[SOLO] EmperorQ testingg


day 5:mid-day

  • Social: I have got major gains in this section. In conversation, I am very calm and assertive. I am also more direct at expressing my views even if they are conflicting. My eye contact is the best it has ever been naturally. My voice isnt as deep as in Ev4 but I am much more aggressive if the situation demands it. Anywhere I go, I walk like I own the place, and eventually I do end up owning it too.

  • Mood: I feel irritated mostly while playing EQ. Its the most annoying when I am idol. There was a sweet surge of positive energy in me on the 1st day making me love life but I dont get that much now.
    I also sleep for long hours having dreams which seem very much real until I wake up.


I noticed that my voice is actually deeper on EmperorQ than on Emperor v4.

On Primal and Emperor v1, it was the deepest.

Do you take a day off every now and then? I find that this helps a lot with irritation.

Also, are you using EmperorQ or EmperorQa?


Awesome. That’s the best feeling in the world.

Does it happen everywhere? What’s your experience in more familiar places (home, relatives, workplace, etc.)? Just asking because I’m having different experiences at the moment, based on the familiarity of the place I’m going. :slight_smile:


Technically, no. I dont think that’s possible and I dont want that to happen eighter.

According to the people, I handle the situation differently. Again, not because of any kind of need but some of these old people cant really handle the status increase and unknowing manage to put me down successfully.

So, in events involving mostly strangers,acquaintances and peers, I let things flow as naturally as they can. I dont try, at all. So people see a carefree ENTP coming up with excitingly dangerous plans to kill his boredom and they dig it.

With the “old people”[people who validate my previously low status image, thus promting me to act like that]
I use commander right before everytime I hang with them to get the job done as I found it is extremely effective for this purpose. It gives me the right kind of aggression to deal with people knowingly or unknowingly putting me down.


Thanks for your comment @Rapsta.

So you aren’t noticing significant differences in your attitude, based on the familiarity of the people to whom you interact whith?


I wasn’t aware of this thanks @AMASH.

Qa now. Lets see how this beast plays out :eyes:


Oh no I am. I am more open and effortlessly blowing past the small talk.


Day 6
running EQa:loops-9

A very tiring day for some reason. Had 8 hours of sleep yesterday but was still tired when I woke up.


  • This beast right here is literally forcing me to change my lifestyle(in a good way). I have stopped using my phone and I keep it switched in my wardrobe. I have made a rule to use it if and only if I have no other choice to do what I want to do, that doesn’t happen very often. There is great aversion towards the phone naturally.

  • Nofap day? I don’t even feel the need to keep count. I am certain I am not gonna do it again ever.

  • I notice compassion in me for people now which I previously didnt during ev4. Happens by itself and I sense people liking it. I am more confident than I have ever been ever. My voice is getting deeper again aswell.

  • I connected the dots and realized that EQ here is pushing me towards my ideal lifestlye and how I imagined it to be, making me experience life fully.
    A healthy body well fed with nutritious food and a healthy mind free from the suffocating grip of tech.
    Junk food, smoking, the phone I feel great disinterest in them. The irregularly large amounts of sleep is the only thing that hasnt changed and need to be worked on.

  • I have also gained strength and mass quicker than normal. My jaw is sharper now, because of better posture i believe. My posture and eating habits have gotten cleaner fairly effortlessly.


Day 9: morning

Felt a jolt of euphoria when I woke up. Its like I am on NZT. Lets see how far it can reach. Gonna Have intense study sessions today. Adding bl and modafinil in the process


Have you ever been? :smirk:

Joking aside, try to see how much your memory and focus etc improved. Would be interested in that. You never ran Quantum Limitless, right?


I did, for a bit. Started Q later.


Crazy crazy changes in the past 2 days.

I had CSE final exam yesterday which I brutully knocked out. I studied 1 day before it and it was quite infact impossible but with some techniques and pure luck, I aced it.

