Solitude & growth - Experiences on Terminus Custom


So! My bank client who has his international business just called me to have some of my news! He said to me that if I need his help I can call him and he liked to work with me in the past so he would like to do so in the future! So! Really nice!


Great news man! You seem super excited for it too which is great to see. What exactly do you do? I may have missed it whilst reading your journal, apologies if I have.


Right now I am studying in organizational change, eventually I would like to be a business consultant but I’ll see where I start, I have no experience and don’t feel comfortable charging 200$ an hour Hahaha :joy: but you know money subs will probably be great for that. Stark also.


I’m sure eventually the subs will change your feelings about being comfortable charging that much because your worth will show it.

Stark made me feel that way too, I increased my company prices and now I’m happy with them.


Love Stark also, I wonder if they could developp some “sexual dominance” sub which is in Khan so you could add it to other subs like Stark which might lack this particular ability!


I was considering making a Stark version of Khan with boosters in a custom. Stark is great for sure.


i wanted to know would you say the benefits from your terminus build is as straight forward as Q builds, in the sense that of smoothness
ive noticed that on Q that every weekend there will be growth even just a bit
care to share what you noticed


Terminus is a lot more dense, you will definitly see growth, but sometime you can’t see shit or just seem like you are not running sub… It’s inconsistent. I think I overall prefer Q, but I’ll be honest, sometime having to only run one loop in the morning while drinking my coffee is pretty simple and I can’t complain about it hahaha It’s really hard for me to describe. I almost think the best option would be to have the same sub in terminus and Q, to work on different levels (but I don’t know exactly how effective it would be).

Right now I am mixing my Terminus custom with some Stark Q custom because Stark is work oriented and I have a SHIT ton of work to do. I could maybe even do a loop of my emperor terminus hahahaha

I do 3 loops of my Khan terminus every week because I like it, and it gives smoother results with less loops :wink: I have lots of time to run other subs in the mean time. This week it’s hard to tell because I’ve ran a lot of different subs. I like the results I get but it’s definitly a mix of a lot of things.


Thanks man
Some th hing it feel like there nothing there from my side

Done this in the past cant eally say ill do that again cause i like to be able to pinpoint my results and know where it coming from


Yeah same for me, usually I am on my Khan custom. Right now I had to add emperor and Stark because I do a lot of cognitive task


I’m listening to my healing ultima right now.

I’ll so an experiment recommanded by Simon to try out the energy field. I need to be really open minded, I really have nothing to loose, it’s just so wierd asking for stuff. I have problems just asking for stuff… Asking for stuff to the energy of the world is even more problematic for me…! hahaha

Ok, so, it’s 9h15, Nov 19 2020.
I am asking for a blessing, i expect a small blessing since it would be easier for me to digest, in the next 48 hours. It really could be anything, as long as it is manifested into reality before 9h15 on Nov 21.

I will do my best to focus my intent on it now!


You don’t really have to “believe” … just be “willing to consider the possibility”. :wink:

How many times – even in this journal – have you already manifested calls, dates, or sales, out of the blue. This time you’re just opening yourself to something different. :smile:


I understand. Notice I don’t even start topics here to ask questions. You’re doing much better than me. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

If the word “ask” has an emotional charge for you, feel free to frame it as intend, request, command, manifest, or anything else that works.


I’ll use manifest :ok_hand:I’m pretty open to it then since it’s the same way as subclub works! Didn’t knew it worked the same way.

You deserve to have your question answered, you have provided so much value on this forum, even if it’s not pure help, at least a return of the pandulum for research and experience!

You’ve been my growth guru of the past week :joy:


You’ve got this man, you’re gonna manifest a shit ton of good things dude. I’m excited for your next 48 hours bro.

Also agree with this @Simon. I’ve been researching a lot of your posts recently to get some answers without asking the same questions over and over and yours have really been clear and helpful, so thank you.

Same goes for you @WhiteTiger.


Thank you! I will say it’s kinda hard to think of it that way. When I run I sub for manifestation, it’s my subconscious doing it. Not sure I can do it consciously without SubClub’s help!


Well, I’ve done it consciously. SubClub helped me unlock this ability, and I’ve written about it quite a bit in Man for Himself.


Ok, I’ll do a first try, even if it doesn’t work it’s not bad, I still have today and tomorrow! We never know what could happen!


So, I just finished the last episode of Supernatural, I cried… I’ve been folowing this since the season 3… Now last episode of season 15, I remember every year where this serie was with me during the winter time, while I was having seasonnal depression and I could just watch my Supernatural episode oh shit, the tradition is ending.

I’ll take two days off this week end, I’ve skipped my last week end of break and I think it might slow down the processing.


Sometime I get old triggering reflexed that comes out. Tonight instagram was bugging and was showing “Seen” as if the girl has seen the message which is normal, but the “seen” message just went away. Made me insecure… Then I checked on google and I saw “the person blocked you” and stuff… Oh ok. Now I always need to remember that I am was more calibrated than before and that usually stull like that don’t happen first of all and second of all girl will usually drop off lots of hints she is not into you.

I’m listening to my healing ultima to clear those thought out and help heal them because it’s an old pattern!