[SOLO] Friday's EmperorQ Awakening


Day 6: (doubling the listening time + masked)

  • I rescheduled my job to have my morning free to work on my personal goals. I could easily motivate myself to start with my project instead of procrastinating first. However, after breakfast, I ended up watching YT videos, which lead to me doing 65% of what would have been possible.

  • Therefore I had much more exposure to the subliminal than in the last days. In addition to that, I played one loop of masked before work. While playing the masked track, I was looking through Whatsapp profile pictures… I noticed that a lot of my old friends got a boyfriend/girlfriend right now, which gave me one the one side a sad and one the other side an angry feeling: “WTF even those “normal chodes” to end up with a gf”, “How come you do not have one?”, “Why are you still standing in your way?”. I wasn’t beating myself down but rather accepting the truth. At the moment, it felt like New Beginnings is doing its work.

  • I was more tired than usual with less energy and clarity of mind. I have trouble remembering some easy things, which I just can’t recall when I need. For example, for three days I want to ask a specific question here on the forum. Every day on my way to work I suddenly recall it, but when I am at home / online, I just can’t remember (right now I can’t recollect again). However, I do feel QL in the Emperor scripting as I found some new solutions for a learning problem today. Ql just might be asked by the fact that my subconscious gets bombarded with subliminal messages, making my brain very tired.

  • I am now giving real commands, what I want people to do: “Hey, you have to go with me to X”, even to superiors.

  • I went out of my comfort zone again, tackling my fear in one very specific (but rather irrelevant) field. Again and again, An job activity which I feared, now became one of my specialities. I am realizing that the biggest thing that is holding me back in the real areas that count is not a lack of listening time but a lack of trying, failing and action-taking.

  • When I am doing something, I want to do it properly. There was a situation today, where a colleague proposed to do something for me I did not finish so that I can leave because" I worked so hard today". I denied and did the demanding task anyway. If I do something, I will do it properly and finish it. Superiors are taking notice of my high work efforts.

  • There were times today, where my social skills were lacking, where I was jibbering nonsense silently while there were other times where my statements were one point giving a lot of energy and changing people’s emotional state to a better one.

  • I left my workplace with a tired and fulfiled, and a somewhat angry feeling. I knew what I want in life, what I want to experience. I was thinking about my future career and how bright it was, picturing myself flying in a helicopter as a highly professional medical doctor. I was blasting some Emperors music & EQ masked and walked in a very EMperor style like with a nice swagger. I felt that some people on the street even feared me just by how I walk and present myself. I was thinking again about my future when a new thought appeared in my mind. I was thought NOW IS THE TIME to finally attack my problems and NOW IS THE TIME to finally being done being held back. A rise in motivation and energy surfaced.

  • I am becoming more and more self-sufficient. There was a situation where I wanted to call my superior and ask what to do. Immediately I knew that I have to decide and make my own decisions.

  • I am ready to fight for what I stand for every time - but in a not-douchy, friendly but firm way. I don’t need to WIN or show how amazing or dominant I am, I just want to express myself so that there are wrong understandings.

  • I am not lasting as long as on Khan, where I felt more control over my ejaculation. That’s very clearly, which is a pity as I wanted to last even longer than on Khan. Right now, I am going back…

  • Feeling an unpleasant sensation in my neck and when I move my head I experience pain like a very short headache - might be nothing or a result of the subliminal.

  • I am receiving more and more compliments each day.

  • Seeing numbers like 1919, 2121, 1111 as often as on its peak on Khan St4.

  • No dreams I can remember today. The longest period of not remembering my dreams for a long time.


Day 7: (Day off, without any subliminal listening)

  • My mind isn’t so tired anymore and I have a clearer perception than the days before. I did not forget things that often and my memory improved like it was after 3 months of Ql.

  • Again, I went out of my comfort zone at work today. But furthermore, I am taking more responsibility and have more confidence in what I do at work.

  • I got pissed off easily when my (extra) work wasn’t worshipped. I felt like wasting my time. Or when I explained something that seems to be very clear for me and the other one just did not get it. (Also, had a feeling of ‘this is wasting my time’)

  • It is Saturday, which meant that I actually didn’t need to go to work. Still, I decided to do so today and will so tomorrow to work off and have extra time later.

