Solitude & growth - Experiences on Terminus Custom


Currently no I have nothing :open_mouth: no transaction fee.

Last summer I made 2K with 5 trades by following advices by some swing trader by analysing graphics.

Yeah, I don’t have track records right now, but I have my excel sheet and am writing down my trades on it with the associated strategy. Currently testing out on small amount of trade where I could lose 20$.

I’ve placed a bat right now based on a gap closing theory and a reverse hammer indicator which should indicate maybe a bearish tendency, and a downward gap which should close 82% of the time in a month timeframe.

I am recording the trade, entry point, stop loss and exit point, date of entry and I’ll be waiting for the exit point!

Putting money of the table is probably the only way to keep me entertained as I am bored out of my mind right now… I’ve already got my 2K from my trading month last summer (which was great for swing), and I’ll experiment with it :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback on this :grin::pray:


Am a forex day trader myself.

Reading this post makes me think you are focusing too much on profits.
In reality market doesn’t care about your hit rate or risk ratio.

If you are having a 60% win rate system , 1:1 risk reward is enough, to make you a profitable trader.

Focus on the metrics and Drawdown. Profits will take care of themselves.


Thanks, how much time did it took to become profitable with forex :thinking:

I think Medici will be a huge asset to learning all of this!


Yes , am running Medici for the past 3 months.
Biggest help medici did to me , is that I would say my trading psychology has improved.

Am not still consistently profitable yet but am getting there.
But I would say it took me nearly a year to find a strategy , that I can rely to take signals consistently.
Don’t rely on anyone to take trades. You have to take the responsibility for your trading decisions.

All the best for your trading journey.


I’m following a guy how gave a course for trading strategy, so basically he said to log all of the attempt trades with the name of the strategy and write down if the strategy was successfully implemented or not, and the rate +/- until we master that strategy.

Has medici helped you learn and analyse chart mort efficiently? Psychological support must be the best ever in this line of work, I think psychology is why the majority of people fail trading successfully.


Yes , strategy is the least important component for trading successfully.

Other 2 big components are
Risk Management and
Trading psychology.

I have been analysing charts for nearly 2 years. Anyone can spot patterns on the chart.
But Trade Management and Position Sizing of each trade is very important.

Trading Psychology is my weak point. Medici improved that.

Keep reading psychology books related to trading. A good starting point is “Trading in the zone”.


Great, it’s my next audible purchase! :smiley:


Did you run medici in a custom or as a solo product also how long did it take to improve you trading psychology?


I ran Medici solo.

Trading Psychology is something you can’t master. You have to constantly work on/monitor yourself.
Everybody is different.
Trading Diary helps . You can compare yourself with the thought patterns/Emotions etc you have while taking a trade.


Second day running Diamond Ultima and I seem to have more energy.

I don’t know if it’s normal. I took 4 grams of kratom this afternoon, it switched something in me. Now, 8h after my dosage I am trying to register on every sex app ever :tongue::sweat_drops:hahahaha. I’m crazy. I also texted the latina girl I saw last summer!

@SaintSovereign @Fire I don’t know what is in Diamond but dammmmmn! :gem::point_left:


I’ve been on two loops of Dragon Reborn St1 per day since mid-december. In the beginning I wasn’t feeling any different, but this weekend I took 3 days break from all subs (except 2 loops ultima), and I must say that when I start back with my loops of dragon reborn I can feel it working in the background. I don’t know what beliefs are being worked on, but it is hitting hard!

I ma still running my Khan Medici custom and two loops of my terminus every week! :slight_smile:


I’ve been noticing that sense of working in the background since Q came out.


Yes, honestly, my stack have been pretty heavy in the last month and switching from 5 days on two days off to 4 days on three days off really helped me this weekend! I’ll continue with this routine and see how I goes!

@Sinusoid You are so right, just with my first reading I lost 50$ on my first trade. I’ll really need some time to practice my strategy, since my brokerage has no transaction fee, I’ll probably do some smaller trades (like 100-200$ per trades), with a 2K investment to my training! I need to be smart about my learning curve. Also, I’ll start by using the same strategy I used last summer, using a simple stochastic with a K of 14 and buy in signat as the moving average cross the stochastic line. :slight_smile:


I’m thinking of taking the weekends and Wednesdays off.

Have you thought of trading with a practice account first? At one point, brokers would offer you a practice account set at what amount you want, and you can practice making trades without real money.


Yeah, it’s just not as engaging, I have already traded for fun on a practice account with fake money, but I was a little bit bored…

With real money I just stay engaged, but I’ll make smaller investments so I only lose a few bucks :slight_smile:


I’m glad you know what I’m talking about because I’m biased to you succeeding and getting super rich, dude!


I’m not trying to dissuade you from trading. It’s pretty common to create a model portfolio to test a trading strategy. You could run with paper trades and track your activity including commissions and other expenses.

Bear in mind that as a chartist/technical trader that you competing against institutional investors/hedge funds with highly sophisticated with tremendous resources and trading software. If you were a fundamentalist, you would be competing against institutional investors with better information than you have.

All I am saying is be careful. The competition is well armed and brutal.



Are you running Virtuoso di Matematica and Marketweaver in a subliminal and/or Ultima?


I don’t really expect to get rich :sweat_smile: I hope one day maybe making a living, but for now if I can grow my income a little bit using these techniques it would be pretty cool!

Also, if I can make 2K$ per months, I would be able to live in some country where it doesn’t cost a lot to live!

I’ll run Marketweaver! But my custom includes Medici so I’ve got the right sub for the trade! :wink:

@sinusoid yeah, I’m following some guys in different groups, last year I captured 75% of the movement because I entered in the movement right after it started and left it at 80% of the usual uptrend (which is predicted by looking at past uptrend), and I’m using a stochastique crossing the moving average to identify the motion of the market :slight_smile: I won’t be able to beat these huge firms, but If I can beat 10% per year I’m happy (except for the training period and whatever, you know)


What if you could make 2K$ per minute?