Solitude & growth - Experiences on Terminus Custom


I don’t believe it is a coincidence that we are going through exactly the same today…
Follow your intuition @WhiteTiger.

“As long as you are true to your dreams, you will always find success beyond your imagination as complete authenticity to one’s deepest desires leads to life’s most profound treasures”


Just checked out the post I hadn’t read from your journal and I’ll tell you to hang on. Brighter days are coming :sun_with_face:

New beginning is harsh in the beginning, but it’s strong!


Thank you :heart:


Does khan have NB?


Not sure if they added it after the Q update, we should do a research on the forum or ask Fire and SaintSovereign.

The original Khan was developped before NB was created so if it wasn’t added it is not in there.


NB is in emperor so i think it should be in khan …thats my guess



It is still not in Khan Q


So today in class, I had good conversation with my team members, I felt really more included in discussions. It’s really great, I think LionIV is working and I am expressing myself more.

I am not out of the wood yet, I AM is working hard and my emotions are still shaky, it’s only my second week healing also.

Can’t wait to see all the progress done in a few months!

Will probably run KhanST4+PCC+SS next summer or maybe sooner for a result oriented sub! But first I need the healing!


So, I’ll go to bed now, tomorrow at 8h30 I have to go to the hospital for my surgery. I really hopes everything goes well, it really makes me anxious to imagine people playing in my body with tools… I hate that feeling and I hate thinking about it. I can’t wait for them to just put me to sleep… and boom I wake up high as fuck.

I just want it to be over! I’ll play beast within ultima (now that I think about it), it’s good for physical recuperation. Muscle, tendon, joint, should help recovery! I’ll also do two loops of my physical enchancement sub, which contains Serum X and Asclepius.


Just out of the hospital, everything went well :blush:

My knee is swollen as fuck and they gave me shit tons of medicin. Fortunatly my family lives near me so I’ll to my father’s place for 1-2 days :slight_smile:

I’ll try to run 1 loop of The best Within with a good postworkout meal to boost my physical recuperation!

I’m also taking very small dosage of MK2866 for 1-2 weeks, at least until the inflammation is gone to protect my muscle!


Have a great recovery !!

The best within would be a really cool sub-just brings out all your best qualities :slight_smile:

What do you find the Beast Within does? Is it like a recovery sub?


It is supposed to help you recover from workout (surgery is a lot like workout, inflammation, stress response and the need to repair) and build the body of your dream!

I’ll be honest I have only ran 1 loop so I haven’t had lots of results, but I should be able to start working out again in two weeks (upper body only) if the gyms are not closed due to corona.


It is true that this is a little ambiguous as to whether Khan Q ST1 has New Beginnings. I thought it had it, though.


Yeah, I’d be surprised, but lets face it Khan St1 already has one of the most powerful module created for healing. I AM, which was developped specifically for Khan!


Why not khan?
Why emperor?



Khan makes me very social. My main focus was really to heal with the I AM module and have a not do dense stack.

Khan is heavier than Emperor which means slower results. I don’t have that much time either to go out and socialise right now… I want the productivity and the focus that emperor gives :wink:

I wanted to heal my masculinity and also the woman part that’s why I added SS with I Am, so it can work on it.

I might run Khan St1 when the name embedded version will come out this winter before starting my custom Khan St4 + PCC + SS results oriented😉


From your experience is emperor so hard to run?


I feel like “results oriented” subs such as Khan St4 or Iron Throne are amazing, they really push you to get results.

The thing is, I think if you have too much crap in you it will limit the results that you can have because your limiting beliefs will collide with the affirmation.

When I ran Khan St4 last year, I really liked the results I got, but frankly, If I had done 2-3 months healing, maybe I could of had better results :wink:

I hate healing and only did 1 month of Khan St1 which was my only healing I did here :sweat_smile: i feel like shit when I am healing, lots of rage comes out, sadness, fear, I become an emotionnal wreck… Not a good time to socialize.

So, solitude and healing first (+hard work :muscle:), then I jump in with something more agressive.


Sorry I didn’t saw your question.

No for me emperor is not that hard to run. Let’s be honest, it will still push you and you will have emotions you might not be used to it, but overall, Emperor hits pretty fast if you, have experience with subs, which is why I choose it :wink:

Also there is more “work” things in emperor than in Khan, when I was on Khan I was really motivated by meeting woman!