Self Development Road Map


Just Regeneration. And it compliments AM extremely well. :+1:t2:

The multi-stagers have their own Stage 1s, while LD is cool, but not The Ultimate. :smile:


Ai Ai Captain.

I went through the sales page of both!

Regeneration - " It is time to let go of your past pains, of your past negative beliefs, of limitations stopping you from greatness. It is time to destroy what is holding you back, and experience complete Regeneration."

LD- “Not only will it remove anything that is limiting you, it will also have a positive effect on any subliminal you run it with, making it run more effectively by destroying any limiting beliefs that appear related to the actual process of running subliminals.”

So, If I am correct, R deals with any limitation holding me back, and LD deals with limitations holding me in relation to the sub i am running. Is my assessment correct? @Simon

Edit: My bad, R is a major program and LD is a stacking module.


I am going through @Michel Journal from DEC 19 onwards, , Listenng to regeneration and writing this entry.

Some Points that hit me and thoughts that came about:

I have alot of limiting beleifs, that i blame on others. Where as, It has all been because of me. What they have done was the best thing for them to do according to their understanding at that time. I put myself in the situation i am in today. No one else is to blame.

Since Octo 2019, i have always been focused on the surface billshit, now with AM and R, that will not be the case anymore. (QL while learning and studying)

I am basically a loner in the long term, and for my own faults. People find me cool right from the go and they want to hangout with me. I internally don’t feel the cool impression is real. To protect the impression from being ruined, i avoid too much contact with them. I keep on flaking hangouts etc. until they stop calling me. This was the case TIll OCT 2018. By the time i started my subclub journey, it was already too late.

This is me :’) :’) :’)

This is upto Post 389. To be continued in my next end of the dat reflection session with regeneration and Ascension


Ql AM R in set and forget loop all day.

Don’t feel nothing different yet. Been home all day. No action taken

Although I don’t feel the anxiety of being stuck at home running out of food.


Did you figure out yet what you’re going to do?


Still looking into it… I took this opprtunity to learn new skills


Great choice!


I’ve been doing QL 1 , R and AM for three days.

Since I’m stuck at home not taking any action, should I remove AM from my stack? Only keep QL 1 and R for healing?


What are your thoughts on the question?


@mecharc Which SubClub subliminals do you have?

And how long have you used them?
In total /title?
Longest continuous run of the titles you have?


out of frustration through all the sexual energy that AM is giving me, which i am channeling in the wrong direction, if you know what i mean.


I was on khan since oct 19.
the journey was very embarassing. I did notice a 180 degree change in me. However, the results were pretty inconsistent, and for my own faults too.

in summarry: i thought adding new programs would speed up my journey, and coincidently i had extra cash in hand. so i jumped from stack to stack adding removing changing new programs day to day. The accumulated script i was exposed to was too large and i didn’t give enough exposure to a particular stack before modifying it.

as a result of the panic byuing, I have many other major programs and multistages in stock, which i don’t plan on bringing out now.

so, I am out to set that correct now.


In light of present circumstances it could be compelling to have a track focused upon extreme resiliency, for coping when everyone and everything breaks down and falls apart.


Yes absolutely!


I’m going to sleep on a new experiment.

Playing 2 subs at the same time.

  • one on my phone
  • one on my laptop



Emperor Q is doing that for me. I’m calm about the whole situation.
I’m not panicking about the health or crappy economic situation either.
I’m 100% sure my family business is going to come out of this stronger than before.


Get set to go back home.
Classes will not be resuming till next year.



My University is gonna run online from next week. Once I have things figured out, once I’ve settled into it, I’ll plan my flight back, given flights are allowed to land till then.


I think you should hold on to the QL AM R combo.

You still seem to be changing your stack almost daily.

I challenge you to run it for 30 days. Then see if you need to change.


:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: I plead guilty