Self Help Mania (Reprogramming AID)


When I found a great course I try to go through it 3 times💪🏻


keep em comin bro, I thirst for the bro science!


What’s funny is that I once was to intellectually sophisticated (or at least thought to be so) to take JC super seriously.

And now the more I take action the more I see the “broscience” is just what one needs to achieve results.

Listen, apply, experience🚀




wow!! @renet1

Thank you so much for keeping the flow going!!


You’re welcome!

Hope everything’s fine with you and you sorted out your problems successfully : )


Not really bro.
Just accepting the facts.

Thanks for your thoughts though! :slight_smile:


I just realized this course is a perfect match for stark, consious mind + subconsious dominance!


Let’s go : )


How many of them are there?


About 60 modules : )


Well lets start crankin em out than I finished this one last week!
Jk I appreciate that your posting them at all being how expensive it is. Maybe you guys can start tag team posting them taking turns.


@mecharc Can you upload the next couple parts?

I’m travelling and it’d be hard for me…