[SOLO][AMASH] Honest Review of EmperorQ


@friday, I was thinking of you!

You DEFINITELY should test EmperorQ. It’s like the next level to Khan ST4.

Trust me on this one, and you’ll thank me later, and of course, keep a great journal here, as usual.


I am :wink: [SOLO] Friday's EmperorQ Awakening

I have a good feeling about that.


Day 3: (Day OFF)

  • I can feel my subconscious still processing things, very good!
  • Unlimited energy, I LOVE IT! I can only imagine if I switched from OMAD to KETO diet now, I would be a superman! Keto boosts my energy, and if I’m starting at this with EmperorQ, wow!
  • Brain buzzing with focus and energy. Sometimes, my brain works so fast that I can’t even keep up with all the ideas. I think QuantumLimitless is in EmperorQ, definitely.
  • I feel a drive to only eat healthy food and stay hydrated.
  • I’m MUCH smarter than usual. I’m learning Russian, which is a very difficult language. And today, I was doing vocabulary flashcards, and the answers were always on the tip of my tongue, and I literally made 0 mistakes, which is unusual, although I normally do very well with 3-4 mistakes in 30 minutes of study. Today, 0 mistakes!
  • There is a background of connectedness with the universe, about 20%. I think it’s the Alchemist scripting that I feel running.
  • I woke up to find that people in Quora upvoted some of my answers so much that I had one answer recommended to 12,000 people, and another answer sent to 100,000 people! I help people there for free, it’s to share knowledge in the world, so there is no revenue out of this, but it’s good to see my contribution appreciated so much, and to see that message as soon as I woke up in the morning.
  • When I walk, I have that sexy masculine playful swag of Khan, rather than the serious Army General walk of Emperor. I prefer it.

=> I love this positivity of EmperorQ, it’s like a turbocharged Sanguine! I haven’t felt this good and happy since I used Primal + Sanguine!

Other notes:

  • After 6 loops of EmperorQ, I seem to suddenly feel my brain tired and in need of a nap. It may mean 6 loops is the optimal number, or it could be the early light reconciliation that comes with getting used to a new sub. Time will tell.
  • Since running EmperorQ, I need to sleep 1h more at night. Again, this is still the beginning.
  • My body is mildly sore today, as if I had a workout yesterday when I didn’t. Does EmperorQ have some parts of Emperor Fitness?


That’s just awesome, @AMASH. You are the perfect candidate since you do take optimum action to show such results.

Am also wondering whether Emperor Fitness is in EmperorQ since if it is, I would just run EmperorQ instead of stacking it with Emperor Fitness. But since the whole point of this test is to give feedback, it is possible that we will know the answer only later.

I must add that after doing Khan ST1 Total Breakdown for two days, I did have a similar ache in the body. Wonder if it is reconciliation.


It might be! Did you get similar aches with Emperor Fitness?


@AMASH - no. But then I was running ST1 of Emperor Fitness which is more focused on the healing and sleep side (which actually works since I felt very restful each time I woke up).

Maybe we would feel aches during ST2 onwards since are those more focused on weight-loss, muscle building and physical shifting.


Is it sore all over or in a specific area?


Pectorals, Shoulders and Biceps.


@AMASH, reading your journal gets me thinking about EQ. It’s the masculinity part which stays with me mostly, the assurance of knowing I’m on the right path. (I’m still on EOG :slight_smile: )

And to be truthful, it’s more the positivity which draws me in. One can label anything good or bad, but reading your enthusiastic replies is really beneficial. Thanks for the honest sharing.


Thank you for the very kind words @subliminalguy

I appreciate your comments :slight_smile:


Same here. My triceps we’re sore and I didn’t go to the gym… Strange.


@AMASH, @Hermit - since you guys mentioned areas of the body that are usually mentioned in workouts, it definitely feels like EmperorQ has a Subliminal Gym component in it. Possibly muscle building.

Wonder if it has fat burning.


I can’t say for sure as this might just be coincidence. I’ll be going to the gym tomorrow, if parts of EF are in there, I will notice them without a doubt.

Will be noting down all of it in my journal.


Time, and our collective brains journalling, will flesh out all the answers, I am sure :wink:


An observing mind with neutral self reflection in combination with time will explain all.


Are you using Anki? If not, I highly recommend it. You need to tweak the settings, download some addons but if you figure it out it is PHENOMENAL.


Of course :wink:

And thank you for the suggestion!


If it is this powerful it could give me my super-cool mind-cinema AKA eidetic memory-ability back.
A shame I can’t try it out now aaaaah!
Sounds like you have a lot of fun though


Anki? What is that?


It’s an app, here is more info: