Self Development Road Map

  1. Everything I wanted to tell you is already in my older replies. I’m still waiting for you to understand & implement them. It’s ok. I know it can take time.

  2. I can’t make out any clear picture of what your current Goals & Actions are. So, it doesn’t really matter what you’re listening to.
    I’d rather be the cool-guru who lets you enjoy the scripts, than be a tor-mentor.



@Malkuth you got my points but I also agree with @AMASH (he is a mental magician)
there is some problem from my end at explaining. Let me start again.

I rushed khan up to ST3 till DEC. My initial rush and dramatic listening patterns where to get a immediate sense and feeling of higher status. That feeling here now. So everything else can wait!

Jan- I started KST3 and QL1

Feb- Is where I started seeing prominent changes in me and I was very comfortable with the stack

In mid Feb, I thought of Moving to KST4 and QLSt2 (after 45 days of Qlst1) … The stack felt so good, I became greedy with saving time and thought of adding EOG St1.
Kst4- just for the Drive and Push
EOG St1- focusing on the financial side, destroy the limiting belief that everything will be taken care for me / I’m taking my most active part in family business yet (I don’t officially work there, just taking up dealing with some suppliers that my dad handles)… How ever, I have no confidence in independent earning yet.
Ql 2- aid me with learning Programming/ and master degree completion.

I’ve been running this stack for about 5 days… And I feel amazing.
Today, I felt like I rushed through kSt1 too fast, so was thinking that going back to it would be a good idea.
Please discard my portion highlighting LD ( I don’t even own it).
The reason I wanna go back to ST1 is to destroy all limitations holding me back from taking social action. But my definition of social action is not going to parties and picking up chicks. I don’t find it difficult to talk to girls, but I find it difficult to form strong connection with the Alphas.

@Simon- I could never express it properly, but previously no matter what i was saying my goal was, I was looking for something that would elevate my sense and feeling of status immediately. When I was doing st1 to ST3 that was my inherent desire. I now feel my status is elevated up to a satisfactory extent.
How do I understand this? Many subtle things, for ecample. Before I would communicate with people as if their impression of me was at their disposal, this led me to be very wishy washy with them, now I’m don’t communicate with anyone to please them, and this comes internally.

Now my main goal is to free up the financial side of life, which is at 0, I am in no hurry but I must free up before my safety bubble pops.- EOG

With future entrepreneurship intentions, I have started learning Programming with no CS background. That’s why I have QL
EOG will help me with this regard in the future.

KSt4 is there for the drive, and maintaining the sat

@DarkPhilosopher I’m getting nervous with my decision now


If you feel amazing, keep running this stack.

Stay at Khan ST4, so that you let EoG ST clear up the money problems, since your finances are at 0 as you said.

Keep doing what is working :wink:

DarkPhilosopher did not feel good on his stack, so if what you’re doing works, that’s the only proof you need to keep going!


Interesting thing I have noticed.

Infront of new people I meet, I am an Charismatic Alpha. (Given no one i know pre subclub journey is there)

How ever, infront of older acqauntences i still am uncharismatic.

Although I am not a pushover or a people pleaser in any situation anymore.


26 years of Beta programming won’t go away in 5 months


Why don’t you feel charismatic? Did other people gave you the feeling or did you come to the conclusion alone?

I was thinking about that lately too.


I think most people fall back into old beliefs around “old” acquaintances. Plus, it’s very hard to shake that feeling that they have already seen another side of you. It’s like a teenager getting embarrassed at their high school and wishing they could switch to a new one to re-invent themselves. I have the same at workplaces. The women there already saw a worse side of me and the colleagues would frown upon my becoming more alpha, disrupting the closely guarded social hierarchy. It feels “strange” to display new behavior. So I get stuck in old ways.

It’s not true, of course. The change can happen gradually and although some may comment on it, most would not notice it until it was too late. But still, people always fall back into old behavior when exposed to their old environment.


@DarkPhilosopher I can relate to everything you’ve said

@friday It’s something like, with new people, the charisma comes naturally. With old people I gotta consciously force it out.

Although, I am naturally leading the way in some cases where previously I would have just sat around following the leader. (old acquaintance).
Note: in some cases, not all.


Back in November, I had the same exact issue while running khan. Further, me constantly trying and failing to change this made me that much more frustrated.
Strangely After I have started Ev4 and added on commander, I dont feel any need to enforce any kind of change in anything at all, it all comes naturally. And now I unintentionally end up dominating in most of the social gatherings with both old and new people.


Been studying Auto Suggestion chapter frmm think and grow rich.
I wrote out a small meditation using those principles,
And some emotion instilling techniques for more effective affirmations.
I will share the entire thing here. So more people people may benefit


To misquote a spiritual leader:

If you think you’re so [alpha], why don’t you spend a weekend with your family…

It happens.


I am going Back to Australia Day after tomorrow.

I am feeling very sad.

I just hope i don’t get into depression back there down under


I can make friends easily, but after some time i sort of lose their interest and the intial close bond.

So, for the above reason, i am a loner in Australia and everywhere in the world. Back home I have my family.


Oh man, this is something that is important for you to work on, and get it fixed. Especially if it leads to depression. Because depression = severe procrastination and hopelessness!


Amazing!! How long after adding, did you notice?

What is your current Stack brother?


I ran it for 3 months until I switched to EQ. The “good” results came after a month of me playing. The first month was kinda hard tho


Stack: KST4, QLST2, EOG ST1

Have 2 exams coming up, so I swapped out EOG ST1.


i might try to play all stage 1’s, and start from scratch of the three programs after exams


Thinking to myself

Three stage 1’s will be too heavy.

What are my more reasonable options?

Goal: Status, Wealth, Learning

Option 1. Khan St1, Mogul, QlSt1
Option 2. EOG St1, Admiral and Commander, QLST1
Option 3. kSt1, EOGst1, QLST1

Why khan St1?- there are many limiting beliefs still present, that prevent me from taking social action.

Why EOG- to build my business acumen in the long term, and start changing my fin focus and situation in next couple years.

Why QL?- I wanna learn as many skills as possible by 30.

What is important and what is urgent?


Thinking to myself: Why doesn’t he just stick to a single stack so that his subconscious actually has time to help him achieve his goals before the year 3000?