentioned some in my EmpQ journal.

You commented on them :wink:

I don’t know how to describe the internal changes… Because I don’t remember how I felt before EoG.

I just seem to come up with great ideas all the time now. Like some of the friction has dissappeared.

I still have mental blocks, mostly about procrastination. But EmpQ is helping with that.


Wish you journaled back then


On Regeneration i realised that there are alot of mental rut that is holding me back.

Even though khan has changed me in many aspects, where by I’m not insecure anymore.

But if I go deep inside my mind, I still give a fuck what people think. Hence, I still am still insecure about myself.

I wanna focus completely on healing

Ql R Am at work


So how long did you do Regeneration and was it in a stack? Also how long did you run ST1, was it part of a stack, and did you ever run it in a stack with Regeneration?


Been doing regeneration for 8 days.

Running it over night with AM and

Started QL St1 on Jan 1st. Did it for about 40 days and then moved to ST4 for exams.
Moved back to ST1 again since 8 days.

For the last 8 days I’ve only been listening to these.

Although spread around the the following stacks at different times.

  1. QL R AM
  2. QL R
    3 R AM


Okay so I just discovered that I have free access to LinkedIn Learning. I’ve had this free access for the past 2 years. I just found out now.


@Simon will adding LD give any extra benefit?


With RG and QL, probably not.

You should always test though. Remember that effects are subjective.


So, as discussed before I have no friends.

At many times the thought itself gives me anxiety.

I am self-sufficient, but sometimes I feel the anxiety for the probability of not having connections in the future.

How do I get rid of the anxiety?


Am Q R

If I had to swap anyone of the above with Aegis.

Am. I choose you!


The situation is getting scary. Panic attack has completely shut me down. I’m dying of hunger, but I’m not doing anything about it.


You need to keep calm.
For young healthy people, panicking is much more dangerous than the actual virus.
If you do not have all your essentials with you, go outside and get then.
If by chance you get the virus, you will most likely just have to face some fever days (my sister has corona, and after 3/4 fever days, she is almost at 100%).
My main worry in getting the virus is spreading it to my older family members…


I was just feeling restless with my stack.

I paused and went through the sales page description.

My stack serves exactly what I want, and I calmed myself.


Have you actually nothing to eat?


I finally did get something to eat, just enough to get rid of the dying feeling.


Between regeneration and khan st1 was there a difference for you ?


Regeneration I guess is breaking down the traumatic feelings only.
Eg. Thoughts about certain circumstances made me feel anxious. That anxiety is not there.

Khan in the other hand broke down every underlying weak aspect, known or unknown. It broke down 1 underlying aspect of me only though (because I rushed through it, without taking action)

Moreover I don’t know how accurate my verdict is. Because since starting rg, I’ve just been home, taking no action.


I did 3 days of no food and just water. Its called liquid fasting.