[SOLO][AMASH] Honest Review of EmperorQ


Day 4:

  • I had a dream about approaching girls, and that I will be happier finding girls I have chemistry with, rather than doing things to get girls who have a medium level of interest.
  • I woke up a bit earlier than yesterday, but feel worn out, drained, like I did heavy work during sleep, even though I did not listen to EmperorQ yesterday. This is before I began running EmperorQ today. After running EmperorQ, a surge of energy and focus took over me.
  • EmperorQ brings back to the surface happy memories. While Emperor v4 kept reminding me of embarrassing, traumatic and negative moments from the past.
  • Someone tried to tell me what to do. Normally, I ignore this and go on with my life. But today I defended by views and decisions. Still, I consider this a waste of time, because people who try to tell others what to do have no intention or desire to change their own minds, they do it for another reason: They want the temporary high of feeling superior to someone else. So it’s not possible to argue with them, because the “truth” is not their aim, their aim is to be right no matter what. Still, I had a slightly higher baseline of aggressiveness than usual.
  • I feel a huge drive to do what I want to do, rather than what I “have to” do, if that makes sense. Then, suddenly, I felt in the right mood to do what I had to do, as if I have wanted to do it then and there. Which is good and productive!
  • It was effortless for me to not eat unhealthy food even when it is available, and choose salads and white meats and fruits every time.
  • Today was Top 3 most productive days in 2020, so far. I did high value work, and spent less time on low value activities that seemed essential before.


Can relate, @AMASH. And when your personality is becoming more vivid and shining, usually more such people appear. In NLP there is interesting pre-supposition that: “the aim of communication is the effects it elicits”. I.e. if a person says something which induces negative response then the real aim of saying that was to induce negative response :slight_smile:

Truth is something which should delivered with love. Otherwise, it is a form of violence.


This is so true @AMASH and you have put this beautifully.


I appreciate your perspectives @Dmitry and @rajeshwer :slight_smile:


Day 5:

  • Alternating between moments of high lethargy where I have to use a lot of willpower to move forward, and moments of high natural productivity. As a long time user of subs here, I’m used to this part, although it’s not my favorite. I developed the willpower to work even when I feel limp with reconciliation tiredness. It’s interesting that reconciliation here is more physical, feeling a heaviness in my body, rather than emotional, like painful memories jumping at me or strong negative emotions like Emperor v4 did.

  • Tired and energized at the same time. Which is normal when beginning a new sub, until the acclimation period finishes.

  • I was not feeling positive when I woke up, but the positive vibes began as soon as I played the first loop of EmperorQ.

  • Continuing to eat healthy. Not even coffee is attractive to me right now.
    => EmperorQ definitely causes a change in diet. So my tiredness can be somewhat caused as well by caffeine withdrawal.

  • Got more energy after playing some loops of EmperorQ. I also feel less resistance to smoothly doing all that is on my todo.

  • My to-do is ambitious. I expect 1 or 2 items to be left undone at the end of the day. Today, I finished ALL that is in my To-Do, and I finished it 30 minutes before I normally end my work day.

  • Someone contacted me on LinkedIn interested in doing a business deal with me. I haven’t spoken to this person in 15 years, so manifestation is right at work here. It’s good.

  • A quote that touched me today:


I noticed I was getting mentally fatigued at around the 10-11 hour mark. This is due to NB?


Day 6 (DAY ON, first day using the Hotfix):

  • Woke up early, it was effortless.

  • Felt a natural drive to eat healthy. Even though I have junk food easily at reach. Although I feel hungrier than usua.

  • Began using the new EmperorQ hotfix. A bit of a headache on the first loop that stopped at the second, and a warm feeling all over my body.

  • Feeling focused and productive, no mental fog.

  • Happy and laughing for no specific reason. It’s good!

  • I don’t remember my dreams.

  • My libido on EmperorQ is higher than on Emperor v4, but less than on Khan.

  • Feeling that the most important thing in life is to contribute to the lives of others.

  • During my coaching with my clients, I am able to connect with their “soul” and know exactly what they need. This has increased beyond the normal level.

  • For some reason, this song keeps playing in my head:


Looking forward to your transformation on emperor q


This is one of my favorite subs honestly now. Even if it’s a experimental one


On these subs sometimes I find my unconscious will repeat a song if it’s meaning is relevant to my experience or if the lyrics pertain to something going on


Thank you @Druclair. Are you considering moving to Emperor after Khan, or stay with Khan for the foreseeable future?

I agree. It surpassed Primal for me, a fantastic sub!

Yes, I am a firm believer in deeper meanings. That is why I posed a lyrics video of the song, and not a video clip. But the part I repeat the most in my head is “I love my life!” Which isn’t really a guiding message :smile:


I was planning on doing Khan for the next six months atleast.I already have emperor,haven’t listened to it yet.
Emperor q is tempting so i want to test it while i am still on khan.I do not want to pause khan,so i will be running a few loops.


Day 7 (Day ON):

  • Woke up a bit later than I wanted, but earlier than the first days of EmperorQ.

  • Someone tried to guilt and shame me today, in real life, but I was completely indifferent. I knew I was on my purpose, so whatever they said and their opinion does not matter.

  • Deeper Zen Meditation.

  • A calm productive energy throughout the day.

  • Normally, noise from the outside bothers me when I am working (This is also why I use Ultrasonic and not Masked). But I noticed today that I was focused and productive and barely noticed any noise that might come from outside.

  • I am more aware of my body language when standing, and naturally stand straight.

  • Much faster ability to assimilate knowledge.

  • I published 2 podcast episodes today on iTunes, a total of about 1h30, to continue building the Business Podcast I have launched. A productive day indeed.

  • I know I had dreams, but I cannot remember any of them. I could remember almost every night with ev4.

  • I leave you all with this, so we can all mediate on it, together:


I get this on daily basis now, funny, I get back to them playfully. Completely relaxed, and seems like all of their words just get dissolved in my I don’t give a fuck attitude.

Truly brilliant, what say you?


I see the funniest thing is when I truly don’t care about people’s attacks, and it just destabilizes them to see a human being so un-reactive.

But I really have no time for negativity or to be sucked into arguments. And it seems to shock other people when I don’t fall into their traps.


Day 8 (Day OFF):

  • Insomnia last night, brain is buzzing and doesn’t want to shut down. Woke up early though.

  • Feeling centered, one with the universe.

  • Hungrier than usual, but steered towards healthy food choices.

  • My brain is working faster. I can almost feel the neural pathways firing when I think, learn, or work. It’s an electric sensation.

  • The day passes too fast on EmperorQ. I wish it passed slower, so that I don’t feel life going on fast.

  • Very productive day helping good people. Normally, I feel drained at the end of the day, but I felt totally refreshed and going strong.

  • A great video I saw today:


If you’re looking for a great motivational book, go ahead. If you look for actual instructions, don’t waste your time.
I’ve read it back then because I was curious aswell and got disappointed. There were some interesting points here and there but most of it was just motivational speaking, you could say it is a very American book haha. But I can imagine maybe this is the way the talk in the army and that’s why he uses this language so often because there are alot of memories attached to it.

Btw the book you recommended me “Ready, Fire, Aim” really is a gem. I am not very far yet but it looks very entertaining and promising. Thanks for the recommendation


You are welcome, I appreciate the kind words :slight_smile:

If at some point in your journal you can share with everyone a few of the great lessons you found there, I think our whole community will benefit, and it will reinforce the lessons in your own mind.


Day 9 (Day ON):

  • Insomnia last night, my brain keeps working.

  • Woke up at the time I wanted to. My eyes opened up naturally.

  • Found out I lost more than a pound since I’ve started EmperorQ. I actively tried to maintain my weight this week, to eat more, because my goal is maintenance right now. Yet, lost weight.

  • Deeper Zen meditation.

  • A feeling of being centered in the universe, optimism, and positivity.

  • Enjoying being productive, rather than getting moments of “going through the motions”.

  • Spent time clarifying my goals, my values, and exactly what I want. Clarity is one of the most powerful attributes a human being can build.

  • Whenever distractions come up, I autoamtically think: “I don’t have time for this. Now, back to progressing on my goals…”

  • Quote of the day:


Those results seem pretty much identical to the results you reported yesterday and the day before. Is it that you experience the “same” results even more profound than the last time reported? E.g When you wrote “deeper zen meditation” on day 7 and on day 9, is the zen meditation on day 9 deeper than on day 7 or just in comparison to your normal meditation before EQ? Also, I am curious how much more? 1%? 10%?