Self Development Road Map


Just reading this made me consider adding in Limit Destroyer. Due to EOG ST1, I’m becoming aware gradually of norms I’ve carried so long that even logically correct arguments of something good for me…felt wrong.

From the LD sales page:
“These could be beliefs along the lines of “I am not good enough”, “I cannot do this”, or even “she is too good for me”. Limitations we have can manifest in many scenarios.”

I’ve relied on my limiting beliefs, and not for good reasons. They have been unquestioned and unresisted. I thought they were normal. It feels kind of good seeing this “not so obvious” truth for myself.


There are parts of limitless already in QL right?


Day 3. Update 2.

My rate of taking action per day is so much more than it had ever been with Khan.

Maybe I wasn’t ready for Khan as my first program. No complains though!

Am & Ql compounded with @DarkPhilosopher advice has changed my sub usage completely.

Everytime I feel uncomfortable doing something, I just remember

and I do the thing anyway, with the aim of gathering evidence.

Guess who has not procrastinated today?? :sunglasses:


What’s your plan on arranging your short term finances? And how important is that to you at the moment? Top5?


Yepp… I’ve started applying to part time work today. So, that’s a start towards financial independence :partying_face:

The Coronavirus Thread

in a stack of QL AM AM AM,
If I replace one AM with M,
Will that mean I’ve added a third major program?
I’ve put More emphasis on the mogul bit of AM?


My vote is for the latter interpretation. (i.e., adding extra cheese to a cheese pizza does not change it into a different dish; because cheese is already one of the key, defining ingredients in pizza.)

Seems like a reasonable tweak. (Like what people will do once Q is available.)

More importantly though, in connection with this idea to adjust the stack, are you feeling a sense of restlessness? or urgency?

This adjustment of the stack is fine, but if it’s intended to address an underlying sense of urgency, it alone will probably not be sufficient.


No urgency. Just stack adjustment for more focus on money making.


Day 4.

I was on the train and started randomly speaking to a girl. At one point, I pulled the trigger question and she gave in. But I never followed up with actually asking for her number, because I didn’t wanna take out my phone in the train.
Ie. Fear of Corona imprint.

Please note that I have no intentions of sleeping with a random girl.

Next time my plan is to ask them to save my number.

It’s gonna be interesting to see if they follow up themselves later on.


How many stacking modules would be advisable in my stack?
Of AM and QL.

I’m looking at:
Sanguine- Times are negative in the world around me
GLM- Times require me to more masculine.
A n C - Times require me to be the leader naturally at all times, whether I like it or not.
TS- I need to connect with the party people at work.

@Simon stack master, I am at your disposal

PS. I am considering replacing AM with M. I want to lay a little low with the alpha programming until I have a somewhat solid understanding with my new boss. I don’t wanna out Alpha the wrong person, not yet.


On other news, School is off and moved online. And I will be at home all day anyway. So, I don’t know if I should go back home to support my family. But what if the situation changes once I’m there? And I’m not allowed to come back? Dilemma DILEMMA


Do you really need any of the stacking modules?

Regarding AM vs M. AM does not force you to out Alpha him. If you want to rise to a leadership position you need to show that you are able to lead from the beginning.

Stick to the QL+AM…


I feel the need to focus on those aspects.

Your advice to stick to AM and QL :100::100::100:


Unless the boss is a severe beta, I don’t think AM is at risk of out-alpha-ing others. :smile:
AM is more likely to express as a confident AND friendly employee.
Mogul’s focused productivity will actually feel threatening to the lazy people in the office. So, stay with AM. :wink:

Times don’t matter. Your state does.
Are you feeling negative/depressed/afraid most of the time?
If yes, then stack Sanguine.

You know GLM or AnC can also make you “out Alpha the wrong person”. :smile:

AM doesn’t need the help of TS to make friends in the office.
Use TS as a supercharger, when you’re actually headed to a party. :+1:t2:


I am in a total state of lockdown in my room.

Worst part is, I havn’t even stocked up.

I just hope the stores don’t run out of supplies :weary:


And My stack master never fails to make me feel blessed :star_struck:


That party ain’t happening any time soon, is it? :smile:


Haha! even if party happening, im not going.

TS (social king) is off for now.

Sanguine is a must to remain positive in this loneliness

I will keep GLM and AnC to Man up and for leadership in this distressful time.

QL AM + GLm, AnC, San is reasonable right?

Guess what, all jobs in my city are in shutdown. People are working from home.
so, that work is off for now, as they won’t have new recruits for online work…
I am looking for ways to earn online from home.


What skills do you have? Check out Upwork and other freelancer sites.

When I was learning online marketing (before I found my purpose) I saw most people, myself included, jumping after every shiny new thing. That prevented 95% of people from succeeding.

Make a list out of your skills. Any of them worth for someone else to outsource? Or learn some simple skill and then do that. For example: editing and setting up Wordpress sites.

While earning some income through that, develope your own business idea, maybe try some earn money online stuff (most of them will fail, if you jump around… pick one and stick to it for several months and put real effort into it, that’s the way to succeed).

Send me a message if you need any pointers.


@Simon, Since i’m stuck at home, and there will not be much action taking, Can you suggest me the
“Ultimate Removal of Limiting Belief stack” to go along with AM adn QL ? please? :pray: