Self Development Road Map


Thank you to everyone who has given me resources to start off with programming, they have been immensely helpful!

But something ticked in me today, and insteading if just asking people to spoon feed me on how to progress a new career in IT. I have satrted researching in this field, and i must stay, Internet has the answer to all my questions.

All i need is focus and paitence!

YEAR OF QL at work


I’ve been listening to QL ST1 for extensive period, to rewire my brain pathways linked to porn.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how, but I’ve managed to watch porn and relapse after every ql 1 listening session.

I’m afraid I’m rewiring porn watching to subliminal listening of QL ST1.

Moreover, recently I realized that I only am motivated to take a shower after I masturbate to porn.

Does anyone have any similar experience?

How do I get out of this rut?


@mecharc - sometimes I wonder whether there is a way to get a Willpower subliminal from SubClub.

But in my experience, there is no easy answer. Right now I am not masturbating or watching porn. And I know it could change anytime. The last time I did was 2 weeks ago. So after relapsing, I try again. Make a resolution again. And try again. There is no other way out of it.

If you are living by yourself, you can substitute masturbation and porn with dating. But if you are living with your folks, you will have to plan on moving out so that you can date and have sex instead of masturbation/porn.

And probably that’s your plan all along. Which is to increase your wealth so that you can be independent. If that is the case, then you will just have to get up over and over again each time you fall.

It will be difficult. But nothing worth conquering is easy.


I started Learning programming at 26. I know I am late in this Field, but with the support of QL, I believe I can achieve great things I’m programming.


had to visit the hospital.

All the nurses I interacted with, had a look in their eyes which blatantly stated
“Take me to the janitors room and fuck my brains out”.

Khan St3 is back in action


Did something else they did/said show their… desire?


All of them tried steering the conversation to outside the profession of nursing.
for exammple, while i was checking for blood reports, this one nurse asked me if i had lunch yet (I think she was gonna ask me, if she could join me for lunch, if i didn’t ignore her).
This other time, i was talking to a nurse who was about to get off her shift. she was trying to steer the conversation into having a hang out.
many other nurses were constantly smiling and looking at me.

I ignored all of them!


Even with QLST1 for 45 days,
Learning JAVA basics is sooo fammnn difficult!!



And what is your subliminal-history so far if I may ask? (Which subliminals did you listen to for how long?)
Just asking for a friend! :wink:


I guess it is also about the way you learn it. Do you use standard-ways of learning like in school or have you customized your learning habits?


I am self learning programming from online tutorials.


Besides that it is also important to have quality sleep and relaxation, breaks etc.


I have been Doing Khan constantly Since October 19. However, I added and swapped many single stages into my stack during this time.

Starting Jan 2020, I stacked QL with K3, with the aim of doing each QL and remaining K stage for 3 months.

Starting Feb 2020, I removed K3 to only keep QL St1

However, i added k3 back, again yesterday

now my stack is:
QLst1, K3, PCC


So Khan makes women go crazy?
It’s funny you mentioned that btw, just yesterday I thought about the last time I went to a hospital and interacted with the nurses.
Now this almost makes me want to change my schedule, but just almost. I tell myself: “This is what I will gratify myself with, once I have finished what I am doing now”

Thanks for the info!


That’s the way to go!. btw, do you mind sharing your current schedule?


Sure. 6h EoG (Currently St1) and 2h Ev4. I think I’ll go all the way to 8 and 10h with EoG, time will tell.
I have a journal, in case you haven’t seen it yet


Yepp. Just went through your journals. Can’t wait for your new journal with EOG.

Just like you I want build an empire.

My Reason for using khan was to not get woman, but build up my weak ass anti social beta character into a stronger one.

Woman are the last of my concerns ATM.

I will follow your EOG journey closely, as my copy of EOG is waiting in my inventory until the build up of my character.


I suddenly had a possibility thought while reading @Michel latest entry. and it made me kind of sad.

As stated by Michael, khan is intact the best sub by SubClub.

And all existing members will agree!

However, once project Q is up and running, new members joining then, will most likely disregard Khan and go for the newer tech.

The newer tech might even create a bias in the minds of many older members ( like in the case of Ev3 v Ev4)

People might just start overlooking khan


Valentine’s makes the women go crazy.
Khan just ensures that they choose YOU.



More likely for new buyers than older.
Those who have used a specific file and know its effects will choose as needed.

I’m back on my “Ev3 + PS” stack, purely because it fits my current needs better than anything else I’ve used, and I’ve tested a LOT of stacks. :blush: