Sex mastery + Ascension ๐Ÿ˜œ


Itโ€™s not called Ascension for nothing :yum:

The chosen one has arrived.


Lol. Everybody here is.


Maybe this gets addressed in some other part of the thread, but what other titles contain Sex Mastery in full? If I remember right Emperor has it as well as Sex and Seduction and Primal Seduction.


Khan contains it


That would make sense that it would have it, too.


I recommend you check out this video :slight_smile:


@AMASH Lol. Women canโ€™t be taken too seriously. They are emotional and speak from their current emotional state and it always changes. No need to walk on eggshells. I have learned to be nonchalant and playful with them love their presence and never internalize things.


Yes, exactly. And something that Dr Robert Glover said a long time ago that changed my perspective: โ€œDrama is foreplay for women.โ€


Bad Ass podcast on confidence!


Circumstances are neutral, they trigger thoughts
That thought will create an emotion
Our emotions drive our actions
Our actions will determine our results
And that result will become evidence for that original thought which become our beliefs.

Circumstances are outside our relm of control and they really donโ€™t matter. They are neutral. You can make circumstances mean anything you want and once you are able to hijack the process at the point of thought you are creating your own result. You are creating your life the way you want.


Circumstances are just facts. They will trigger our thoughts. Theyโ€™ll trigger a judgment in the mind which is a thought or a belief, which will create an emotion. All emotions drive our actions. And all of our actions determine our results. Our results will then be evidence for that original thought.

So that victim of circumstance role that one may fall into isnโ€™t how it works. Itโ€™s ones own thoughts as he becomes subjective of the circumstance that makes his life the way it is. when we see things, when we hear things, we tend to judge them, especially when it comes to other people. Somebody says something and maybe you judge that to be something negative about yourself, so then you get angry or defensive or sad and you make it mean something in your mind that creates that emotion, and then you act based on that emotion.
When we observer peopleโ€™s behavior, we make it mean something in our mind. One person will make it mean something good. Another person will make it mean something bad. So how can someoneโ€™s behavior be either good or bad? It simply is, and then itโ€™s up to our judgment to decide how we interpret it.

Now, what this means is that you can think anything you want about the world. You can think anything you want about other people, their behavior, what they say. You can think anything you want about your past.

If thereโ€™s something in your past that is preventing you from being the best version of yourself, from showing up in a way that you are confident and you are loving, then again, what happened in your past is completely neutral, and you can start to think about it any way you want. But that really is the first step.

That really is the beginning of unleashing your inner alpha because being an alpha male is, at its source, in the foundation, recognizing that it is not your circumstances that create your emotions. It is not your past. It is not other peopleโ€™s behavior. what they say, what they do. It is not the world around you that is deciding for you how to feel, how to act, and certainly not what has determined the results that you have in your life. That is the mindset of the beta male. You need to take ownership, change your thoughts and take action to get the life you want.


Amazing post and very wise words!


Thank you :grinning: