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Is there any way back for your relationship at all? I don’t believe she has disowned you (she is your mother after all) however she will need some time to process why her son went ballistic in front of colleagues.

Don’t be too sorry about letting it all out. Sometimes the storm clears the air. But do apologise.


Sincerely apologize to her without expecting anything in return. But most importantly, forgive and be kind to yourself.


How did she communicate that she was disowning you?


She told me in my native language. I did do something disown worthy, and I’m extremely embarrassed about it.


The day when EV4 came out, my hands were itching to grab hold of it.
However, im least frustrated regarding joining the test group of EQ5.

Only Quantum Golden Khan is real for the time being


What I intended to ask with the question was:

a) what were the emotional tone and atmosphere of the conversation?

b) was it face-to-face, over-the-phone, e-mail?

c) was the meaning implied or stated directly?

d) was there dialogue or was it delivered as an edict from on high

That kind of thing. This is all quite personal, so no need to actually answer these here, but it’s worth thinking about.


Leaving All my Emotional Baggage aside,

time to Concentrate on my 2020 Journey.

My Stack is as heavy as a metric fuckton. I feel like a boss!

I remember when first did a heavy stack of KST3, EV4, QL 1… I stopped it after 1 night.

but my stack now feels amazing.

Stack: QLSt2: KST4: EOGSt1 1:2:2

QLSt2: Do it’s thing to make me into a Genius, that i can extend to everything out there!

Kst4: For the Push and High status drive.

EOG: EOG is my mind candy now. I am gonna move very slowly through this one.- I can already feel come blockages being broken in terms of my mind set.


To re remind me during Journalling.

ST 1 – Ecstasy of Freedom

The stage that will release all beliefs that hold your wealth-creating potential back. No more will you be held back by beliefs of your family, friends, society or your self-doubting voice that tell you that lacking and poverty is the only way of life – you will experience true freedom, and the ecstasy that comes from experiencing it and the wealth coming with it. Negative manifestations that you might have been manifesting subconsciously will be removed, as well as any negative beliefs you might have picked up from any other source, be it a less than proper subliminal or simply living your normal day-to-day life and being told that poverty is your only option.

Your mind will open, your horizons will widen, your creativity will be unleashed, detrimental thinking patterns affecting your abundance and productivity will be easily removed, allowing you to glide freely and easily towards your limitless, endless, complete financial abundance. Take a moment to relax and to simply imagine how it would feel to be able to buy anything at any time, be it a car, an apartment or a vacation, without even having to look at your balance.

That is the Ecstasy of Freedom.


Reminder 2


@mecharc - we all make mistakes, some worse than the other. Feeling bad is fine. After that, get over it and move on. At least you didn’t hit her. Many people do that and worse. You were just angry and in anger we say a lot of unnecessary things. I have done the same to my mother. Granted that it was only in front of my sisters and father, but still after a couple of days, we were okay with each other.

You can tell her that you didn’t really mean what you said in terms of wanting to insult her in front of everyone. Other than that, don’t expect her forgiveness. Sometimes, you just have to let it all out for improving your own journey forward.

PS: the hospital scene was awesome. You are improving dude!


With all the EQ Solo and Stacked left and right,

It feels nice to be in control and not jump :sunglasses:


Today I’ll be going out with old friends for a group war game. Let’s see how I behave… Moment of truth


Let us know how it goes! I look forward to your detailed report :slight_smile:


I need some advice please

I rushed trhough khan from stage 1 to 4, because i was looking for quick results back then.
I have experienced the changes in me, even though they have not been anything external (apart from one manifestation, if you know what i mean ;)), I have had enough changes in me to be happy with sticking to any sub!
and as a result i am not rushing for results on any sub anymore.

I am currently: QLSt2, EOG ST1, KST4. Planning to Stay on QLSt2 and EOGSt1 for an extended period of time.

I was thinking of

  • going back to KST1( swapping out ST4) and staying there for a while
  • stacking KST1 with my current Stack
  • adding limit destroyer to my current stack ( Since i belive this destroys limit in all areas of life and KST4 aims a destroying more of the social side oriented limits.)

What would your advice be?



Ok, so if I understood you correctly @mecharc, you have used Khan, saw results, and that led you to switch to the stack of QLSt2, EOG ST1, KST4 + limit destroyer? So moving for 1 multi-stage sub, to 3 multi-stage subs + a stacking module?


What I understand from that post is this:

Point 1
Although he may have passed through Khan relatively quickly, he was still impressed by the results that he got with the program, and so he has a general sense of confidence in the power of subliminals.

Point 2
He’s now on a plan in which he’s running three major programs (Quantum Limitless, Ecstasy of Gold, and a maintenance stack of Khan). Due to his original experiments, he’s now comfortable to run all of these for a longer period of time in order to experience deeper and fuller results.

Point 3 - the main question
For his maintenance stack of Khan, he’s wondering if it would be more beneficial to use stage 4 of Khan, or whether he should start the Khan program over from the beginning and whether that would deliver a more comprehensive effect. (i.e., somewhere in between a maintenance stack and ‘starting over from scratch’).


I see an assumption there that might be very different to reality.

@mecharc is new. The only person I know who ran 3 multi-stages at once is the veteran @DarkPhilosopher, and even him, it took him 6 months of struggle and pain before he began to see results. He can confirm this, and I am pretty sure if he had to do it all over again, @DarkPhilosopher wouldn’t repeat running 3 multi-stages at once.

And @Malkuth, that was a rhetorical question to help @mecharc clarify things for himself, so that he builds up his own confidence and independence. That is a much more helpful way of approaching things, to encourage others to grow, than to give them the easy answers :wink:


I’ll admit that I kind of knew that’s what you were doing; but wasn’t willing to wager on the odds of that Socratic approach working, (especially with the possible distorting static of cross-comments that can occur in an online forum. At this point, there’s something of a periodic tendency to pile on the noble @mecharc, with his admittedly mercurial and dramatic past listening patterns). I’ll probably just let it ride next time. :pray:t6:

Peace and respect


Hi! My name is DarkPhilosopher and I approve of this message.


Sorry to hear about your family stuff. It’s harsh.

I’m not very familiar with your culture, but most moms will love their children even if they are disappointed with them. And as a woman, she will likely forgive even if she never forgets. But first, you have to forgive yourself.

Also know that a heartfelt apology (at the right time) is not a sign of weakness or PCC failing you any more than opening up a door or pulling out a chair for a woman. Or joining a 10 year old at the table because their mind simply doesn’t “get” the adult hierarchy yet.

On the contrary, an apology can be a very effective “strategy” to diffuse a situation. I rarely apologize for my behavior, although I may sometimes admit I could have handled things better. But when I do apologize, I truly mean it and that shows. And often the person I apologize to will indicate they may have overreacted.

As I said, I am not familiar with your culture, but we are all human under it, right? Forgive yourself, accept the situation without getting stuck in it, take a deep breath and figure out where to go from here. Maybe you both need to focus on other things for a little while.

If you think I’m completely wrong, that’s your right. I’m not going to apologize for it. :wink:

And now back to the answer to AMASH…

I recently came to the realization that it’s almost impossible to give each sub the time it requires every day. I would probably have to listen for 5 months per stage to get to the point where I’ve gotten everything out of a stage. Especially now that I’m back at work, trying to learn new stuff and figuring out my new rhythm.

Even though action taking is great to get the most out of your subs, it also takes energy away that your subconscious uses to process those subs. So the more active my life becomes, the longer I should stick to a stage.

I’m not complaining, but AMASH was right about two things (well, he’s probably right about a lot of things).

First, I’m a veteran, I can switch from hyper-active to meditative in seconds and my mind can deal with the massive scripts without throwing me into a reconciliation roller-coaster. It can process a lot without getting stressed. And even when things are too much, it will drop the rest rather than pile it on and try to deal with it.

To others, it may pile up until they lose their composure because their mind is getting too overwhelmed to keep up trained behavior and so it goes primal, ejecting all that energy in all directions. Something that might have happened in your case.

Second, I shall always recommend against running more than two major subs at once. If I had to do it all over again, knowing that I had time enough to go slow, I would have done them one by one. Khan first, then add in EoG once I was comfortable at Khan ST4, and replace Khan ST4 with Alchemist ST1 once I got comfortable with EoG ST4. Always running only two at a time, one of them having already completed at ST4.

As a matter of fact, I have been feeling strange lately. Even though I’ve been experiencing lots of changes lately and my life is taking off (finally), I feel like I’m hitting a plateau. Like my mind has reached a point of exhaustion with my stack.

Now I could take a break from subs, but that doesn’t feel right either. So instead I asked Saint if I could get EmpQ as well. Running it exclusively for a little while will give me a suitable “shock to the system” that should break through the perceived plateau and allow me to switch back to my own stack afterwards. The effects will probably be quite noticeable, which would make Saint happy.

What works for me may not work for others. It’s awesome you have opted out of EmpQ, mecharc. Resisting impulses and temptation is a lesson everybody should learn.

Regarding your admission before all your family issues started…

You should also know that for the past few weeks I have been engaging in a lot of sex, alone and otherwise. So much that it makes me late to work and drains my energy. So even after months of good work, I too experience a regression in that department every other month or so. It happens, we are men after all. You’ll have times where you ignore sex altogether and times when you can’t get enough of it. Times when Internet porn is super boring but mental fantasies will make you waste hours while you play them out, and times when you need the endless instant variety without using your imagination that the Internet brings. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Few people can transmute their sexual energy while their mind is busy telling them to go hump somebody’s leg.

[SOLO][AMASH] Honest Review of EmperorQ

Deep truth right here. Listen to @DarkPhilosopher guys. He’s dark, and he’s a philosopher, and he’s right :wink: