Self Development Road Map


Oh wow. I didn’t know such thing existied


Does AM remove internal limits from the roots? Or does it just address it on the surface?

If AM address es the limits from the roots, how more comprehensive is khan st1?


What is your current stack? Still the same? :wink:


Haha what makes you ask that? :joy:


Did you swap AM to Aegis?


I swapped it and swapped it back again :see_no_evil:

Since Aegis works fast. I decided to listen to it once or twice after waking up and then going back to



Is any one here a self taught python programmer?


Me! Teaching myself Python at the moment. But I’ve only started.


How is the learning goingfor you bro?


My stack has been less set and forget and more deliberate.

Listen to QL U and M only when studying

Listen to R U on phone speaker

Listen to AM masked when on headphones ( m is shorter)


@Simon please give me some advice.

I’ve been on Ql 1 R AM for 2 weeks now

On QL 1, I’m taking action in the form of learning tech.

However, on R an AM I’m taking no action at all. That makes these 2 virtually ineffective right?
Is it wise to keep them on my stack with out taking any action?


IMHO there is one thing that you have to learn: keep your chosen stack :wink:

You can listen to Aegis when needed, but other than that learn to not jump around.

Take this time as an opportunity to get over the bad habit.

It will serve you well in future.


Brother, thanks for the thoughts but it’s not about changing the stack into something different.

It’s about keeping or not keeping Am and R, if I don’t take any conscious action in that direction.

So either Ql Or Ql Am R


I found this recent post from @DarkPhilosopher very useful. He addresses the point you’re raising.

Subliminals work with subconscious mind processes. Those are the same processes involved in your involuntary physical processes, in scripting your dreams, essentially in constructing your world (think ‘The Matrix’, ‘Vanilla Sky’, or ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’).

They are, by themselves, highly active. When we talk about ‘action’ on this board, we’re talking about a very specific narrow spectrum of actions which are related to facilitating and manifesting your consciously-chosen, intentionally-committed goals.

But the subconscious mind will still be active, and the subliminals will still have an effect in either case.

A good metaphor would be the Sun. The sun (i.e., the star known as Sol) is always shining powerfully and is set to continue doing so for…(checking right now)…another 5 billion years. (Wow. Just contemplate that amount of power.)

Anyway, if you want to burn a hole in a piece of paper, you need to hold a glass lens, like a magnifying glass, which harnesses and focuses some of that powerful sunlight. The magnifying glass does not add to the Sun’s power, it just focuses it in line with one of your little tasks. If you don’t, in other words, hold up a lens, the Sun will still be immensely powerful and will drive all kinds of processes on this and other planets.

The lens in this example is a metaphor for so-called ‘action’ as we use the term. Actions help to harness the inherent power of subconscious process and to focus it in a particular small direction that we’ve chosen. If we do not act, hmmm… then what will happen? Well, one point is what @DarkPhilosopher says. The power of the subconscious processes will still drive a transformation process, and we may experience a pressure to take action. But it’s also true that, just as it always does, the mind will continue to drive 1000s of growth processes that we may never even notice.

On top of this, there are certain programs that have a more generalized focus. Regeneration is one of them. Healing, deep emotional psychological healing, is not really a phenomenon of goals and tasks. (It can be, in the case of rehabilitation, but it’s essential quality goes far beyond that.)

Healing is an ongoing process. We are always breaking down and always healing and reconstructing. It’s a basic life process. So, the action is built-in already.

If one of your life priorities is to build wealth and to be productive, keep listening to Ascended Mogul. It will continue to shape the structures of your mind. College courses (when done properly) prepare you to work even though you are not working at the time that you take them. Of course, if you’re already working in a particular field, you’ll experience more value out of the exact same classes and training. But it doesn’t mean that what you’re building and studying is ineffective.

My opinions. But, of course, even if those points are valid, you must follow your own gut.


I think almost everyone in the forum has told him about this at one point or another, in one thread or another.

So don’t bother to add to the statistic :stuck_out_tongue:


@sidneyficance Kindly remind me where though.


@Malkuth you’ve rescued me from my dilemma yet again.

May God Bless you friend!


While listening to R,

I’m feeling so angry. Over people who want the best for me.


Every other thing is pissing me off


Something interesting is happening.

My house mate is suddenly displaying casanova attitude . :see_no_evil: