Since you all won't show yourselves


Is it odd that I’m both grateful and disappointed by this ?? lol


Here’s the solution for you.

On 2nd April 2021, run Dragon Reborn ST1. You will feel lots of pain coursing through your body, if you are sensitive to energy. Your crown chakra will also hurt like hell.

On 4th April 2021, you should run Rebirth for 40 days.

On the first day of running Rebirth, your hand will look like a donut, with a hole where the palm is.

In the first week of running Rebirth, you will be doubting yourself and having severe reconciliation.

You have to convince yourself that the subliminal is working by poking your fingers through the holes in your hands.

If you didn’t suffer from reconcilation in the first week, blessed are you who have not seen but believed.

On the 40th day, you run Ascension. You will feel very light, like you are floating in the air.

Congratulations, you will have caused your own salvation then.


43 as of last month.


I’ll be 25 in February


Body seems unclear to be complete


Just turned 27


Forty-the fuck-seven


John Lennon passed away at my current age.


Found a couple of pics of me from 2015 or 2016. Playing with a filter to get that grim death metal look

On the bus to the job I had at the time that I actually miss and one of the few pics of me with glasses on


39 years old, on my way to Ichiban’s version 4.0


I am the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.



Y’know, why not?
I’ll join the band

I ain’t the type of taking pics of myself, but tried my best tho




I’m thinking it’s going to be a death metal polka mariachi band that does primarily disco covers


Mariachi, death metal and disco? Don’t back down eh. I’m IN


Sounds like a plan :wink:


this is saying that life requires energy from other life (as reverse entropy only occurs in closed systems that require energy being put into them) to form cohesion/ organization/ increasing complexity which is paradoxical since that’s at the cost of the subsystem (select or larger subsystem) outside the subsystem?


@Azriel I know. I had to read it twice.


Me a bit over a year ago.


I turn 38 in April. :heart_eyes: