Self Development Road Map


Hey! You’re thinking out loud, just like me!


Nope, I’m thinking silently like an electric car. But I’m typing out loud. :wink:


I’ve been thinking very hard Why I wanna do All these three programs?
What I wanna accomplish with each of them, why i wanna accomplish them.

I got some realisations.

Goals with EOG and QL relate to what I want to get out of real life.

Where as with K, my goals are coming from the comfort zone of life where I don’t have to worry about the larger and difficult things in life, so I am worring about accomplishing the smaller things in, things which are small in my reality. So, goals with khan are coming from ego.
I guess that is why it is confusing me so much


If I were recommending you a stack, it would be Ecstasy of Gold and Ascended Mogul. I’d choose those two and then work my ass off on wealth building and business building projects. For like 2 years. At some point, I’d switch out ascended Mogul for Emperor and just keep going ham on the wealth and business building. Until the wealth/business machine was up and running how I liked it.

Once that project (i.e. establishing business and generating wealth) started to feel easy, then I would shift my focus to other interests and priorities.

Man, that accomplishment will go so far. And you will definitely be learning like a boss (pun intended), working out, and most likely socializing too during that time, even though you don’t listen to Quantum Limitless, Emperor Fitness, and Khan all at the same time.

You’ve experimented already. You’ve sown your wild oats. Now, you can settle in and focus on building something in your external world. Channel your considerable energy and enthusiasm into your real-world projects.

Next time you want to switch stacks, go for a two-mile run. Tell yourself, ‘I’ll think about it when I get back from this run.’ See if it still feels as urgent when you get back.

And then enjoy watching your business empire grow and take shape.


Thank you! :’) I feel an inner calm everytime I read your

Ever since I can remember, I have been going through a phase, where I need guidelines laid down to me, otherwise I can’t make up my mind. This is a big frustation. And the main Reason for choosing QL

But thank you!


@Malkuth’s Reccomendation really speoke to me!

I can compltely let go of Khan for now, as i have gotten the necessarry changes i needed from it (standing my ground, Not being a pushover etc, internal feeling of status.) , but I have been holding on to thoughts of restarting from Stage 1 in hopes of pumping up my EGO needs (attraction from the opposite sex just as a self confirming status signal, external status at will etc.)

This EGO need when i joined SUBCLUB was immediate need for increased feeling of status,
Now The ego need has changed both in terms of “content” and “time frame”, however, it is still distracting me from my long term true goal.


Kind of amusing that in the places where you typed ‘EGO’, I was seeing ‘EoG’ (Ecstasy of Gold). I’ll leave that one for a psychoanalyst to explain.


@mecharc I’ll be following your journal from now on. I’m staying out of EmpQ journals so yours is perfect :wink:



Thanks to Malkuth’s advice, I have reflected priorities and removed Khan from my mind and my stack.

My set and forget Playlist is AM and EOG. Each stage fot atleast 3 months.

When i will be studying, I will be playing QL ( may be 2 to 3 loops a day, starting from ST1, or i might just opt out QL for now). EOG already has limitless in it right?

For those who still follow my annoying journey :see_no_evil:, this is my last Jump, and you will not see me mention any other major program on this journal for a while :see_no_evil:


I’m going to enjoy watching your successes.


Imma stop pretending that I am a experienced subliminal listener from today.
Put all the ego of getting everything tomorrow aside
start from scratch and build my subliminal foundation first.

I will stop stacking 10 multistages.

I will no Plan my listening for the next 1 year,
But the immediate plan is :slight_smile:
700 loops of AM and QL St1 each
Then plan my next step


Day 2: Quantum Ascended Mogul. Am= 12 loops Ql= 4

On Day 1, I went out of my way to go out an be comfortable alone. I spoke to two random individuals, in separate times. I maintained full conversations with both of them and I was the one to exit the conversations first.

On Day 2, I was cleaning yo my apartment for the first time in a year. Halfway through, i decided to pause and take a nap.
Since then, I have been stuck in my bed I’m feeling like shit.


Day 2 update: in getting the lathergic feeling I last had in 2019


what’s your take on the lethargy?

it sounds similar to coming down from a high.

the serious, grounded energy of your last few posts also conveys that sense. Just prior to that there was kind of a wild, euphoric, unregulated, spraying-out kind of energy.

if you can endure through this trough without running away from it (into another peak), you’ll find a grounded, stable energy. It might not be as ecstatic and euphoric as the peak, but it compensates for that with increased power and control.

This is going to be interesting.


No EoG? Interested on hearing your reasoning for this.

However, DO NOT change back anymore. Keep doing the Quantum Ascended Mogul :slight_smile:


I figured it was just a logical progression. Ascended Mogul for one stage. Then Ecstasy of Gold for four more stages. Made a lot of sense to me, but I could be wrong. I’m interested to hear @mecharc’s reasoning too.


The number one reason I account for my failure is the belief that

"I can’t and won’t be able to figure out stuff in the unchartered territory by myself"

And I guess this is the root cause of procrastination and not taking action.

Like @Malkuth identified, “grounded energy”, before I start fixing the Finance issue in the broadest sense (which I believe AM will tackle atleast somewhat ),
I want to tackle my biggest limiting beleif. I believe this belief is to do with my learning capacity. Hence the choice of QL over EOG for now.

That being said,for now, I have plans on Doing Ql stages 1 and 2 only (balancing and development).
Then, I plan on moving to EOG, With preferably Stark (if it’s out by then) or EV5(q) in my stack.

Till then, AM and QL all the way. @Hoppa



Where do you think this limiting belief originates from?

It’s interesting that your assumed (I don’t believe you have low learning capacity) low learning capacity leads to procrastination, as in my case it’s totally opposite. I’ve always been extremely fast learner, be it physical activity or mental. And that lead to severe case of laziness when I was younger. I have been struggling with it for way over 25 years.


@Hoppa Don’t get me wrong. my fault, I put it out the wrong way.
Let me be more precise.

I’m very smart when it comes to learning stuff that already has a solid pathway laid for me. I am book smart 90%

Where I fail is to learn stuff that is not laid out in black and white for me.

For example. Suppose I get a business idea, won’t know where to start. Even though I have the internet, I would already be biased that I won’t find anything relevant on the internet. Then suppose someone adivises me to do some market research, again, I’ll question myself, where do I start? How do I start? And this goes on, and I go nowhere .

I want to change this.

I want to be more street smart which at the moment is around 5.

I believe it has been compunded by privileged childhood, where I didn’t really have to worry about Anything at all.


Day 3 Update 1

  1. My room is looking the cleanest bit has looked in the last 1 year. - pushing myself towards building new habits ie. Anti procrastination.

  2. I washed my clothes. After the wash, I thought of leaving it outside the washing machine and taking it out to dry later in the day. ( The old short cut response).

Then all of a sudden this started playing in my head (wow QL)

And I realised this was one event to gather evidence against procastination. And I took out the clothes to dry right then.

  1. I woke up at 4:30 am. From 8am, I started feeling drowsy… Any advice regarding this from anyone?

Moreover, this Corona thingy is just :sob::sob: