[SOLO][AMASH] Honest Review of EmperorQ


Thank you @friday :slight_smile:

They are not as identical as one would think reading your comment, although there are some repeating threads.

Whatever I report it means there is a difference compared to the days before. Whatever I notice, I report.

About the difference in meditation depth, it can’t be quantified with 1% or 10% or whatever. Whatever depth I am able to reach at my current level of growth and liberation, I am able to reach that longer and more consistently. Before, it might happen for 2 minutes during a full meditation session, and some days I can’t even reach that at all. But now, it’s much longer and easier to reach that depth, and I can notice that.


Day 10 (Day ON):

  • I remember some of my dreams. What is unusual is: I was not an active participant in the dreams I had at night. I was watching them, and being a narrator, telling myself the lessons that those dreams have for me.

  • Normally, I should take today OFF. But I feel EmperorQ is not that hard to handle. So it’s an ON day.

  • In a reconciliation mood today. Body feeling having, needing to be dragged to be productive. Still, I show up. No excuses.

  • I feel that the energy moving through my chakras during the day is balanced. While in Emperor v4, it was a wave of chaotic flow that was not very nourishing.

  • For those wondering why am I not posting more “detailed” things. It is because I’m trying what I noticed Saint recommended here, to keep the details in an offline journal. This one here is for observations of changes.

  • Low tolerance for time-wasters, both people and distracting activities.

  • Naturally process oriented, rather than result oriented. That’s how it should be.

  • Very productive day, but it just feels like Flow, not a grind.

  • Quote of the day:
    “As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.” – Rumi


@AMASH what is a hot fix?


You can find more info here :slight_smile:


Day 11 (Day ON):

  • Extreme insomnia. A second wind just as soon as I got into bed. I barely slept last night. My brain was buzzing with great ideas and my body filled with energy wanting to implement then ASAP. I’m impatient to begin haha

  • Even when reconciliation is happening, I don’t feel the emotional “shakiness” that Emperor v4 or even Khan ST4 created. I feel centered. It’s a feeling that would be similar to the “Spiritual Alpha” that The Alchemist is said to create.

  • I had a breakthrough and a brilliant business idea, and I am working on it now non stop. I have known some things all along, but now they connected to each other and make sense in a way they did not before!

  • A weird schizophrenia during the day where I can go from elation to almost crying for no apparent reason. From high productivity to total lethargy and heaviness. It’s not “unpleasant” though as it was with Emperor v4. There is a surrender to the process of growth.

  • A great video I highly recommend:


Subliminal’s reprogram our self-identity, the thinking voice in our head. I have found Emperor especially to bring my lots of new business ideas and opportunities, these are manifestations. If I were to implement and take action on each one of them I could of started at least 20 businesses by now. But there’s only so much time in a day and I like to focus on one business.

@AMASH, does this bother your sleep? I know exactly what you mean, your mind going in overdrive thinking and thinking on different ideas and how you’re going to implement them and then more thinking lol.

That voice thinking isn’t actually you, it’s the intelligent program which we call our ego or self-identity. But we ourselves are a form of pure consciousness, awareness. Thinking as we know it happens by the ego it’s not our true selves, from our true selves we can obtain inner knowledge. But it’s different, it’s a knowing, not a thinking to know.

Try this out.


Thank you @Hermit

Day 12: Day OFF

I don’t have much to report today, not because it was a boring day, it’s the total opposite.

I’ve felt pushed to create a full funnel to test a new business idea I had and that EmperorQ had been tormenting me to implement through many many sleepless nights.

I woke up, and have been productive for 8 hours now, ate nothing, but created everything, and actually surprised myself with how good it turned out to be.

And now, I unleashed it onto the wild, to the real world, and I’ll see how the results will be.

I chose to take a day off from EmperorQ to let it process and for things to take shape. But this day is probably as productive as 2 weeks of hard work.

And it passed in a Flow state. Those 8 hours feel like 8 seconds. But now my back is killing me from sitting all day and working on my laptop. So I’ll leave you guys to continue being amazed, and I’ll go grab a bite and relax a bit, later on I’ll be reading a good book.

I can’t stay idle :wink:


Wow that’s exactly what I want from running Emperor. Amazing results @AMASH!

By the way, have you ever tried Melatonin? I tried it out three days ago and had perfect sleep! I am falling asleep within 3 mins and am well rested. Much more energy throughout the day. 0,5 mg is enough for me to see those effects.


Thank you for the advice @friday, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

In my country, Melatonin is prescription medication that can only be purchased based on a doctor’s Rx.

P.S. My neck is really stiff and painful. Nothing really could have caused this except another form of reconciliation. Where early on my biceps and shoulders hurt, now the left side of my neck is stiff.

Just sharing my experiences. Because I’m so used to reconciliation, such things don’t alarm me at all.


Even in low doses such as 0,5 mg?
Consider seeing a doctor as he will prescribe it to you for sure. It is well worth the effort.

If all that doesn’t work, let’s exchange information and I will write you a RX :wink:


The off days actually seem to be a catalyst, allowing the programming to settle in and express itself. I didn’t experience this effect so obviously on any other sub.


I used to pander hours if not days on the side effects of the so-called “bad days”. Now, I think I’ve got my confirmation bias on why it works and how it works, in this thread postings. Nevertheless, I am having a solid confident rush of triumph with the EV4, it’s indeed one of the greatest invention alive in the realm of subliminal.

In regards to EV5 - namely the EmperorQ, I haven’t had much say in it because I am not in the testing group. Yet, if EV4 can dealt so much of a positive consequence in my world, I dare vouch that the upcoming release would eventually supersede the prior. Business, wealth, relationship and health are all in tact, in short summary: Perfect condition.


Can’t comment much on the effects of EmperorQ, but I must say, I’ve to agreed wholeheartedly on this particular statement of yours in regards to the EV4’s reconciliation. Initially, I thought it was a minor occurrence, but heck the moments of tribulations from the past hits the weak spots meticulously.


Pain in the neck is almost always due to tense hamstrings. Fix your hamstrings, and thank me later.


Thank you everyone!

Today was an ON day, and at some level, I wish I had taken a second day OFF, to let my subconscious process even more of EmperorQ.

I don’t have time to report much, there is a Coronavirus panic in my area, everyone is emptying the supermarkets, so I gotta build a stock at home too in case shelves get empty.

Today was a good day, but the days OFF seem to be catalysts and moments of real results. Maybe we should go for a pattern of 1 day ON, 1 day OFF, or 3 days ON, 2 days OFF, for maximum processing of this sub.

To be continued!


Yup, the public begins to understand the gravity of the situation.
Wish you all the best, stay safe brother


Going forward I’ll be taking Wednesdays and weekends off. So 2 on, 1 off, 2 on, 2 off. Repeat.

12 hours per day on the on days.


Is there any instruction to take days off? I just listen every day


Oh man, today I felt sleepy all day, the day passed in a haze, but I still was at 70% of max productivity.

I like that @bujin agrees with my suggestion. I definitely see this is the way to day:

  • Monday: Listen during the day
  • Tuesday: Listen during the day
  • Wednesday: OFF
  • Thursday: Listen during the day
  • Friday: Listen during the day
  • Saturday: OFF
  • Sunday: OFF

I think this is the best path forward with EmperorQ.

EmperorQ feels pleasant, but it sneaks up on you with its power. It definitely requires adequate rests!


Yeah, I have also been very sleepy since I started using it.
More rest days seem to be the best way in general with all subliminals to let the subconscious do its job