Solitude & growth - Experiences on Terminus Custom


Memory, anticholinergic is linked to memory if I remember proprely (and other stuff).

How long have you been on wellbutrin? :thinking: For my use I would think until end of March early April to really go through these months where my system is a little bit out of wack.

What is your plan to get off of it? Did you tryed to quit it in the past?


I’ve been on it 3 years solo at least, I just stopped thinking about it at some point.
After initial psychiatry it’s been prescribed by my GP for years
I got a psychiatrist on my insurance to discuss and he gave me a plan and prescription to taper off. I’m a bit concerned with coming off. Both in managing my commitments, and also with drawl symptoms, but I tend to get nervous about this things. It’s not really that big a deal.

I’ve never tried to officially come off yet, however I’ve done days without taking it and been WAY better than days on it, and I’ve had days when I don’t take it, and it’s much harder.

My sense is it helps me deal and put up with shit I wouldn’t otherwise. But my potential is higher not on it.


Yeah I get what you mean. The pill is helping you get to a certain level but blocks your body from elevating further!

Have you tried like 1 day on 1 day off? I think the medicine stay in your body for longer period so one day on and one off could slowly reduce the buildup!

I’m sure you’ll be able to do it :wink: the beginning is the hardest part!


My friend always said-weed is a room that stays the same- if your regular reality is worse than that room you’ll like weed, if it’s better you won’t like weed. It’s a little simplistic and reductionalistic but the essence of it I get when it comes to drugs.

no, that’s a great idea, I’ll have to look into though.

thank you!


@WhiteTiger, you seem to have a lot of experience under your belt with Sex & Seduction. Would you be able to describe some of the effects you have noticed from it in regards to human communication, persuasion, and seduction?

For what reason do you adore this program so much?


It’s a lot easier to read people and act to make sure they act in line with what you want. You will calibrate almost automatically :wink:

For me this ability is worth a lot and I want to run SS in my custom to try and keep the “long term” effect. Which means my brain is aware of the recipe to read other people and can act accordignly!


Thank you @WhiteTiger, okay so here is the deal – Sex & Seduction would have tremendous benefits as it enhances my natural personality, to begin with, but also the Custom I’ve been contemplating for quite somewhile.

I’ll just show you the concept, it is intended to focus on the development of both my personal and business life while leaning towards communication, persuasion, and networking.

Sex & Seduction fits that concept perfectly because of its seductive properties, seeing through people, empathically understanding their behavior and feeling them out, etc in the same way this Custom also lacks sensuality and sexuality if I decide to leave it out.

With that said, here is a good example of what this Archetype should look like;

Do you see the body language? It is very sensual and gracious, and his behavior, in general, is persuasive and has a good internal compass for social dynamics (Power Can Corrupt).

Now, I really do not want to remove Inner Circle and I’m also hesitant because 4 Cores is likely to be dense, especially because Sex & Seduction seems to be a packed subliminal. Hence, why I came to your Journal for some additional insights.

If Power Can Corrupt has Inner Circle already, I’d probably drop it out, but from what it seems it contains only a demo-version compared to the actual program.

Eventually, I’ll have to make a decision though…


Am loving your thinking behind this custom also like the modules you have in there, i feel this is a solid custom with deus
(Havent tried this but it going to be my in alot of my subs) and especially omnidimesional (this will touch every bases and help out the other module) you cant go wrong, nice work


Ok, your custom seems amazing!

I’ll be honest, Sex&Seduction is mainly for that, sex and seduction, you get all the additionnal “charmer” benefits, and social reading for sales and persuasion… but it is mainly for sex and seduction :wink:

Sure, SS would be great for communication and networking, but SS will not manifest business deal, it will not attract people to you like inner circle do (except woman mayyyybe), it will not make you calculate and do business stuff.

It will make you persuasive, it will make you able to see how the other person react, which is a great tool when combined to other business modules!

I just want to make the clear distinction, SS is a Weapon X sub, which is aimed to developp your skills. It is damn powerful and effective, but manifestation is not it’s main goal. You have to manifest the situation with other ways… and then, when you are in that situation, SS will shine.

Maybe ask saint or fire if it can be done? 4 cores could be heavy, but PCC, Inner circle are not that big in scripting, SS is not huge either… Pretty sure my Stark + Medici + SS is heavier in terms of scripting. The point is to check if Q would be able to process it!


