[SOLO][AMASH] Honest Review of EmperorQ


Always a pleasure to read your detailed insights and observations. While I can’t say much because I don’t want to give away too much too early, I will day that you seem to be executing as intended :wink:


@AMASH - awesome to read of your developments with EmperorQ. Am still waiting to get mine in the downloads. Did you get a DM notifying you when EmperorQ was added to your account or did you just see it appear there?


@raphael same here. I haven’t felt teased like this since I had my last virgin marrocan girlfriend.


Some people received an email, I received a PM.


@KingR - LOL. Am using this time to run Khan ST1 Total Breakdown. That would be the best preparation for me.


@AMASH - thanks, man. Just asking to know. Don’t want to keep checking my account


You will receive a DM when it’s done. We have a lot of people applying, but I’m not seeing a lot of journals yet. So, I’m slowly making my way through the backlog of applicants and evaluating their journals and willingness to journal. This is slowing down approvals.

Remember, this is a public test — not just a free gift. Part of the things we’re observing is who will provide feedback, and they’ll be the ones who get access to the name embed test, private tests and future rewards.


@SaintSovereign - Cool👍


I encourage others to read this again.

The most valuable contribution people can make here is keeping a detailed journal: It inspires others, provides feedback to SC, and also lets those going through difficult times know they are not alone, we’re all doing this together, helping each other, being a community and a true family :slight_smile:


This doesn’t surprise me. Chances are those that haven’t been active on this site probably won’t journal much if at all, since it’s not actually important to them. They may honestly intend to when they apply, but it’ll be forgotten before long. Other stuff will take priority.


I am also waiting :slight_smile:


You will love EmperorQ, especially how much smarter it makes you!

I believe QL is a cornerstone part of EmperorQ, so I look forward to your journal and your learning progress thanks to it.


Exactly, I haven’t felt so happy for a long LONG time!

Even small problems give me now a reason to laugh, shrug, and think “it’s just how life is!” while on EV4, I would get too serious about it.

It’s a wonderful life :wink:


Similarly to how I felt when running Emperor v4 + Sanguine but then I still got those side effects of having those dark days where even Sanguine was not doing it.

Seems as if Fire really did his research when developing this new version of New Beginnings. Really feels like a new beginning to me :smile:


All I can say is for the commander supercharger is that it feels similar to an instant testosterone boost. There’s a large surge of inner power felt, mixed with a sense of potent self control.


Thats awsome because I want to run QL aswell as emperor, + daredevil for socializing but I thought it would be too much.
Soo glad I found this site from youtube, this stuff is pure genius!


Definitely feeling the inner power and self control. Not so conscious of the testosterone boost but that might just be because of the visualization and the voice actress.

Feeling a really strong sense of impenetrable inner self control.


Yes, I feel during that day off stuff going on in the background. The sub scripting getting processed and working its way onto my subconscious.

I recommend it. Actually, tomorrow will be a day off subs for me.


I’ll try it out and see how it goes. I usually just push through the sub and listen as much as I can.


Amash amazing journal already! Thrilled to be on this journey with you again this time.

I get the best results when I am taking two days off after like 1-2 weeks.