  • Social skills are developing to the maximum. When I see the patients, I know how to make sure they are happy and satisfied.

  • More and more compliments… I even got some extra cash today for being so helpful and friendly.

  • I determine when I come and go. Today, I left my work 3 hours earlier by asking if there was more to do and then stating that I will leave now. Also, I told my superior that I will leave earlier tomorrow if there is nothing to do instead of wasting my time by just sitting around and waiting. I don’t ask for permission, I state what I want to do and if there is a problem, I will stand my ground and discuss it. Still, everyone thanked me for coming and doing my job.

  • While I am very happy with my behaviour at work, I am hating my unproductivity when I come back home and should do the important stuff like learning medicine, a new language or my seduction mindsets and skills. I coming home, and I always lay down and end up watching YT videos. Then every day I masturbate but instead of watching porn I end up watching trailers with clickbait titles and boobs and sexy ladies. This takes like 30-40 mins every day. I am just fed up with that at this point. I hate that. I was more productive when running Ql and while I studied for my exam. But now I don’t need to study so I am just falling back in that bad habit. On EmperorQ I get really angry about that…

  • Today, I woke up and tried to remember my dreams. The only thing I can recall is that I was thinking/dreaming about my work. I was experiencing my work in my mind doing my usual tasks.


Day 8:

  • I was taking Melatonin yesterday and HURRA :partying_face:, I can finally remember my dreams! My dream themes were all about Negotiations, and how I am negotiating benefits for my own interest. I was travelling with my best buddy (as I did 2 weeks ago). We happened to be in a shop where I socialized with the owner. We never met before but we had great chemistry because I was being very social. He then decided to give us the piece we wanted to buy for 50$ instead of 150$.
    Another dream was that we were still travelling but now we sat down in a restaurant. The waiter came and was a total douche. I can’t remember the details but the important point was that I told him to get his boss. The owner of the place came, apologized and we had some great banter and everything was fine. Again, finding ways to get what I want. Later, we then walked around and I told my friend where to go. I said “Let’s go where the sun is”. I was the leader.
    And the last dream was about my work. I had this kind of dream yesterday too. I was with a patient measuring his vital parameters. In this dream, I am just processing what I did the day before or even “training” and “learning” how to measure in my dreams. The only weird thing was that instead of measuring temperature for example, I found out that the person was listening to Limitless. It was kind of a shock, as I thought: Why is he still listening to Limitless and not to QL?
    It is definitely no coincidence that I had such dream themes but it is certainly a result of Emperor. Also, no wonder that I don’t remember my dreams so well, they aren’t really emotionally evoking. My dreams are more “like real life” where I am executing the Emperor scripting.

  • I did not run Emperor for the first half of the day making it 1 1/2 days without listening to subliminals. I definitely had less energy at work today, I would say around 50% less. However, my mind is much clearer than while I was listening to EQ. I would describe it like after a good night’s rest. Whereas while listening to EQ, I feel like I slept 2 hours less without changing my sleeping length.

  • I really bonded with a high-value co-worker today. In the end, she was often looking for my approval after saying something e.g making a joke or telling a story. Not only her, but also my boss subconsciously looked at how I reacted to certain things she said. It felt good to be the centre of attention.

  • My boss noticed my increased work dedication.

  • I was ready to really tell a patient who misbehaved that she acted like a bitch and must not do so. (Of course with other words) However, she apologized furiously so I did not do it and was friendly.

  • My co-worker gave me a really big compliment today. Actually, she told me one three times today. It wasn’t something like “Your work is good” but a really meaningful and deep one. Much love to her! Also, I got more very kind compliments from other people; and one man even wanted to buy me icecream for my services (this sounds wrong, doesn’t it? :wink:). I thanked and denied.

  • In a very serious discussion which often ended in a big fight in the past, I said what I thought and could articulate my points where well. I normally end up not saying anything and just “let them fight”. But not today. I “crushed my opponent” in a very friendly way, showing how she was wrong in certain points so that she understands and agrees instead of fighting against it. I got a compliment for how well I communicated and for what I said.


Day 9:

I love taking days off from listening to any subliminal because when I start running it again, I feel like getting double the effects.

  • I am working at my job non-stop without any rest days in between. My work hours are now doubled than those from any other nurse in the same time frame. I even made plans to continue this schedule leading to me tripling the working hours of many employes in the next 5 days.

