Sex mastery + Ascension 😜


I envy you dude. Being able to buy a house in full and in cash, is indeed an awesome achievement.


@lowrider - man! That’s some good stuff. High five!


Thanks guys


Today has been a freaking awesome day! Ascension really makes you feel on top of the world. Getting paid to listen to subs today :wink:


Glad to read your journey and seeing you are winning in life. :pray::trophy::trophy::+1:
How did you adress the anger and irritation from sex Mastery @lowrider ? Seems i cant get rid of it, almost like in a rolller coaster of emotions all day.
What in your perspective add to the mix with ascension?


Thank you @Elme. @Hannibal has something similar. Here ia my response

I didn’t experience that directly with sex mastery probably because I was already angry lol. Started running limit destroyer around that time too. Best wishes to you.


This week has just been great. All of it. Always looking forward to the next day whilst enjoying being in the moment. Things are going the way I want them to. Everything is lining up. Ascension is just rocking and rolling through. Dealing with challenges and with life’s problems in general is starting to feel fun. I actually like taking care of things and putting order into my life contrary to how I used to be. Definitely taking back my personal power. I love it! Nobody understands what the hell is going on and why I’m loving life except for you guys…:rofl:


That’s all we ever wanted, to feel we have power over our lives. Whatever comes out way we can handle it like a boss.

You sound like me with PCC, absolutely brilliant :+1:


Absolutely true and well written Michel! To the degree to which we can feel at cause rather than effect do we feel better about ourselves and our lives. @lowrider It is a pleasure and an honour to read your progress.


Thanks @Michel @KingR . I’m glad pcc is working for you.



This is just so perfect, @lowrider. Am truly happy for you. It also shows how much more is possible for the rest of us.


Thank you very much @raphael


Been thinking more positively. I’ve actually been noticing more often when I get a negative thought and I’ve been able to intercept it and change it before it leads to a nother one.

How? I dunno. But I did start listening to sapiens positivity energy field over a week ago. Usually in the past they would just slip past me until my wife would point it out or after I spiraled down a deep hole. Listening to Ascension for about 12 hrs a day. I love the motivation it’s giving me.

That’s all for now :wink:


If you could go back in time and do it all over again would you,? If you could take it all back from what was taken from you and do it y your way would you? Well I’m taking everything back now! I’m doing it my way all over again!


@lowrider - Hell yeah! Reclaiming my life and my power is all what this subliminal journey is about for me. All that time lost doing what others have said. Enough of that.


If you did those rituals I told you about you would already have reclaimed your power.


I’m now promoted to trainer for my company for all new hires. It’s funny because this promotion is actually kinda being pushed onto me. Yes I’m being forced to take a pay raise :grinning:. We have guys that have 20 years experience in my field but they don’t want them. They want me. I actually have the least amount of experience here. I assume it’s the way I carry my self and how i come across and communicate.


Congratulations @lowrider. Did you stack any other subs aside from SM and Ascension?


Thanks man. Nope that’s all.