Solitude & growth - Experiences on Terminus Custom


i think if you do this it will keep you from reaching a ceiling/plateau in any of them.


It’s my feel also, and why I think this strategy might work long term.

For example, when I switched from I am emperor to Khan, I instantly had a breakthrough!


hmmm that interesting basically it like you were doing a workout to target something specific (which got you results) but once you switch you basically broke a limit of some kind because they help each other out/complimented, just my two cents


I think so, Khan is already changing me, I spoke to a guy I don’t really know at the gym an hour ago!

New stimulus pushes growth!


Is your new custom terminus or Q build?


The propensity for the action and ways of being your looking for are likely more in line with Khan base,
if your craving social capacity and engagement as part of your growth strategy, Emperor will be harder to use. Also if your dropping from Terminus to Q that will explode your results. Terminus is not as consistent and stable as I initially thought, in my experience at least, it blows the doors open on things, and shifts my internally experience powerfully but it’s harder to use for stable consistent growth from what I’ve seen, it takes more rest and cycling to be effective, or stacking less if I’m running terminus more.


Terminus, my custom is in terminus! Ohhh, for real, I read SaintSovereign talking about he only uses Q because Terminus gives reconciliation and is not as consistent. Maybe I’ll take 3 rest days per week to let more rest. I think terminus is still in exploration phase!

This is something I want. I use emperor with I Am because emperor makes me a tough motherfucker :wink:.

Shit, having knew this, I would of have it in regular Q hahaha. Maybe terminus pushed more long term. Like if I switch to Q after my Khan run, I’ll intrgrate more.


Had a sex dream last night… Men, Khan is cranking up my libido. I only ran godlike masculinity and my custom Khan yesterday hahaha.

I think my libido will go through the roof very soom :sweat_smile: too bad I still can’t walk…


have a feeling GLM has a part to play in this, correct me if am wrong


Yeah, I have a feeling too. I want to use GLM to boost my disciplin. As of now I’ve been doing my rehab to the T. Except I am walking more than recommanded which can slow down my recuperation :sweat_smile:

This morning I was joking around and men, my sense of humor is through the roof. No wonder I get laid, I’m funny as fuck hahaha


As of now, I’ll say that my discipline is slooowly going up. It was shut down after my surgery because I felt bad overall and couldn’t move. Now I am starting again to build it up. Libido is still high, did all my work planned today, my three rehab workout, planned a little bit ahead for the work I’ll have to do.

Also, the deep sleep module is working, I feel a lot more refreshed when waking up! And, I’ve slowly dialed down my diet and supplement usage. I’m eating more healthy food even if I am craving Ice cream (my lifelong battle), I’ll eat an oatmeal with protein before bed.



Having a lot of trouble working with my team. I assumed they had done their work, which was planned yesterday. But they told me tonight when I asked them if I could have it to prepare for the presentation, that they didn’t finished and that I should of asked of I could help… They are three and the dynamic right now is they work at three and I am benched…

Can’t wait to switch team next session. For now I’ll grow my teamwork skills, it’s been years since I worked in a team.


sound like a job for inner circle, when i used it i wasn’t on a team but i got friends from long time that i didn’t even talk come out of the blue to support and help me


Running my Khan custom right now, I don’t know if I will add inner circle that soon. And I just purchased it. I am not working anymore so I have to manage my money a bit more hahaha

So! I worked the whole damn day. Physiotherapy this morning, after that I worked 6 hour, and then I had a hour long meeting for a project and finally I went to finish a team project at uni with my team, we practiced from 4 to 8h30.

I fasted the whole day. We had the discussion we wanted to have about our conflicts. Everything is solved, or should work on from now on.

And! After the meeting I stayed and spoke to the cute girl of my team for like 45 minutes :wink:. Unfortunatly she has a boyfriend, but you know, even after that conflict it’s nice to see Khan and SS working hahahaha she really felt like talking to me and I had to cut after because I still have a presentation to prepare for tomorrow!

Edit: Also yesterday, I saw a post on facebook about a girl I know (same debate as before the UOttawa stuff), she was saying that only black people should have the right to talk about it… And it didn’t triggered me. I’ve made progress!


Today I fasted until 1h30 PM, my team ordered thai food and I decided to join in! But you know I could of fasted until later on in the day. In fact the food made me more tired and I lost focus for the rest of the afternoon.

Talked to some of my friends, one of my female friend just told me I could visit her and we could go to the strip club hahaha, didn’t knew she was into that. Still, I can’t wait to go out of my place

Still doing all my rehab exercices, I’m going strong, I’ll try to stop my anti-inflammatory tomorrow following my physiotherapist’s advice to try out how my body react without being pumped full of strong anti-inflammatory medicine. Anti-inflammatory medicine slows down the reparation of my knee, but at the same time it help me do my exercices because my knee is less swollen. If my knee goes back being swollen like crazy and I can’t move it anymore, I’ll take more anti inflammatory, if not, I’ll let the healing process continue!


Had a dream last night and I was able to remember it… It is still pretty vague but here it is! I dreamt that I opened my mouth about a discussion me and my brother had with a guy. He was saying he was so off about his relationship, and had other girl or something and we told him whatever, if you don’t feel like investing in your current relationship, drop it off and go with the other girl.

After that, I don’t know why, but the guy and the girl died. But it had something to do with a murder suicide… This is how they died, I don’t remember the why.

And I remember I told someone that me and my bro talked to the guy and told him what we said… It got misinterpreted and BOOM, the story went crasy viral : We told the guys to kill his girlfriend and himself or whatever, suddently everything was our fault in people’s eye and the story was so distorted that we couldn’t defend ourself. Now me and my bro were being under fire because I opened my mouth about something I thought was not important…

I woke up. And then I realised. Thank you for teaching me Power Can Corrupt.


ive been having some vivid dream thinking it the build level, there always very detail where i can make out faces, wanted to combine PCC and Khan st4 but ill do that one day, good to hear it helping you out
also about you knee problem i remeber after running my health sub and working out my own injury went away, i forgot about because even now when i workout it does happen which use to be the case
spartan, the legacy + the beast within/unleashed + emperor fitness (all stages)


Yeah, I’m running 2 loops of emperor fitness St2 every day. Mainly for fat loss because I gained like 5-10lbs of fat… This is what happens when your metabolism goes from burning 3K cal a day to 1.8K cal a day… +all the inaction gives you times to eat :joy:Also I don’t want to overload my mind, my terminus custom is already pretty heavy so stacking scares me.

Right now I am following the advice from my therapist, there is a clear guideline for recuperation after ACL surgery so I’m not mega worried. I need to work on my patience :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.


definitely i wont be stacking anything but ultima with my custom sub


I’ll be honest my social skills are rusty af, I need to get back to “how to have a nice conversation” and “how to make people feel valued when I speak to them” :joy:

Also, I am slowly walking better, still feel vulnerable and not as solid in my life, but I’ll work on that!