Solitude & growth - Experiences on Terminus Custom


Financial reality shifter, fortune favorite, secrets of akasha and sultan(which feel like a must have for me)

This is one of thos module that am also putting in feel like it be good for me

This one i never really thought was all that, i know it has its own benefit but am good


Thanks for the feedback NinjaFox :slight_smile:

Do you know someone who tryed it?

I could switch up Positive Being attractor - Wealth for Secret of akasha


I dont know anyone who has, yeah i feel like secret of akasha is the way to go


Excellent, so now I would lean toward something like this!

Khan St4 Q Core
Emperor : The House of Medici Q Core
Sex & Seduction Q Core

Sex & Attraction booster
Sex Manifestation
Dragon Tongue

Money & Wealth
Secret of Akasha
Secret Source
Financial Success Reality Shifter

Life & Productivity Booster
Joie de vivre
Ego Adsum
Unrelenting Wealth and motivation
Carpe Diem
Productivity Unleashed

Health Booster
Health Codex
Deep Sleep

Emotionnal Support
Eye of the Storm
Virtue Serie - Temperance
Virtue Serie - Hope

@NinjaFox Did you have specific experience of Sultan, Secrets of Akasha and Financial reality Shifter?

EDIT : I Switched out Gloryseeker for dragon tongue because I don’t want people to categorize me or know me for only one discipline, which is often the case when you become known. People tend to see you as “the guys” who is specialized in doing X.


Nope they are all going in a my custom for next year never used a custom before

Just from the description i find them to be on the higher scale for wealth modules


This is Lion IV


I am doing way better now I am on Effexor, smallest dosage, it gives me the “wake up” energy and at night I take a small dose of ramerom to sleep.

I should be able to quit both when the sun emits stronger light!

For now my plan will be to use my custom to increase my exposure to Khan, right now I run 4 loops of my custom terminus per week. I also run Dragon reborn St1, two loops per day. I also run two loops per day of either Emperor fitness St2 or my fitness and health custom which I made few months back! (I was running loops of my old custom Q also to have the “work” effect, but now my goal is more to get the “Khan” masculine archetype).

I also decided to add Temptation, to become more attractive as a man, Dragon Tongue for sales and banter, some wealth modules to try them out (I don’t put pressure on myself at the moment to build wealth, but I’ll still try to take action), as fat as the two new modules, I want to increase my general hope I have for the future, hope toward my dreams and truly believe I can do it! Temperance is also to make me more patient, we all know success takes time and diligence to achieve… Not only success regarding money, but success overall, I mean, building muscle, losing fat, building a social circle, building a loving relationship, everything! You need patience! So this is a great addition to my stack! I will lower my terminus to 3 loops per week and try to add 4 loops of this new Q custom every day!

In research, delayed gratification is one of the best predictor of overall life success :wink: Also, it would be fun to have a true abundance mindset, it makes life better!


If you’re considering this as a custom, I’d encourage you to think about putting Mosaic in here because there is a little of everything.


It’s already done! Yeah, never really considered mosaic, does it really makes such a big difference in a custom? :thinking:


I don’t know. I think in theory the modules are designed to work together as is. I use Mosaic as an added “precaution” and to possibly increase the results in a subliminal with more than 1 topic.


Hmmm, yeah, haven’t read about it didn’t realised such a module existed! I remember that mosaic is basically in every subs, but haven’t thought about it.

Also my custom was pretty packed! Like, I was thinking of which module to switch out and I wanted pretty much every one of them!


I know the feeling!


Mine has grown so much the past couple of days because of this feeling :joy:

This is where intuition plays a massive part.


I’m not the best connected to my intuition. I wanted to have those modules! Also I logically support my choices of modules!


Me either, don’t worry haha.

I’m glad you stand by your choices dude. Be happy with it, you’re going to have great results with it man.


Thanks, can’t wait to see what the wealth modules can bring to the table! I’ve never tryed any of those!


Of course my dude. You chose them for a reason, don’t let ‘you should have chose this or that’ distract you.

I feel like I say this way more than I should but…can’t wait to hear about it dude! I’m excited for you.


So, I am currently elaborating a strategy for mastering swing trading.

I will try to do a 4:1 risk ratio. Which means, if I buy a stock at 10$, and I plan to sell it at 4% profit, it would means I would sell it for 10,40$. I would also maximise my gains by accepting a 1% loss (which means I would sell if it goes at 9,90$). If I can win 60% of my trades, it would means that for 5 trades per month I would do 3 which I win and 2 which I lost. If I trade with 20K$, and I assume 5K positions (I do trades of 5K$), then it would mean I could grab 200$ profit per winning trade, which would mean 600$ profits for the month and a loss of 100$ per month for a grand total of 500$ profit.

If I swing trade with my full 20K, I can make 2000$ per month, which is an income I can live with! Depending on the variable I might be able to increase my ratio.

I am currently running HoM in my custom, it’s best for trading so I’ll see how I can use it and try to make some decent earning. If I keep my motivation and discipline up of course!!


Hi @WhiteTiger. I will qualify my advice by saying that I am not a trader and have little to no personal trading experience. I mainly invest long-term in mutual funds. I have an MBA in finance and was in banking for 22 years. I have met and spoken to many PMs in my time.

My advice to you is to do what any PM who is starting a fund would do: test your strategy first. Either with a small segment of your savings or strictly on paper. Do this for several months and build a track record. Then once you have proof of concept, trade larger sums.

Again, just friendly advice.


If being the operative word, here.

Do you have evidence you can do 60%?

What is your holding period time frame?

Do you have any transaction costs?

Do you have knowledge of anyone else making money this way?