Self Help Mania (Reprogramming AID)


I am saving them to watch them later. Honestly I don’t think this is of great value, as much as this “Become ultimate-high-end-hardcore-alpha”-motivational-stuff isn’t, but I am ready to give it a try once I’ve recovered.


The information is there for when the student is ready.

@ExploringAstronaut recovery? I hope everything is okay.


I’m still posting updates from time to time in my journal:

Thanks for asking



What was the price of this course?


What’s your point ?


Im curious to know


That’s is okay


Its alright you dont have to say.
I just finished the first module, seams like its just what I need to kick me out of my shelter in place stagnation.


That’s all that matters! enjoy! :slight_smile:


One of his points I disagree with and you guys can debate this if you want; he says you should live with the thought of its all my fault so your always at the cause and your always responsible. I’ve had situations where I was living with unnecessary guilt because I was taking the blame for things that are out of my control. For example, at work ive been in situations where people around me seemed a bit uncomfortable or put off by me, I took the stance that its my fault how they feel, which made me feel guilty. Id rather not take responsibility for how others feel because I don’t know what’s going on in their heads or how their going to react.
I welcome any input on this, im on module 2.


@Rhinesuchus - I would rather use the idea of claiming responsibilty more as a practical tool than an absolute truth. Giving myself power while knowing that I dont have control over the preconditioning of their minds with which they perceive me through.


is that the whole course? up to module 4?


There are over 60 modules.

However, I’m in but of a rough situation now in life. I’ll be away from subclub for some time.

I’ll be back soon.



whats the name of this course?


Hey guys! Since @mecharc is away for a while, I have three things to share with you…

  1. Thanks mecharc for sharing these modules!

  2. I’m a student of JC and one of the best videos I’ve seen of him is this one below:

I’ve put it into practice and dude it works. You will love it.

  1. I have the Dominance program as well. I am wondering if you are okay with me uploading the audio version of it (since my internet is a bit slower to upload the video files)?

That way I can continue the mercharc’s work until he comes back.

Let me know!


Yoyo people!

Here it is - Dominance Module 5.

Download or listen to it online:

Have a great one :smile:


Awsome! thank you soo much!

And mecharc; I wish you the best.


Hey guys!

Module 6 coming to you here:



awsome, best one yet. Now i see why his courses are soo high dollar. He includes like every aspect of personal development in such a well rounded, down to earth way!
I cant believe there’s sixty of these lol did you retain it well after one listen of the program?