Solitude & growth - Experiences on Terminus Custom


I have a lot less hate, and I’ve had a lot less in the past few months. But I’ve had trouble with my emotions.

More like sadness, feeling of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts… Those are my main emotions!

I actually didn’t saw my Dr this week, maybe he’ll call me next week.


really sorry to hear that man,
go see your Dr.!! your to important to not take care of yourself fully including getting the support
you need! Don’t wait on them- there just part of the team devoted to you.

Also try just running Q-for a while, drop Terminus and Ultima and do I flush out, you have no idea how much it may help.


Yeah, well I’ve been running a pretty heavy stack Hahaha I’m taking 3 days off every week and it really helped. I might drop my terminus next week and focus on my custom including Marketweaver! 1 loop DR and 1 loop Emp fit St2.

I’m switching to dragon reborn St2 after next week :wink:

I will probably try to call my Dr and try wellbutrin, I’ve stopped effexor because I was always hungry on it…, I must of gained like 10lbs… I can lose it fast with OMAD, but I hate having to diet down because I took some pills…


So, they just took my package at the customs to test the content of it…

Ok, fine, it’s nothing illegal… And then I learn there are few months of waiting line to have my package tested…! This is so frustrating, I’ll get my package this summer!


Now that’s what I’m talking about!:sunglasses::dragon:


It’s official!

Your invitation…

The Anthem

Dragon up so you can Dragon on!



Going there!


You’re going many places dude, and I’m thinking they are all great!



I’ve started reading the book this week. I made 200$ on a trade yesterday (it was like 6,57% on a 3K trade).

Mark Douglas seems to say technical skills and stuff like that are not the most important skills. And it seems, when I look on internet, there are some pretty simple techniques that everybody can use as buy signals… My Stochastics and CCI technique doesn’t seem too complicated neither! Some people are sharing some simple strategy and they say they are making money consistently with those techniques!

I think the big focus for me from now on will be to master my psychology. I’ve used my technique to make 2K last summer, I’ve used the same technique for like 6 winning trades (between 4 and 16%), one where I lost 4% and one where I exited the trade at my entry point, so 0%. It seems my indicator works, and if I can master my psychology, then I’ll be able to make money!

I have many money modules in my custom, including Sultan, Secrets of Akasha, Secret Source and financial success reality shifter. I think even if those modules are not directly related to trading, they might very well help by manifesting opportunity and guide me toward developping my wealth using trading.
Secrets of Akasha : By tapping into the human collective consciousness and the myriad of different experiences contained therein, you can learn all kinds of secrets, strategies, tactics and methods of creating unimaginable wealth.
Secret Source : Now you have the possibility to find out all the sources of money that you can create and that will bring you continuous, rising wealth. Look out for opportunities that seem unorthodox and do not be afraid to explore with an open mind – your Secret Sources will appear.

I could get out financial reality shifter and Sultan, both of these also help with manifestation, but you guys get it. Even if those modules are not specifically geared toward trading, I feel they can support me.

This is the positive part :

I am on the beach, outside of my beautiful villa I just purchased. I don’t have any winter problem, the sun is about to set. I am outside admiring the view, drinking my grapefruit Perrier water and appreciating every second of that moment. Every single seconds of the present moment. I just made 20K last week, few trades, no big deal, no stress, just applying a simple strategy that worked for me the past two years. I know I can make more, but right now let’s just chill and enjoy the moment…

I’ve never felt so much freedom. I can make money on my own term, without a boss, without having to deal with problematic people, I have that “fuck you money” they call. Perfect sleep, perfect health and body, I have a really pretty and hot girl by my side, she’s getting ready as we speak to go out for a walk on the beach. I really like those profound conversation I have with her. I would say she is perfect… perfect is a big word, but it’s pretty damn close to what she is! Oh okay, she’s coming my way, gotta finish this entry now! hahaha Have a nice evening!
Yours truly, WT


Congrats on the Trade.

If you have full confidence in your approach , you can go further with your approach.

But if you are going to do Trading for a living , you need a robust system , which can perform well in all kinds of market conditions.
For that you need data. You have to have atleast 100 backtested trades , too see if you system has positive expectancy.

Read the book , “Trade your way to Financial Freedom” by Dr.Van Tharp.It describes how to develop a Trading system from scratch.
Or you can hire a Trading Coach , who trades the same markets you are trading , to verify whether you really have the edge to profit consistently.


Downloaded, unfortunatly the book is not in audio format, guess I’ll read it when I am insomniac haha! What do you think about “how to swing trade” by Pezim and Aziz?


Smart to jump on that recommendation, I would take the case that every recommendation on this forum is a manifestation to take one to the next step in their goals.


Sorry , I haven’t read that book.


Yup, I’m jumping on those!

I think there are a lot of manifestation happening right now for me, I’m matching with hot girls and I’m almost meeting them!


You can’t go wrong with the Classics – Mark Douglas, Alexander Elder, Van Tharp, Jack Schwager.

Focus on mastering them, and try to control the urge to check more & more authors, systems, chart types, etc.



Downloaded a book from Alexander Elder, also downloaded a book by John Carter, Mastering the trade.



Right now I’m using a mix of Stochastic and CCI as trends indicator. I just see that a lot of time, when my indicators gives me a buy signal, I get a lot of false signals, which means the price goes up, and then goes back down, which end up with me losing 1-2% on my trade. I still made good trades, and my average is positive in the past two weeks, but I hate that my system seems so sketchy, I need a way to get better signals OR deal efficiently with these false buy!

Reconciliation doesn’t seem to high today, I’m playing my custom with my headphones.

I’m seeing a girl this thursday PM, she’s hot. I’m speaking to another girl, she workout but she lives at 1h from my place, which is inconvenient since we still have the lockdown and a curfew at 8PM…!

Diamond Ultima is my friend to keep some libido hahaha, I notice I don’t have any libido if I don’t run diamond!!!

I’ve started back on OMAD in the past week, I’ve noticed I have a lot of limitation in my diet, not that I can’t follow it or I fall off the wagon, but in terms of limiting beliefs. I don’t want to be weak!!! And everytime I lose fat, I lose strength (not all of it, but you know, you always lose strength and libido when you are in a calorie deficit for few weeks)… I’ll do a write up about my limitation probably tomorrow to help me deal with it. As always, I write and then listen to my custom healing ultima which usually reframe everything really fast and in a powerful way!



Now a revision of your questions:

Why is it possible to have relationships you really want?

Why is it inevitable for you to have relationships you really want?

Why is it possible for you to make a ton of money and manage it wisely?

Why is it inevitable for you to make a ton of money and manage it wisely?


I LOVE the formulation of the question you just wrote! Inevitable! This is how you make the conscious work with the subliminals to really deeply impact the changes!

Update on my trades : I’ve closed 5 more trades : one which I got -12% because I didn’t put any stop loss like a fool (fortunatly it was with small amount of money), I’ve closed one at -2,9%, which was a false signal, I’ve closed two at 5% and one at 2,8%.

Started my winter school session yesterday. Zero motivation. I think I should try to link my consulting interest as a way to grow my portfolio while I practice my trading. Once I’ll have enough money to manage I’ll be able to trades on my own to live.

Also I’ve been hyper consistant in my diet in the past three days, wating 1000-1500 calories (I wasn’t hungry after that). I stopped caffeine, which means I still have caffeine as an effective appetite suppressant if I need to! Combine that with a 4 hour window every day, and I’m turned into a fat burning machine!

I’m seeing my Dr. wednesday at 7PM for an update, I’m almost sure to try wellbuterin for my energy!


Exactly! I knew you’d catch on!