Show yourselves!


this could be you in 40 years


I can imagine @JCast face on that cross. They share the same initials anyway.and the long hair.

Just like Jesus died and was Reborn, so will @JCast.


Forgot this one


This is me before using the Brad Pitt Ultima :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh by the way, not my ass on the wall, so don’t get too excited :grin:


Pfft. Brad’s got nothing on you :smiley:


As for what I look like NOW, you can see my profile pic. I actually think Palpatine is my favorite character from the SW universe. More so before he got all wrinkly. Just the long game he played. I’m planning out a “Sith Lord” custom.


@Brandon I was thinking the wrong type of dance I guess

I was thinking this


When it’s probably more this



Haha,your a lot hotter than pretty average by looks standard so think my picture shall avoid the forums xp


Haha yeah I do mainly commercial dance which called Jazz Funk in the US. I wish I was better at hip hop and all that kinds of stuff.

I do need to do ballet and stuff too. Get my foundations up.


I don’t feel it to be honest. I don’t think I look bad but meh…
Compare myself quite often.

Thanks though dude.


Haha,your definitely not average for look.just have to be confident in yourself and own it and you shouldnt have any problems(^-^)


That is what I remembered you as. :slight_smile:

Your expression in the new pic is pretty interesting though.
Sad & smiling at the same time. Such empathy for the customer. :blush:


Same. Had the ballet dancer image in my mind too. :smile:

You probably have a similar physique anyway, hidden under this unfitting baggy clothing (which is a style choice I wouldn’t expect from a gay man). :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I only just saw this comment haha.
I float in-between the two energies and I like it that way but I’ve always been more masculine than feminine.


:joy::joy: I knew everyone would think ballet dancer.

I do love ballet though, I wish I had that body.

  • The coat is my boyfriend’s, and probably the hoodie too.

Here’s the body tho.
I need to get back into shape however.


I was actually just starting my lunch break at the time. And looking at the wrong part of the screen when taking the pic :smiley:


Y’know, curiosity’s poking myself too. With a few sharing their own, why not?
I’ll share my pic eventually haha
Reminds me of something… Let’s hope no one feels the experience as Ron Perlman :rofl:


@Brandon I’m too sexy for my shirt. So sexy it hurts


Y’all making me feel handsome and it’s making me blush :slight_smile:


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