Solitude & growth - Experiences on Terminus Custom


Hahahaha, ok ok, 2K for month is a living :wink: not a big one, but a living which still allow you to make 2K if you are travelling for 2-3 moths per year!

It’s the psychological difference in terms of goals. Temperance. Once I’ll be able to make some money, then make a small income to grow slowly my portfolio, 5-10% yearly (which is still under the market revenue), then beat the market, then be able to beat the market & make a small income… Then a little bit more, maybe it pays the grocery each week?, maybe your rent! And more and more :wink:

But because of hedonic adaptation, the “more and more” is funny, because each time you got more you wanted more… I think enjoying the process, while growing is what human being needs :point_left:.


5-10% monthly

Plan while you still have your level headed self right now talking so you can hear it, so when you get lots of money, you do your plan rather than give into the euphoria of mega-cash.


Yeah ok, let’s say I get the “mega cash” euphoria. I’m able to consistently beat the market consistently… Then what happens? My guess is nothing, I’ll just want more because of hedonic adaptation. It does ends there.

I’ll hang out with other people who are richer than me, and I’ll just want more :wink: I want more in my life actually, doesn’t make me unhappy.

Maybe I’ll make some super risky move, stupid move, lose everything. Ok… Bad things, I’ll maybe go into severe depression (probably) and probably want to kill myself, but whatever, maybe I can get help. If I end by taking my own life, so be it. If I still think there is a chance for me to stand up again, so be it. If this scenario ever happens, I still have a certain skill developped over years of practice… Means I can still learn from my mistakes and start over.

I just don’t get where you want to go with that. Can we cut the chase and go straight to the part where you tell me the lesson you want to tell me I’m having trouble understanding it.

Life pass by and our emotions are pretty much everywhere. At the end the true “life” skill to master is really only toward how we see life and if what we do in life is meaningful to us :point_left:. (which is my beliefs, even if it’s hard to always stay seeing life like that, but I feel like LSD and mushroom are good to give a good punch in the face and have that perspective)


You make wise decisions, great moves, and win most of the time.

Lesson: What story are you writing for yourself?

Lesson: What limits are you putting on yourself?

Take a day to think about it before replying.


Thats it :slight_smile:


I will, I’m still thinking about it!

Edit : this is hard as fuck. I just don’t know what to do after that. Learn some new skills? I’ll probably have to learn some “life meaning” stuff… But it’s hard. Hard as fuck.


So, I’ll probably take a few days or weeks to anwser… What story am I writing for myself by trading, and what limits am I putting on myself…

Today I woke up and felt hopeless while listening to dragon reborn st1… No fun. I don’t know if I should continue to run dragon rebord, or take a break, I’ve done two weeks and two days… Usually it’s 4 weeks… I’ll take my break this weekend and start over again. But I need to keep my emotions in check!


I’ll give you a hint. You wrote already in this thread. I clearly see your limits and your narrative. How about re-writing it to something that is worthy of a super successful, wealthy WhiteTiger who conquers the stock market, and what ever other markets you want to succeed in, and keeps succeeding forever?



What kind of life style do you want? How would you live your life if your income allowed it?


Oh my fucking god bro it’s the same as I did for woman :heart::heart: can’t believe I didn’t see this!!! Wtf! I feel so dumb :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Thank you!! I will do this!! Certainly! What is my wildest dream regarding money and mastering the market! I’ll also redo my woman one to make sure I grind on those learnings!!

@Hoppa I would live in Canada during the summer and move somewhere it is sunny during the winter to make sure I don’t have season al depression :blush:. Usually I am pretty upbeat and “ready to face challenge”, but during the winter I lose this mindset and everything becomes too much… Which is why I want to stay in the sun for my whole life. Trading would allow me to make money from anywhere in the world. Also I’ve always admired traders, they are pictured as pretty badass in movies.

I’ll definitly redo the exercice!! This weekend!


OK. 2k/ month enough for that? Lets say Thailand… Should be easily.

2000/30= about 67$/day. Doable?


Stop feeling dumb. We all do this. We talk without listening to ourselves. We are driven by assumptions that we developed long ago and need to re-examine.




It’s more like I feel dumb of not being able to make the link on my own between what you were trying to bring to the table and the growth process I had already done with the lady :point_left: Tomorrow morning, first thing when I wake up : Why is it impossible for me to make a shit ton of money with trading, day trading or swing trading. Also I will anwser to the question : why is it impossible for me to find the “perfect” relationship for me.


Ok turns out that my first trade I made last week I was so sure about because of my candlestick reverse hammer pattern was wrong… I just read that the reverse hammer usually signals a bearish pattern… it means it is going down!

Having seen that I would of waited!


Now that’s more of what I’m talking about!


It’s one thing to see the pattern after the fact. It’s another thing to know what the pattern is in real time. I would encourage you to meditate on this.


$2000 is about 60,000 Thai baht

For comparison, a teaching english as a foreign language teacher would get anywhere from 30,000 to maybe 60,000 a month. A fully qualified teacher at an international school would be anywhere from 80,000 to 120,000+ bt.

A typical middle class thai salary would be anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 bt.

For comparison a cashier in a 7-11 would get about 10,000bt and a factory worker maybe 12,000 to 15,000bt but keep in mind you would not want to be forced to live like this nor would you (as a foreigner) be able to. The Thai minimum wage is about 330 bt/day.

So yeah, easily doable.

However, markets are not open weekends so your equation becomes 2000/20=100$/day.

Also you do not want to be forced to trade every day, you should only trade when the market gives you a good price point.



I’ve closed two trades at +15% and one at 6,1% and another at 4,7%! My oscillator technique seems to be working!

For now everything seems to be going good, I’ll check my screener to see if there are other point of entry! Yesterday there wasn’t any, I’ll see today if it’s different!


congrats on the trades!!

How’s Discordia Deliverance going for you these days?
Do you think it takes the edge of or have you purely benefited from letting those emotions go?