  • I woke up from my trance. I woke up from my “logical brain” and now reenter the thinking state I had on Khan St4. I have finally focused on women again, at competing not only intellectually but socially again. The moment that happened was while listening to masked. Sidenote: Combining ultrasonic with masked seems to be very powerful. Ultrasonic gives me the effects rather subtly whereas 1-2 loops of masked give me effects more at that moment. But this time, I am not 100% focused on women. I am focused on Women AND work (studying, working, empire-building).

  • I am intrigued by the series “Suits”. I am noticing how I more and more become like the figure “Harvey Specter”, having his same work ethic, morals, understandings, values and more. He is my personal definition of Emperor.

  • Confidence is through the roof. I get what I want. There is no doubt about that.

  • I have little fear to have those “hard conversations” or ask difficult questions.

  • I am seeing NUMBERS everywhere! It is crazy! 1111, 2121, 1919, 2222…


Day 10:

  • Finally started with the things I pushed away for another day. But while doing so I found a new study material that opened my eyes and is exactly what I need right now. Through the first read, it gave me insights which could be literally life-changing.

  • I had no problems holding very strong eye contact in close proximity in a „not so ideal“ environment. While caring for two old demented patients I was seducing my coworker effortlessly. That is not very gentlemen-like… :sweat_smile:

  • A very close friend was crying in front of me today. I was empathetic but also commanding which was the perfect combination to change her state quickly.

  • Unlimited energy at work

  • I was sceptical how Emperor would react to my unpaid voluntary social job (which I must do for my medical studies) BUT I certainly did not expect that. I am on my way to do something nobody else is doing. I am on my way to finishing the 30 days work shift 10 days earlier than ANYONE else because I am not taking any days off and am willing to do two shifts on one day. I am approaching the limit of what is legally allowed…


Day 11:

  • Not only am I working more shifts than any other employee at the hospital, but I am ALSO getting the most gifts/tips from patients for my service and help. The patients love me but I also feel very respected, liked and honoured from my co-workers and the rest of the hospital staff. Sadly, my boss ordered me to take the weekend off because otherwise, she is going to get in trouble for me working too long.

  • I am more cocky and naughty (in a good way) than usual. I am more playful with women in general and I notice that they are drawn towards me. My confidence is through the roof and I am just enjoying life right now. I am on my path and there is nothing that is stopping me.

  • Today, a patient stated how stupid I and my co-worker were because we did not understand what he described. He was confused from the medication he got so I did not respond to his insult, neither told him to shut up. I just felt how this was not affecting me emotionally at all… My emotional state stayed the same. I just finished my job and left without having this bother me.

  • In the last days, I “forgot” that I have had a problem with watching too many Youtube videos. Now I just realized that I watched almost zero youtube videos… I did not set any intention to do so consciously, this happened automatically.

  • Today I had four amazingly insightful dreams:

#1 I dreamt of an art workshop where I wanted to partner up with my friend who is studying design. But I was not allowed to do so because they did not want me to copy his creation. First I panicked but then I just tried my best. In the end, I created a more beautiful flower than him, where I got a huge compliment from my boss. Ready to present my creation to my superiors and the whole team, they told me bad new. They told the whole group that they only want to see the other piece we had to make (not the flower). At that moment, I knew that I fucked up because I did not create the other one… I thought that my beautiful flower will be enough to cover up for both… So, in the end, they never looked at my beautiful flower (besides that one compliment).

#2 Walked around with my ex-good friend who I now consider weird. We almost broke off contact in real life but still sometimes text. In my dream, he told me all the reasons why he did not want to have contact with me right now, which was primarily that he was looking behind my facade that not everything is easy for me. He stated that he knew that I was trying harder to achieve my goals than I always say. We were walking and I was still playing that role of me not knowing anything… In real life, I never went to more than 4 lectures whereas he went to more than 150. In the end, we wrote the same exam result. So my dream was about that, he got angry because he could not believe it and I made worse by pretending I don’t even know the basic things (which I really don’t know, I am not making that up). I saw how I was losing him, losing my power over him. Feels like PCC is in EQ.

