[SOLO] ALoveSupreme Tests Emperor


Question for you and anyone with significant dating experience:

After a flake where she declines a phone call that day, and only responds the next day, do you keep pursuing?

I don’t really feel motivated to continue pursuing at this point, it seems like a blatant slap in the face. I know some players endure worse than this before finally meeting up with a woman. With all women I know, if I’m able to get them out of the house just once, then every time after that is easier, until they’re inviting me out.

I get a strange feeling that I should continue pursuing, and that this is in a sense foreplay, just a shit test from her to see how I handle things. On the other hand, I’m actively trying to destroy behaviors that aren’t effective for me, and I’m a bit confused.


Many ways to look at this, especially depending upon the type of woman you’re dealing with. Some women will be turned on by the confidence that although she’s playing this game, you’re still pursuing her. Other women, will wonder why you aren’t taking the hint to get lost. Gets tricky here my man.

You could either ignore the text she sent or be very brief in your responses and turn the tide here. For example if she sent the ol “hey” text you simply respond with “hey” yourself. You’re gonna want to have a solid endgame with this conversation. Find a creative way to steer it to where now she needs to take YOU out on a date to make up for wasting your time. Be bold enough to ask her how she’s gonna make it up to you.

Don’t go getting emotional and preachy about how she pissed you off when she flakes because the second you step into the realm of emotion, you lose with women, short and long term. You could even come at her from a light “teasing” sort of angle. Now she’ll either laugh and actually throw ideas out, or she’ll react by ignoring you or blatantly refusing to set up another date. You win either way.

If she was truly interested and was just testing you, then she’ll agree to another date…and the fact that she now has to take you out means she’ll be the one investing. Women like getting what they have to earn. Gives them a sense of pride. If it turns out she was just being childish then now you now to tell her to have a nice life and dismiss her for good.


Days 13-18:

My aspirations have become much higher.

The first loop of EmperorQ that I ever ran I began thinking of not just how I could achieve success for myself, but how I could achieve success for the world.

I thought of how many people I could inspire and how much good I could do. There was a period of what I now know is doubt, where I forced myself to focus on only my own goals, but my altruism is making a mighty comeback.

Effortless Focus

Quantum Limitless is definitely boosting my ability to focus. I spend damn near my entire work day focused on a task, which is a significant change from a year ago. Before I would have to take constant breaks, and zone out a lot. Now its fucking effortless.

Still getting used to being an Emperor

I began realizing that people aren’t avoiding me as much as they are giving me space. Coming from my pre-Emperor days this was my first reaction to the way people began treating me, but whenever I actually engage them in conversation they’re all smiles and won’t stop talking to me lol.

Dating Life

I hit up an old girl I was speaking to and have been having fun with her over text as we’re still quarantined. Likely I’ll see her afterward, but you never know. I’m not too hung up about it.


There has been a strong undercurrent of depression that permeated the last week or so. Like, not even wanting to get out of bed depression. When I wasn’t at work that’s exactly where I stayed.

Now that its begun to clear my life looks and feels so much different now.

It feels fun and happy, two words I never thought would describe Emperor.

Along with wanting to build an empire and become the best of the best, I also have a newfound mindset to just learn. To be happy and joyous in the world.

I don’t feel pushed to just take action at all times like in previous versions either. My own time management skills and what works best for my productivity are being brought forth.

In addition it seems I’ve focused on a negative habit and am destroying it piece by piece. I was never aware how much I compare myself to others, but now all I can see is that and I adjust accordingly.


I began running StarkQ on release so this is now a [STACKED] journal.


Having a good, active sex life has been a constant challenge for me as an adult, but I finally feel that I’ve created enough tangible progress in this area and that it will continue.

Not sure if it was Emperor, or StarkQ, but I manifested an old lover into my life. We matched on Tinder after months of not talking to each other and she was supposed to come over today, but she’s coughing so we postponed it. Old lovers are a sign that manifestation is working because the easiest people to manifest into your life are the people who’ve already been in it.

I was in the process of setting up a date for this weekend as well with another girl, but while we were working out times I’m sure I came off a bit needy because I needed to fuck right then and there, and didn’t play things cool. We’ll see what happens with that.

Theres also a third woman on the hook now, but with both the virus and just how difficult it is to get some women out on dates, its another we’ll see situation.

Also I have a friend of mine managing my Tinder for me, and I do the same for him. He offered last week and I believe this is a manifestation. I couldn’t figure out online dating for the life of me and he gave me a whole outline of his Tinder game that is functional. There’s 0 pressure because its not even my Tinder lol. Also being able to detach from results has made all of this very easy for me.

So the girls department is now good. I don’t have any tangible results yet, but its only a matter of time. I’ve positioned myself between 3 likely candidates, and a few more who may or may not come through. If there wasn’t a whole pandemic going on I’m sure 1-2 of them would have hooked.

So within the month of running EmperorQ I went from frustrated sex life to having a tangible system and seeing results. Now that this is handled, I want to focus on much more important things.


My job isn’t that great but even though, I still find myself wanting to master it.

I have to spend 8+ hours a day there, so why not?

Also there’s other departments available to work in that I may be suited for. I’m going to master my job and get my boss on my side so I can move on to those positions with the highest recommendations.

Other than that I’ll be looking for a new job once this whole pandemic is over.

Personal Projects

At work today I basically imagined two products I could make within a very short period of time and sell. I’ve never done this, but I do know how it works, so I’m going to try it.

One of the products is basically 50% complete, I just never finished it. A really big obstacle for me was always anxiety and shame in this department.

“I shouldn’t teach this, there’s someone way better at this than me.” Or really digging in at my biggest flaws to show why I shouldn’t, but none of that is there right now. This just seems like a very fun side project for me, in two areas I have an interest in and know I could benefit people. Easy.

Inner Circle

My friend is interested in programming and has been doing 1-2 hrs a day on top of having a family and work. He’s always talking about it, how he sees his life becoming so much better when he finally gets the job he wants. I work with him and see him on my breaks and thats all he ever talks about.

I don’t like being at work, and probably never will, but as long as its still the most consistent source of income, I might as well make something interesting and get paid doing it.

So I’m starting my programming journey as I feel that the universe is pushing me and it makes the most sense. When I think of programming, rather than thinking of doom and gloom like I used to (lots of math that I’m not good at, I’m not naturally talented, etc) I actually feel excited.


I forgot to mention:

I’ve been witness to some healing that started on EmperorQ and intensified on StarkQ.

What has happened is that I’ll be relaxing and energy will start moving across my body, particularly in my pelvis/psoas muscles. This is where the body stores traumas and I wake up feeling like I did a full round of TRE, an exercise designed to eliminate trauma from the body.

I’m not sure what the hell is going on, except I feel great. This has been happening every night so far and I sleep soundly for 10+ hrs.


Haven’t updated much because there wasn’t much to update.

I’m thinking about making a major decision: quitting my job.

There’s been 2 weeks of intermittent frustration with my managers.

Today, 12 minutes before I was supposed to leave work, I began writing down some thoughts so I wouldn’t forget them when I went home. My manager has been waiting to find me off task, and she came by today and asked me why I hadn’t asked her if there was more work. Then she told me to go file papers, and said “and I’ll be taking this!” with the notebook in hand, in front of all my coworkers.

Like… why?

You’re easily 35 plus, what is this high school bullshit?

I was angry, as I should be, but I find it comforting how I was able to remain with the anger, feel it, but also act accordingly. Its been about an hour and I’m calm. This may have ruined my day before.

What I’m most waiting out on now is intuition.

Intuition has been a big part of this whole testing journey. I feel the same intuition that I felt that just led me to walking into the HR office for this job and walking out with a job, and I’ve felt it for a while.

If I do this, it will be one of the biggest decisions I’ve ever made simply because of the context and because I really wanted to perform well at my job. I pride myself on doing a good job, but I honestly don’t think there’s a place to do that here right now.

As far as finances go, I’m good until the end of June, with what I have right now. I’ll be expecting another paycheck next week, and if I’m not fired, maybe I’ll add a little something to it.

There’s a really good silver lining here in terms of change though that I believe will be very helpful and I’ll post about it next time.


I just realized that my managers began acting more aggressive towards me exactly the day I bought StarkQ. I need to be more aware of details like this, because they inform a lot of my daily experience.

A manager having a generally bad attitude is one thing.

Her reacting to me because of the subliminal I’m using is another.

There was an instance with another manager (we’ll call her L) where she wasn’t in the office during my second week of training and I wasn’t able to complete everything.

She came back and she was angry, which is understandable.

Except she just got more and more angry as days went on, so I got more and more angry.

Finally as she was nitpicking a paper, she said there was some error, and I grabbed it from her hand, said I would take care of it, walked over to my desk put it down and walked back to her. She became a lot more friendly after that, but that’s certainly not how I’d like to act.

So I’ll just need to find a way to communicate better with my current boss (M). Maybe there’s something we can speak about on Monday. That would be a lot more grown up than just quitting or arguing. I can take the weekend to compose myself and go in on monday and have a discussion.

If it goes bad… oh well. If it goes well, good.

I’m prepared for both outcomes.

That is most definitely a result of the subliminal.

I’ve been building, scrimping, saving and keeping the goal of not being able to be controlled by any one person or situation, just in time :stuck_out_tongue:


Although testing is now finished, I did want to post the last update.

Spoke to my manager yesterday. Calmly went into her office for on Monday and talked about things.

She seemed startled on entry. I don’t think she expected me to actually come talk to her.

I just remained calm and controlled the frame. She kept going off topic and did bring up firing once, I just shrugged and brought it back to the concrete behavior she exhibited that made me upset.

Some of the highlights were “I talk to everyone like that!” (You most certainly don’t lol)

“Oh okay, I understand you’re just sensitive” which is such bs lol. This is something people use when they don’t want to take responsibility.

I got my apology and a promise it wouldn’t happen again.

My manager spoke to my supervisor and I had a meeting with her as well. It seems they were on some good cop, bad cop shit and brought up some tardies they could technically use to fire me within my 90 day probation period, but she wouldn’t do that because “she likes me.”

Truthfully, if I left it’s unlikely they could find anyone to cover my position during this epidemic lol

I realized their game so I did play for her favor here and score some good boy points.

While I have the savings and did research for a temporary jobs I could likely get, I’d rather not leave during this situation, and I only wanted an apology and the promise it wouldn’t happen again.

Huge change for me.

Some previous likely options would be to come into work angry all the time, or just quit without trying to resolve things, or not have a concrete plan for resolving things and not getting what I want.

Not to mention the strength to standup to many authority figures or make a calculated move for my employment during a pandemic.

Thanks SubClub :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, because I’m such a nuisance, if I don’t get fired we’re talking about changing departments, so I may get a promotion/raise out of all this