Since you all won't show yourselves


No! It was not funny! You’ve traumatized me and now it’s my turn to traumatize you. So here we go:


I’m 33 this May, I am looking forward to my 40s to be honest. The older I get the better I am, so my 200th birthday gonna be epic!! :grin:


25 here, turning 26 next March!


We should all work towards a maximum lifespan of 200.

I think that is possible in our lifetime.


I remember reading an article that said we can live up to 125 with all the advancements we’ve made so far


I would settle for that if I look my current age and maintain my current state of health at 125.

Don’t want to be bedridden with all sorts of illnesses even if I am alive at that age.


Paragon used regularly?


That would be nice to lock in your youth at a certain age. My great great grandpa lived until he was 105 years old and could still drive. I think he was a farmer.


That could be possible. And maybe Quantum Limitless to slow down time.


Do those ladies stay with you @Voytek


80 is the new 20


I turn 27 this April!


Currently 39

PS: didn’t show my pic since I wanted to keep myself private incase someone I know finds me on this forum. I like the idea of having a secret weapon to give me an advantage and not have to explain it to others :grin:


this is a big factor for me as well :slight_smile:


Haha! High five!


Older members remember me as Simon Cowell. :sunglasses:

Newer members think I look like Jesus Christ. :innocent:

Why mess with the awesome image of mine,
that forum members have made in their minds?



Buddy Christ


Dragon Reborn changed you from Simon Cowell to Jesus Christ! :wink:


Dragon Reborn is super powerful


Nah. There was a long phase of handsome Tony Stark in between.

I became Christ when I committed myself to the Neville/Florence/ACIM path to Goals.