#3 I saw a very very cute and sweet little baby cat in my dream. It was tiny and prettier than any other cat. When I came closer the cat got super aggressive and cut my hands shoulder and arms. There was nothing I could do because anywhere I touched it to make it stop, the cat could reach my body and cut me even more. This dream seems to be tackling my fear with hot women, that the pretty face is only a facade. And when I don’t look behind their pretty face facade and realize they are still like normal cats, that they carn harm me pretty badly…

#4 I was partying with my best friend when he invited some chicks who travelled only for him. I wanted to have sex with his girl because she was the hottest. The atmosphere in the club was kinda lame but he did not want to go but stay and hope that it gets better. I then without asking for permission or telling him, walked to his girl and said: “Come with me, I go somewhere else”. She was wearing a super nice dress where I could see her bra making me horny as fuck. I wanted to have sex with her, probably on the beach. We left and I was excited, I did not even think about my friend. We walked in the direction to the beach when I ordered her to wait because I had to find the beach myself first. I then pissed there somewhere on the beach without caring what other people would think. Coming back I see all her other 4 friends did join her. She had so much fun that her friends wanted to come as well. Now I thought about my friend that I stole all of his girls. But I also thought that sex is pretty unlikely now… So I decided to make the best out of this situation and take pictures, where I look like Dan Bilzerian…


Day 12:

  • When there is something that is bothering me or that I don’t feel well with, I am expressing it. I don’t fear to be looked at as a weirdo or a pussy. For example, today where I was assisting in surgery. The last time I did so I blacked out because my blood sugar reached a critically low level and I could barely breathe in the mask. So today, I was scared. But I did not fear expressing it, I was true to my feelings. I just told the doctor that I don’t feel well and might blackout when we started operating. He gave me a chair to sit down and even if they all looked worried about me, and even if I maybe made a fool out of me, I was happy with my decision. By doing so, I prevented getting another “trauma” blacking out and therefore have more confidence the next time. Everything turned out fine by the way.

  • When there is an opportunity, I TAKE IT without much thought. For example, I had some free minutes at work when I saw two doctors leaving a patient’s room and walking away from me. Without waiting for a second, I just approached them from behind saying that I had nothing to do and if I could join them, adding that I was a medical student myself. I did the exact same thing on Day 3. However, my approach was very different on day 3 than on Day 12 today. Back then, I felt weird asking, and you could hear that in my voice. Also, I had thoughts like “Should I do it? Can I just ask them?”. Today, I did not even think 1 second. I saw the opportunity that presented itself in front of me and I took it. With pure confidence.

  • I really care about my well being of my patients and I want them to say “Wow that Jan was amazing. He cared about me, was empathic and did his job really well. I felt so much better because he was there”. This also gives me a really good feeling because I just love when I see that they really feel well when somebody actually listens. But I also became much more strategic to achieve that.

  • I don’t take NO for an answer. Today, I had problems giving away my clothes for cleaning. The one responsible was not there so I wanted to just leave my clothes at work. I approached the guard who should be the second person responsible for that when he told me I cannot leave my clothes at work. He told me NO several times but in the end, he said: “Okay I will make an exception for you.” I got what I wanted :wink:

  • Four different people complimented me on four different things today.

  • I was eating with a friend in the cafeteria when somebody I have seen once, joined us. I had the exact same situation 2 months ago on Khan (St1), which was pretty weird because we did have a lot of silence in the beginning, Today, was different. We had a great conversation I was leading where he was constantly looking at me.

  • I enjoy even the small and “boring” tasks at work. Even when it is walking down to stairs to floor 0 to get something and then walk back up to floor 4. I enjoy it because I see it as my workout. The right mindset is always key.

  • Some very deep and interesting dreams again. #1 First of all, I was in a world where I was forbidden to be. Everyone was watched and I had to be careful to not be spotted. I was like Neo in the beginning of the first Matrix movie where he was watched all the time and had to be careful to act “normal”. I succeed and ended up being in a hospital in a big room full of patients. They were all after surgery and it was midnight. It looked like a scene from the horror game “Outlast”. There were no doctors, just the patients and me. Most of them were asleep with blood ad open wounds everywhere). I heard how one was waking up… I sneaked behind a chair and jumped out in the right moment, scaring him to death. (yep that is actually what everyone would do in that kind of situation right) I then tried to leave the building as I found it very scary. I left with the thought: “I will never be dentist” (I am studying human medicine, not dental medicine (However, the room I was in represents more a surgery room from a normal doctor). #2 The next dream was about me wanting to go to a party. My old PE teacher was organizing it. I had to show my id (not to her) that I am already overage. Everything went fine and I got in. However, my teacher inside did not believe me. She watched me closely and told me to stay around her so she can check on me. The party mood was lame, and everyone decided to just eat and drink to make them feel better. I decided to do the same but at that moment I got the thought: “What the fuck are you doing? I should just create fun around myself from nothing and not eat and drink to feel better”.