I had been inside my house for the last 10 days. finally got out yesterday and saw very interesting results:-

  • I am very calm when I move, walk, talk. My body moves like its underwater.
  • I am very open to strangers. I also reply on my own terms everytime. Dont see any need to please anyone.
  • The alpha mindset similer to Ev4 is back except this time I am more humble and warm rather than being cold as I was.


Day 11

feeling very action oriented today. Got a lot work done as well. I like it. might be the first time since the start of EQ where I am feeling this. I was exhausted and tired previously and slept for HOURS.

My mind has been hatching out many solid ideas to get my tasks done all the while making the activities much fun.

About yesterday, I had a big argument with my family members. It Started off dumb. Their overreaction and coming to conclusions from their misunderstanding of the situation feuled it. Ok not a huge deal, happens every now and then. Earlier I used to show them where their logic doesn’t make sense but sometimes they used to get it, sometimes they didn’t, then I stopped completely after realising they wont ever get it. Yesterday I started asking questions. And as I presumed, they had no answer. They just thought they were “right” and obviously much superior.
I didn’t hold back this time. I was always direct and straightforward about things but yesterday I couldn’t tolerate it. Dont get me wrong, I was calm, very calm but I responded to all their fuzzy logic and cleared the air. I don’t think it had much effect on them. They just want to win. Its crazy what lenghts people go too to satisfy their ego. My main reason for talking was to make sure these dumb things dont pop up again and I lost. Even their gesture of calling it truce is to make themselves feel superior and eventually win, not changing a damn thing the next day. :man_facepalming:t2:
Other than that, I handled it better yesterday, not letting things/people get out of control.


Jump to day 23:
Had a bike accident some days ago. Thankfully nothing major. I was wearing the right gear which is odd because I never wear that, god knows what might have happened without it. Minor cuts here and there. But my forearm, biceps, triceps and upper back muscles still pain a little.

I wasn’t able to listen to subs during this time.

Currently self-quarantined and back on playing.


Also after starting EQ yesterday, i feel VERY frustrated. And usually pissed off over small things. There is a feeling of hopelessness.

My guess is this is reconciliation. But I am not totally sure. Maybe its lack of doing things that I find fullfilling aswell.
I am not in shape to work out and I am currently doing pretty much nothing which really infuriates me. I have also noticed more instances of cognitive decline lately.


Added starkQ, had to. I am an ENTP thats why.
Also because I have got a lot of learning to do right now. Exams been postponed for somemonths. Gives me ample time to top it all and gain some clout.


Day 2-(SQ+EQ)

This is a difficult stack.

Yesterday I saw swift change in intelligence. Smarter ideas and the good stuff.
And Today I have been hit with the good old reconciliation. Same shit Everything seeming unbearable and what not.


Day 3

Nothing major until now. Still feel that Reconciliation hasn’t ended.


Day 4:

The good:

  • Last night I created well a thought out plan of how to achieve my goals. I myself was impressed by it.
  • Uncanny interest in my fields and I am getting automatic ideas of turning that into profit.
  • Knowledge hungry towards these subjects. I feel like I can go on for ever. Feel a strong need to master these topics. I feel really confident about mastering it. I feel like its slowly turning into an obsession.
  • Had a VERY vivid dream which invoked an emotional response when I woke up. The dream itself didnt make sense.
  • Extreme intolerance for time wasting activities.

The bad(more accurately, the inconvenient)

  • frequent Restlessness and frustration. It gets crazy unbearable. The tranquility from EQ seems to have dissappeared, for now. The stack hits me HARD if I fuck around.
  • I have been taking everything at heart lately. I have always been calm and collected but I go dicaprio for dumb reasons everytime now and I get the feeling that something is wrong. the frustration fuels it up.
  • overthinking,General annoyance towards everything for no particular reason.

I believe 90% of the invconvinient comes from inaction.


Removing starkQ. back to testing EQ now