[SOLO] EmperorQ testingg


How come?.


I’m feeling the same with StarkQ. I will be 4 days off. I will try to have StarkQ 24h/4 days to destroy this terrible reconciliation.


Or, do the opposite. Drop down to 1-2 loops/day.


1-2 loops only? Really? Less is more with Q?
I bought many Subs that recently were update to Q.
What will happen if we stack them like
2 StarkQ
2 EmpQ
2 MogulQ
This playlist once per day is only 7 hours.
Less is more with Q, or it’s only temptation?
Could the list above be more effective since we’re upgraded, or it’s simply overloading?


Question is how powerful is the new q versions compared to the old ones


I’m going to be honest. Not quite sure. Just know that Q is insanely powerful. I only run one or two loops of Blue Skies per day because it’s that potent. Now, that could also be the subject matter that’s causing such a reaction, but still. Q is strong.

If you stop getting results, or get strong reconciliation, cut back and adjust as necessary.


Thanks for your honest answer! Hopefully, we gonna see how SC create the revolution in subliminal market.