Great dream report, and overall a super indepth journal, which is always, an interesting to read.
All the best on your EmperorQ journey buddy.


Thank you for your nice words @Morpheus =)


Day 13:

“The second people start making progress, they screw up. Because deep down they think it is only a matter of time until they fail. They rather fall from the third floor than from the penthouse” H. Specter

  • This quote stuck with me today… I am meeting my social circle with all the girls tomorrow. I broke up with one (my) girl in my circle because she did not represent my standards some time ago. Around 3 weeks passed since the last time I had something with a girl, and a few months passed since the last time I had something with a different girl (since switching from Khan St4 to St1 actually). And every time I am not riding the wave of new girls and am then seeing my old girls again, I am wondering if I am still as sex worthy. I always fall in a slight regression or emotional vulnerability in such moments because I am having that fear of not getting any chicks. This came up today again. I felt New Beginnings working here, but I also feel that the tumult was less than usual. I caught myself recognising how it is normal to have such thoughts come up but I cannot let my behaviour get dictated by those. This quote somehow represents that for me and much more…

  • My social anxiety is gone because EQ changed how I see social situations. Before, I was examining all strangers around me as separate beings acting in separate bubbles/groups. Or to put it another way. Now, I see strangers as fellows to play with… everyone plays the same sport. It is not weird to ask somebody playing the identical game for a match but it if a football player plays with a table tennis champion, that is weird. I am now open to everyone and have no fear to talk to them, no matter their status or aura.

  • Seeing so many numbers can’t be just luck anymore. The moment I want to leave the subway, I look on my phone and it is exactly 1717, the moment I come home and check my phone it is 1919… I see 1111, 111, 1112, 2121, 1717, 1818, 1919. While running Khan the number 111 was the most accruing, on EQ I now see the bold numbers almost every day.

  • Today, I got everything I wanted by negotiating. I did get the working shifts I wanted and at the same time, negotiated that I can leave earlier tomorrow. Also, there was another situation in a different context, where I made my misplease clear (without being a dick) and negotiated the best out of that situation.

  • Influenced others to order sushi in the late shift next week and even got Maria to switch to late shift just to have sushi with me. By the way, I had some great banter with her (the hottest woman in my work environment right now) and found out that she was reading books like The Alchemist and The Secret. Reminded me of this:

  • Even if I serve people, I am definitely no push around. There was a situation today, where I stated friendly but firmly that she shall let me do it before grousing.

  • In situations, where I normally would not do something because it could bother someone (little things like letting somebody wait because I forgot something which I also could get tomorrow but would be just so much easier for me to get it now and let him wait), I am now doing that what is the best for me first. I don’t fear to bother someone if I don’t do massive harm to him.

  • Random memories of my past if happy or unpleasant are popping up.


SEDUCTION: EmperorQ vs Khan St4

I went to a party today where I meet my old social circle group. Therefore I can pretty well determine how my seduction abilities and style changed.
On Khan St4, the seduction was pretty much all subconsciously. I was high energy, loud, and tend to have close proximity to others. When I got drunk, I felt like my subconscious was taking over and pretty much did the seduction automatically for me. On Emperor. it feels like that I seduce more consciously. I am not so high energy and don’t want to party so hard. I am less interest in drinking so much alcohol, and I feel like my seduction is worse when I do because I am less conscious. I act more serious and more manlike and enjoy interesting but fun conversations.

