Solitude & growth - Experiences on Terminus Custom


What’s in your Stark + Sex & Seduction Custom?


There you go friend :slight_smile:

StarkQ Core
Sex & Seduction Q Core
Alpha of Alpha
Joie de Vivre
The Merger of Worlds
New Beginnings
Carpe Diem Ascended
Blue Skies
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
Earthshaker - Sexuality
Gorgeous Manifestor
Instant Spark
Long-Range Seduction
Iron frame


Thank you @WhiteTiger, I’m currently going through a lot of Threads and Journals as to compile as much information possible to make decisive choices in regards to my upcoming Custom.

Yours looks stunning, what a social and persuasive power it must have. Does your Custom feel dense or can you easily listen a few loops without too much reconciliation? Or is more of a hassle to get through even one loop because the resistance? I’d like to know so that I can have a reference for mine. As for Sex & Seduction, you and @Simon seem to have a very good grasp on it’s qualities in a social landscape. I’m definitely not going to include it in my Custom, however, I am contemplating Seduction Improver or Automatic Charisma and Flirting Mentor/Improving as both seem to be concepts taken from Sex & Seduction and because you and @Simon have mentioned many times how profoundly it performs in sales conversation and human persuasion in general.

Thank you for helping me out, I’ll surely return the value when I can.


“You guys recommend it so much, so I’m definitely not going to include it in my Custom.”

WTF! :smile:


Confirm with @Fire before giving space in your custom to 2 or 3 modules, when 1 would suffice. :man_shrugging:t2:
Do not assume that those modules are from, or similar to parts of S&S.



So, still on break from my main subs, this is my fifth day I am running only 2 loops of Q. Emperor fitness St2 and Sex Mastery.

I’m taking my winter supplement stack.
Vitamin D 100 000Ui per week.
100mg 5-htp per day
600 mg sam-e per day

I will be seeing the girl I met few weeks ago tomorrow night to eat some sushi and finish some business :wink:. I have more of a winter vibe, Iowish libido, less energy and slower in general. I feel more like chilling!


I feel… Just say the girl, I had sex with her, but she said some stuff. I know I can’t see her long term… She is hot… but… yeah. I’m a little bit turned off emotionnally.

I’m not running anything right now, I am taking a break but I think of running my physical enchancement sub to heal my hormones, and also mastery stage of emperor fitness for more healing and recovery. I need to care care of my health!


Get back up buddy!
You stronger than that


Thank you so much!

I’ll probably still run emperor fitness, knowing that it’s winter, I can’t control everything. I’ll focus in my health (I have a little bit of seasonal depression Hahaha) for the time!


Ok, I’ve spent the day trying to write and learn how to write rap :joy::joy:, I wrote two things, here is my first try at rapping and recorded on my phone, it was fun to make! It’s 30 seconds but if you guys have time for constructive criticism :slight_smile: my bro told me I need to get my word pronunciation a little bit better and clearer!

Listen to Record-Test-Rap.mp3 by TheWhiteTiger on #SoundCloud


I like it, you flow needs work in the sense that you sound like sometime you off rhythm with the rhyming, you friend is right with the pronunciation but it not all that bad


You mean like some rhyme I drop off the beat? I don’t know the terminology for all :open_mouth: But yeah, I should go read about the flow rules!

Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:


Yeap that what i mean exactly

Your welcome keep practicing i used to rap alot but stop so i know how it is


Nice! Do you have particular exercices for flow :open_mouth:

By the way I’m usually trying 1001 things and drop them after 1 month hahaha but you know as long as I have fun! :slight_smile:


Still running fitness related subs, trying to improve my sleep and my health. I think for my strong SAD I’ll need the doctor’s help.

I took an appointment with my doc to see if I can get some wellbuterin. I’m tired all the time and it seems like my usual “act and the energy to suport you will be created” technique is not working… I start working out and I’m still tired as fuck, demotivated halfway through the workout. Everything I do seems hard as fuck and even when I start doing it it continues to be hard as fuck, as well as boring… sooo boring. I take like 2 naps per day and still am tired!

I thought I was “high” during the summer, but no, it’s not that I’m “high”, I’ve had my down days and the tasks I don’t want to do (ex. helping my father shoveling rock around the garden to decorate it… and a pretty big garden). I still have to push myself to take action, until it becomes easier and I can “maintain it”, the hard part is breaking inertia, taking that first step to sit down in front of your book and read the first page. I still had to do it last summer… Now it’s winter and that system doesn’t work, I don’t want to talk to anyone and I can’t just keep taking Kratom to wake up!! I need something that is more sustainable!


Sorry dont have any drop it a long time ago

Got to agree with this, i once took a year off from mostly everything to figure out what i wanted to pursue in life, it was hell of fun just practice and learning all the thing that i jad put off or wasnt sure i wanted to lol


Back on my Khan Custom this week. As I was seeing my libido probably dropped also because of my SAD, bad sleep and lethargy and Not because of my eating not enough food, I’ll see if I can burn some fat with Emperor fitness St2! Maybe 2 loops per day.

So, 1 loop Khan Custom, 2 loops of my Stark+Medici custom, 1 loop of my fitness custom for general health and 2 loops of Emperor fitness St2.


Few hours later, I’m an emotionnal wreck. I’m sad. Super sad. I guess it’s a mix of my subliminals pushing me and my SAD.


How does Khan mix with Stark+Medici combo?


Can’t tell you now, I haven’t interacted with people.

It’s pretty hard to tell and it will be pretty hard to tell since I don’t have any social interaction right now. My semester ends in a week and a half and I am overloaded with work.

Tomorrow evening I’ll go see my doctor I want to try Wellbutrin, but I know he is a lot more careful with prescribing meds and is a big advocate of mindfulness approaches to help for depression. It’s the second winter I’ll go see him for the same problem. Soooo, tomorrow I’ll talk with him, and I’ll maybe see how the mix work :point_left:


I meant how it might effect your personal reality, even home alone. Like your mindset, drive, pursuits etc. But I get how there both social powerhouses and make more sense in the context of interactions.

I’ve been on wellbutrin as an ADD med for quite some time. I abused amphetamines to bad effect :frowning: lol
so had to switch to that. Been trying to get on modafinil but hard to get that done.

Wellbutrin is like a focused red bull that hits well. It helped me in a bad time, but I’m looking to get off it now. It has a very minor anticholinergic so make sure to look into what that might entail.