Solitude & growth - Experiences on Terminus Custom


Because one’s intentions and underlying feelings and way of seeing things speak very loudly to a woman. She has evolved to see such things (nonverbal cues). By coming from a place of “how do I keep her” one would telegraph essentially “I’m not good enough for you”. If you don’t believe you are, how can you expect her to.


By the way, I’ve been asking myself, how can she keep me interested. The girl I’ve been seeing last sunday. She’ll be back in my town next week sooo in the meantime, I work and heal!


I’ve come to believe that I myself also perceive of these things. I’ve noticed that I understand these kinds of things more in my more recent conversations. Perhaps its due to the energetic work that’s going on due to development of manifestation and greater awareness of the fabric of reality itself. When PCC comes into my stack I’m sure to see even more in this regards.


Awesome. I hope you enjoy yourself! Libertine incoming? :wink:

I agree, subliminals especially really helped me with this, generally training my awareness also. I’m really glad to hear. It’s a great thing to be able to see such things. Indeed we all can, I just feel most of us guys have come to be less in tune with our intuition. I know for me it took a lot of work to connect with it initially.

Really dope to hear of your results.


Libertine probably this week end. I can almost feel my libido in my body so when I’ll see her again we’ll be able to experience a great deal of pleasure :wink:


Goes pretty deep, every woman has 6 basic needs which are fulfilled differently according to the woman.

Feeling treasured

Of course if you’re not the type of man that has her to earn these things from you, she’ll become bored quickly


@ALMIGHTY and @Davisnwc you guys gives sound advices, what are your experiences with woman? How did you learn all of this?


@WhiteTiger I think I missed it, what’s in your Ultima?


Oh, I posted it on another thread

Here is for my journal. :

  • I am
  • Attachment Destroyer
  • Blue Skies
  • New Beginnings
  • Power Awareness
  • Potentiator


Great build, I can see that having some insane effects. I may copy it at some point. Really curious about potentiator.


I’ll keep everyone posted. :+1:


The things that will keep you interested is her is her hot arse and big boobs :rofl:


A lot of experiences + learning from pimps that came before me… Something from each. We can discuss it more in private sometime if you are interested


Part of it was learned by paying attention to women when I interacted with them and examining their behavior and the things they’d tell me in general. It all really came together though when I started encountering older men that really figured women out though.


That’s it mate!! :ok_hand:

Pimp really? Holy shit, so interesting, these are not conventional advices I imagine! Reminds me of a story. A old female friend of my brother just came back from a big city in Canada, where she lived for a year and a half as a prostitute. She was making 20+K a month and was in contact with a lot of pimp. She had problems with her pimp and had to flee, he kept her money and now she is back in my town where her parents live. My brother was pretty interested in her story and he spent time with her and she told him that he would do a great pimp because he has the exact social and charismatic personnality for it :joy:

Yeah I get it. You have to see and observe it through your own eyes… Then when you speak to someone who experienced it, it will click!! I’ve never really spoke to older men about it Hahaha I don’t know how successful they are in their marriage!


Thing I like about pimp principles is that they can be applied to any area of life


Same here I would certainly read if @ALMIGHTY would write an article.

I’ve learned a lot about getting laid by watching my brother but he is not an analytic guy so he doesn’t really care about breaking things down hahaha


She was running Seductress, EOG, and Inner Circle.


being not-intellectual or analytic/ or being able to turn if off is pure gold for sex life.


I know right. Sooo hard to turn everything off!