Solitude & growth - Experiences on Terminus Custom


I get you buddy
Hows the women on emperor?


Hmmm hard to tell, usually when I feel like shit no woman at all talk to me, but my fwb still texted me yesterday and I texted another girl who lives 2h30 from where I live and she seems cool to se me next year :joy:

I’ll wait for I AM to be a little bit more advanced in terms of destroying my bad beliefs because right now I am pretty much up and down (except right now, I am on morphine :sunglasses:)


From that response it seems attraction is not high :grinning:


Yeah, not so high,

But I’m stil having fun online :joy:. The first girl is from montreal.

This is from last week.

And this from yesterday the girl who live 2h30 from my place

But I am so freaking busy to date right now, this is partly why I might leave my job.


Cant read those chats at all :grinning:


Google translate my friend :wink:

They are all in french, I speak french! Ohhh and right now I am recovering from surgery, so, sex is not the best idea. And there is the time also, I am pretty much busy all the time.


Yasssses the attraction is high bru


Yeah, but we have to take into account I’ve been running SS in my custom since customs got out :wink: I’m also pretty hot physically (hotter since I started SS I feel)


Oooh now it makes sense!
I think on emperor you will attract women that like dominant men…
Not all women like very dominant men also…
You will not attract women that like that love dovey relationship because im sure on emperor you will hate that because it will cut down productivity basically take up time.


Yup! And I’m usually not a super lovey dovey in my relationships with woman. Last month I had a date with a girl, and she texted me all sort of cute things during the week… Turned me off completely. I just decided to cancel our second date and told her that I prefer being alone :wink:


So, today I napped a couple of times because of morphine hahaha, I’m tired and slept 6hrs last night.

I surfed on the forum a lot today and texted a lot. Not really a productive day, I don’t have my headphones to listen to my ultima title so I could only do my loop of Emperor and two loops of my physical enchancement.

I should call it Emperor Growth because is breaks shit in me. I’ve been a little bit sad today and feeling alone… Quite boring day.

I’ll try to go to school tomorrow, tomorrow night I can undo my bandage and wash my knee, in two weeks they’ll remove my suture points.


Okay, I am going to bed, I am back home so I’ll be able to sleep longer tonight :sleeping:

I still tryed tonight to sext a little bit a girl which I had been really non sexual with, just to test the ground and see how she would react… I’ll see how it goes.

I think the healing around Panther is starting to make my behaviour change slowly I’ve been running my custom one week and a half and I am already pushing a little bit to try new things!


Went to school today, a couple of girls checked me out with my cruches :wink:

Also, I spoke to a girl at the entrance and chatted awkwardly with a girl in the elevator hahaha. I guess I am slowly starting to interact with strangers, which is something I hadn’t done since I was on Khan last year. It’s funny how much I changed. And I even think that I am helped me just “breaking” the barrier I had built around me for I don’t know why reason!

I expressed myself freely in class, made some pretty dope jokes and all the class laughed. I’m starting to get out of my shell.

P.S. I’m going High Alchemist today @Azriel :sunglasses:


That’s awesome man-congrats :sunglasses:
I always say if your a High-Alchemist- you know how to grind with yo philosopher stone.


I just removed my bandage around me knee and I almost passed out :joy: men, you know I see myself as pretty masculine, but every man has his weakness!


I’m back, following @blackadder’s recommandation, I decided to increase my number of loop for Rebirth. Yesterday I played two loops and felt lighter!

Today I’m starting my day with, well, you guest it! One sweet sweet loop of Rebirth :slight_smile: I might do the whole day focus on rebirth.

This weekend I need to prepare for exams so… BLU it is! Then I’ll switch back to rebirth.

And also, it’s hard to tell since starting my custom, but I feel different. Like more confident, more accepting of myself. I don’t know if it’s because I played rebirth every day this week or if reconciliation is starting to fade… We’ll see on my next rebirth pause!


This morning, I’m thinking a lot about my relationship with woman. How I objectify them. Can’t be a coincidence.

I’m running SS and the most powerful Healing sub. And now this comes up. A lot of thoughts are coming up. I want to talk about it but nobody want to… Not about hate towards woman and objectifying them.

I strive to become a man, not a children, which means that those behaviors and beliefs must be eradicated.


Would khan be a problem if i have a job?because it may cause me to break of society?
Whats your take on this?


No don’t worry, Khan is actually better to fit with society than emperor :wink:

Khan has a money approached based more on mogul than solopreneur!


So emperor will be hard to do at work kind of thing ?