I am looking back to Khan St4, to be honest, because with all the benefits EQ brings, it is nowhere replacing or delivering the same seduction results as Khan St4 (clearly because it hasn’t the same goal). It was an amazing subliminal and I just don’t feel the push from EQ I got from St4…

Day 14:

  • My ex-girl was making out with another boy today and I did not feel envy at all. I felt more like that all the boys she would get would be a downgrade in comparison to me

  • I did lose the fear of beauty. This one is huge for me as even after 6 months of Khan St4 I still did fear very hot girls and could not act normal around them. I am not sure if it was 3 months of Khan St 1 or EQ or a combination of both but today I was much more unstifled and free with a perfect 10 which I never really talked to because I was so afraid. It even made extra fun to seduce her, it was a challenge.

  • I do think very highly of myself. I become pretty arrogant, to be honest, and hate when people don’t act like that or don’t give me the respect I want. Anxiety is reduced but not gone completely. I feared to talk to another hot girl today as „I did not know what to say“. Also, I am still falling back to old habits (in terms of how to act on a party to seduce)…

  • Emperor gave me a real kick in my ass yesterday (and I loved it). After the party, I was listening to two loops. I felt very sad and angry at the same time how I did not present my best seduction abilities. I could have done better, and EQ makes me aware of that. I hurt… but it also feels really good. Every „failure“ I experience, I see as a lesson, and Emperor makes sure that I really learn from my mistakes by making me aware and aware of it until I get it. This will help me, in the long run, to really get the life I want. And this is also something that I missed in Khan St4 and would wish to have in Khan v2! @SaintSovereign

  • I was horny after the party that I did watch porn to let out some steam. I dreamt of Maria showing me her boobs and woke up with a huge boner and high libido. There is definitely Sex Scripting in Emperor and I do not see any need to add more of it :wink:

  • There was a situation where somebody invaded my personal space. I immediately confronted him and he could not even look me into my eyes. That’s pretty nice


Day 15:

  • Today was my first day off from work since starting running Emperor. I enjoyed just laying down in my bed and allowed me to watch some Netflix and Youtube without bad thoughts. However, I realized when I finally want to stop wasting time on these things on normal days, I have to come to the point that I don’t want to watch those for fun on free days…

  • I am seeking out mentors for my game. Today, I sent some infield footage to a pimp I know for him to look at my sub communication and critic it strongly. He gave me huge compliments for my style, subc, figure and my overall vibe.

  • I am nudged towards creating art e.g painting or buying a camera… as I have been playing with the idea to create a short movie.

  • Looking back at the last 15 days, they were all amazing. It is not exactly what I did but how my mindset what made them great. Life is just fun and exciting right now


Day 16:


  • I am not working out currently but my body structure seems to be changing. My breast and shoulders appear fuller and more prominent. I am developing a “bear look” which makes me look more alpha.

  • I am very cautious to eat healthily and do the right choices in terms of my diet. In the first days of EQ, I always had the need to order fries in the cafeteria, while I now go for the broccoli and fish choices. I am do feel more hungry from time to time but still have fewer problems doing my 16:8 hour fast. Still I too much sweets, which I get for free at my workplace. It is always a fight between two sides of myself. In the beginning, I always resist but in the end, I eat it either way.

  • Instead of taking the elevator, I always take the stairs walking up to the fourth floor.


  • A girl called me “conceited” and it the same time complimented me on that because all the other guy are boring. She loved my confidence.

  • Even in unexpected situations, I respond with fast witty answers

  • I communicate more with facial expressions which others also pick up. It is fun to make somebody laugh just by using your eyes - no effort on my side.

  • My eye contact is more intense and I have had some moments where I was narrowing my eyes and would directly stare into her soul. I could feel her melting and the affection sparkling in the air.

  • I am negotiating more and more in my daily life and I almost always get what I want.


  • I had a horrible dream today where I woke up in fear. I normally don’t have such dreams as I wake up optimistic and happy even in “frightful dreams”. I dreamt that I was with my family when there was something appearing. I could not really see it from my perspective but my grandpa started shouting and running as fast as possible to it. He touched it and it then vanished. The thing he touched was a body wrapped in a black cape with the frighting face of Jigsaw (I never watched the movies but saw a trailer a few days ago).
    In my dream, every other minute there was a Jigsaw appearing and I had to run to it, touch it so that he vanishes because the longer he stays the more damage, pain, or bad luck me and my family gets. It felt so real. When I just looked up the face of Jigsaw on google, I got a shiver. He is looking directly into your soul…


Day 17:

  • I am setting up a plan what to do for the next 30+ days to finally achieve goals I had for a long time. I now only need to execute it without much overthinking.

