Sex Mastery for occasional use


Sex mastery is kinda faith in subs restored


Its comments like this that makes me want to bite the bullet and get sex mastery lol what is so great about it ? Everyone speaks so highly of it


You see immediate results thats why everyone is pleased. No matter how good sex you had it is just better


So it would be useless for someone who doesnt have a girl and has 0 access to sex right now then ?


Well they designed it to improve sex. I dont know what it will improve if you dont have sex neither i understand why you buy it

I mean would you buy muay thai sub if you dont do anything related


My experience is, with SM, I always listen to this during night or early morning ( only while making love to my girl ) , ofcourse sex has improved by leaps n bound , she looks forward to it and I am now more desirable to her, BUT along with this , I have noticed now women are more interested me in general , whether that’s my own secretary or other staff , sales girls , cashier at till , servers all seems to give me longer look , they stand more close than usual , so may be sex mastery can get you girls easily or atleast there is aura which brings girls closer , rest depends how we capitalise on those opportunities.
Personally I have t tried on these opportunities as I am not looking anything outside but I know there are those moments which one can use


Excellent results, @rajeshwer!


Thanks @SaintSovereign and @lowrider makes sense. So there is no problem having these over night since my wife doesnt know english.

@rajeshwer i have the same results regarding woman. This is sexual energy in its core…savage and untamed :muscle::muscle::+1::+1:


I wouldn’t necessarily say that unless you never plan on being with an attractive woman. The reason being that if you listen to it now it will prepare you for that moment yet to come. So when your finally with that girl everything will come so natural and so smooth and the sub will unleash itself in that moment.


Absolutely spot on remark Lowrider! Seducing and getting an attractive woman to the point where intimacy is happening is sometimes hard enough in and of itself and tend to mobilise a lot of resources ( psychologically, emotionally and sometimes even, for certains guys, financially). Men who can truly perform in the bedroom and really last long enough for a woman to have one or more orgasms are far and between. If you disappoint you can say bye bye to her, especially if you just met and no love is there yet. It is much better to be prepared and give her the fuck of her life if you want her to be yours.


That is true @KingR . Women are just waiting for a real guy to come into their life and have their way with them. There are not too many around and subclub is definitely increasing those numbers. Sex mastery really works great. And when you combine the subliminals with taking action it’s amazing. If you want to know what taking action does to the subliminal just listen to sex mastery and watch that animal in you unleash itself in bed! :wink:


Truly said
It just changed everything for better in bed for me.
I always feel more desirable to my girl now, and get e big appreciation and desirable looks from other women to make my day, even if I don’t plan to have them, it makes me feel good and happy .


Fast forward 4 months

It still has same impact , Alex couldn’t have been better , best part is now she gives in herself , I really don’t have to try hard .
It’s wonderful feeling !!


@rajeshwer how many hours a day of exposure are you having?


It’s just 45 mins / one loop or bit more
Normally during live making sessions only , which lasts 35 - 1 hr