Solitude & growth - Experiences on Terminus Custom


So, I made another 600$ this week. Still learning a lot! I’m speaking to people in my groupe to see what they think of my analysis. I’ll really have to developp my own system, because the more I see charts, the more I realise there is no “rule”.

I started wellbuterin thursday. I’ll have to wait for it to have antidepressant effects!

I went to a date, it went well, but honestly I’m down because of the curfew, it will be so hard to create that “together” space during the day! I’ll be busy af this session and most of my time will be allocated toward learning to developp my own trading system, my studies & probably my workout!


Looks like HOM and you are pulling through !

Have you noticed anything specific from Secrets of Akash?

Also what else is in your HOM custom, or can you point me to where you listed it?


My current custom
Khan St4 Q Core
Emperor : The House of Medici Q Core
Sex & Seduction Q Core
Sex Manifestation
Secrets of Akasha - Wealth
Secret Source
Financial Success Reality Shifter
Joie de vivre
Ego Adsum
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Carpe Diem Ascended
Productivity Unleashed
Health Codex
Deep Sleep
Eye of the Storm
Virtue Serie - Temperance
Virtue Serie - Hope

I think that after marketweaver, there is all my modules which helps me generate wealth. Secret source, helps you find a way to make money. I’ve had the idea of trading few weeks after starting my custom. Maybe secret source was guiding me! Also secret of akasha helps me tap into the collective mind, which could help me get my trading skills up, the market moves in accordance to everybody’s emotion and decision! And some people already mastered some ways to make money consistently that way. Financial success and Sultan are also powerful manifestation tool, which can be used to put some stocks to trade on my way!

I feel like there is a convergence and a way for me to make money.


Next week I’ll start Dragon Reborn Stage 2. I’ve done 4 weeks with dragon reborn St1, at 2 loops per day.

I wonder what Dragon Reborn Stage 2 will bring to the table. I’m progressing slowly in that direction, total healing is not my “main goal” right now, but healing is a must for long term growth, so I am healing slowly in the background while working some other major objective.

I’ll try to get to dragon reborn stage 4 and once I’ll be there I’ll be able to do a single run with increased number of loops if I ever choose to focus on healing!


I just sent an e-mail to the department of finance at my university to see if there are any contact or formation regarding trading and technical analysis. This could allow me to find a mentor, which would be great to accelerate my learning curve!


I feel like I’m in the hard mode of getting laid… In the sense that my roommate is freaked out by the covid and doesn’t want to invite people over. And now the government has imposed a 8PM curfew… Which sucks because I hate sleeping with the girl (first of all), and also puts some kind of pressure that if I am not at my place by 8pm I have to sleep at her place…!


@WhiteTiger perhaps it is a sign to focus elsewhere? I for one have decided that the pandemic is an opportunity for personal healing and evolution that Is better than any other in my entire life so far.


Yeah, I’m focusing mainly on my trading and healing right now. It’s just the sex part of my life, sex is healthy and I don’t like that situation.

I mean, gyms are closed and sex… well, afternoon sex. I can’t really have sex right now. I don’t really have a place to release the steam!


afternoon delight :slight_smile:

Home gym $300 or under !


As @Azriel has said, one thing you can do is set up a home gym.
I invested in this last March (~$1K) and I’ve now hit several fitness records.


@WhiteTiger I still think you should put Mystery on your list of modules.:grin:


I’m moving soon, I like the idea of a home gym, and I had one when I grew up. Only problem right now is my small apartment and I don’t want to carry so much stuff when I am moving. I am planning to move every year or so haha or I don’t know really but I do not feel like where I live right now is long term.

À lot of people workout for health reason and functionality reason. I have zero motivation that comes from good health. I just want to lift heavy. Benching three plates, hitting new PR, deadlifting 500lbs, I aim for that eventually. Those types of exercices are what kept me consistant years after years in the gym.

So! Anyway I did a small bodyweight workout just to keep active. Archer push up, crunches, lunges and elastic row!

I just had to move.

@RVconsultant haha why is that, I’ve read the description and it seems pretty cool! Maybe I have some undiscovered talents! (probably, we all have)


Some how I think there is about to be a legend in the making this year named WhiteTiger.


Like I so much wonder what type of things I could discover about myself!! I appreciate your optimism, I am dubious of the fact that I might change my life like crazy… I mean… I don’t know… The lockdown is affecting me also…

I don’t know what I could replace… Eye of the storm? Hope? I could also switch sexual manifestation for long range seduction to help manifest encounters… My god so much choice!!

Because I am thinking of rebuilding. I should probably add LionIV for the trading mindset. As a trader I need to follow my plan and I think LionIV would make me calm and give me that effortless mastery! What do you think?

Edit: For everyone wanting to manifest woman into their life. Primal Seduction IT Ultima is the BEAST for it :wink: Just hit me that right now when I want to talk to woman, I can use Diamond Ultima + PSIT Ultima which supercharge my sexual energy and manifestation power. Long range seduction could be used to setup dates!


If you could go back in time 1 year, and tell yourself what you would be doing now… making 3 to 6% on trades regularly… amongst other things… what would that you of 1 year ago say?

Thank you for the tip!


I would anwser “how?”. Right now the only reason I haven’t lost it is because I cut my loss with the stop loss… It does work for now!

Yeah, I don’t know if mystery could help me with upgrading my trading, maybe some other things… Maybe I should rebuild it!! :see_no_evil:


Can you ellaborate for others to get excited lol