So the doctor gave me Rameron and Effexor, I’ve never read about those pills’s side effects. Hope it doesn’t kill my libido too much… But when I asked about it the doc told me it couldn’t be much worse than what it is already because of my low energy. Soooo yeah guess he is right, you can’t go lower than zero, so having more energy from Effexor should help me! Any experience with it? My friend was on 150mg and told me he got bipolar because of it, and he wanted to fuck every girl he saw holy fuck. I’m on 37.5mg tho!


What if you were the type of man, that all you had to do was show up?

I’m leaning towards this bias, as well.


Interesting, a nor-epinephrine and serotonin re-uptake inhibitor
and one that increases those respective neurotransmitters levels
in the brain. I believe rameron has an anti-histamine like effect, which may help with certain joint stiffness from surgery recovery, but could also slows bone injury recovery. I don’t know if your surgery effected your bones.

I took Effexor solo for year,
it helps with energy if you’re at zero-
I don’t want to color your experience besides saying that.
We can talk in a week or so. PM if you have any questions or want to compare your experience -once your a few days in.

If your friend meant that in the literal sense than he likely had a predisposition, history, or undiagnosed previous case of bi-polar. SSRI and Effexor do increase the risk by 1%. If he meant it colloquially -he meant to say manic lol


Yeah, he had his first manic episode, but it was the beginning of his bipolarity! Okay, let’s talk in a week about the pills! The doctor told my it should not be too hard to come off in april if I’m doing good.

Yeah, they drilled inside my knee and pierced it from side to side in diagonal (same direction as the ACL). But I think my bone is solid! Shouldn’t break!

I’ll stick with my plan, fat loss this winter! I’ll continue to eat healthy, depending on how Effexor is affecting me I might see some girls (like the girl I saw last week). Also I will try to find a Consultant Business who would like to recruit me! I will first need some experience! I’m feeling that "finally I’ll be able to wake up and have more energy feeling, I’m a little high right now! Big relief!


First day on effexor, maybe it’s placebo or something, but I feel a little bit numb… Like, I feel stimulation, maybe like a dosage of asthma medicine, which is probably the stimulation of noradrenaline. Then, I also have the numbness, which is maybe the serotonine.

I still feel like my problem is more of a motivation and energy problem, which for me is a dopaminergic mainly problem.

Anyway, still running the same stack today. I’ll be contacting my Dr December 23 to see with him what is the best course of action.


that’s spot on, the burst from the noradrenaline helps get through commitments if/when a structure is in place, the seratonin is numbing -I much prefer a dopaminergic approach-if energy/focus is the issue. If you have serious anxiety, or depressive thoughts or just take well to it-the serotonin system’s numbness- will act like a chill. Psychiatry is still like a carpenter who has only a hammer. But sometimes it works lol.


I’ll see how it goes in the next 2 weeks and if I’m not good, ask my Dr to switch to wellbutrin, if he don’t want to, I’ll get my bupropion instant release another way!


ok, just make sure it’s a safe way :slight_smile:


I still can’t know what I want. I usually have some kind of “guide” that tells me to do something or to want something, but it seems I am empty. Not empty in terms of feeling my life doesn’t have any sense, but empty in terms of not knowing what to do, being comfortable with me staying home and not going out of my comfort zone. Not talking to any girl… I’m okay with not having sex, I’m not so horny anyway, I’m okay with chilling home and not talking with anyone… I’m okay with not having any goals in my life…


haha…I love that movie…watched that three or four times…thanks for sharing…now come to realize…that movie had shaped the way of my communication with girls a lot …the way to insinuate …to inject metaphor…it is hell of fun to talk in this way…by the way…I think if you change AM to Khan in the custom build…might better suit your goal…


I’m thinking of adding Hope and Temperance to a custom! Maybe a little bit more focused on wealth manifestation this time, no healing, I have my custom ultima which is crazy effective.

What suggestions would you guys give for wealth modules? What about Secret Source? Or positive being attractor?
Khan St4 Q Core
Emperor : The House of Medici Q Core
Sex & Seduction Q Core

Sex Manifestation

Positive Being Attractor - Wealth
Secret Source
Financial Success Reality Shifter

Joie de vivre
Ego Adsum
Unrelenting Wealth and motivation
Carpe Diem
Productivity Unleashed

Health Codex
Deep Sleep

Eye of the Storm
Virtue Serie - Temperance
Virtue Serie - Hope