  • Socialized with my boss today which felt absolutely amazing. Yesterday we did not have good chemistry mostly because she was interpreting something about me that did not say or wasn’t my intention. But today was great. We ordered sushi, laughed and had fun together. It is great to be able to behave like you are on on the same level as your superiors (especially, with those who normally give everyone the feeling that they are).

  • I feel like I have a sense for what the other person is thinking or feeling based only around their sub communication (eye contact, little facial expression). It is a gut feeling or a thought that pops up.

  • There have been incidents where I thought “Oh it would be great to have that, but that is not possible or unlikely right now”. And then hours or days later this thing magically happens. Just to give one example. I thought about changing my work schedule on Friday but did not want to go to her again as I just changed it. 2 days later, I get approached by another superior asking if it is okay if I switch my schedule on Friday… Is this new improved manifestation scripting? :open_mouth:


  • I dreamt that my father wanted to do surgery on me. He pushed me to do it. I wasn’t prepared and certainly not ready for the surgery. First of all, nobody knew of it (not my mum, grandpa etc) and this operation could end my life if something goes wrong. But everything was so rushed that I did not even go to the toilet beforehand. I asked my dad and the operation team if I can go now but they denied. The team not including my father were not happy about the operation either, and they stated that I already have been sterile and can’t go to the toilet as they would need to prepare the whole operation again. So the one woman put a needle through my foot and drained the urine through that off. After that, I still had the feeling of peeing but just ignored it. Then just moments before the operation, I had the feeling of blacking out like I once did in real life while assisting in surgery (so the dream dealt with that). In the end, the doctor who would do the surgery entered the room. He talked to me and was furious that my dad pushed me to it, and then decided to not operate. I was relieved. I then saw how he talked to another patient and was an amazing brain surgeon (brain surgeon is the profession I thought of pursuing, but this might change in future). When waking up, I thought maybe I was that surgeon in my dream?


Day 18:

  • My most productive day since starting my journey with EQ. I woke up and immediately did all my tasks. I finished the same assignments I did yesterday 3 hours earlier and literally finished everything before work while even going 1 hour earlier to work. Finally, I see some results in my productivity

  • On the one hand, I am acting overly-confident, “arrogant”, “conceited” and at the same time, I am loved and respected by almost everyone at work.

  • Had an amazing banter with my boss today. We had a rough start but the more time we spent together the more fun we have. I respect her, she does a great job and besides that, she is a very strong and confident woman. I like that even if she is some times a pain in the ass because of that.

  • Found a new system to learn a language and immediately followed through on that. Now there is no excuse to not learn every day :wink:

  • The first time I did NOT get what I wanted since EQ. Because of the Corona Virus, I am not allowed to extend my internship for another month. I will try to change that by negotiating with the boss (how I learned in one of my dreams)

  • Life is the just going very smoothly right now. There are no real problems that I have, just goals I am pursuing.


Day 19:

  • Woke up and got up super early. I prepared myself for work faster than ever meaning I wasted little to no time in the bathroom, shower, with my phone…

  • I did not feel as great today so I thought how I could make the day awesome. And I realized that the only thing separating my “bad” days from my “good” days was my mindset. So I started to bring me in a good mood - I automatically knew how to do so - and after that everything fell into place.

  • Haha seems like that statement above is not true. My work got extended for 9 more days, which is not exactly how long I wanted to work more (9 out of 30 days) but this just proves that a NO doesn’t mean NO, it just means NOT NOW.

  • Great banter with my colleagues and patients. I am loving the work and I know 100% that this is the right direction I want to go.

  • Today I was measuring the puls of a girl in my age. When I looked at the scale I saw 136, which is pretty high. I made fun and said “Oh this is probably because of me”. She turned red and I had in mind that she probably did find me very attractive. I told my superior that she had high puls and she also concluded - without me saying a word - that I could be the cause xd. I said something like “I knew I was good looking but that gooooood…? :joy:”. We laughed and 10 mins later, she went in there to “check our theory”. This time her puls was 99. This girl’s heart rate was actually by 40 points higher just because of my presents.


Day 20:

WOW, what an amazing day today. I was listening to more loops yesterday and I could definitely feel the effects much more profound today. :slight_smile:

  • After I posted how my body is changing the last time, I thought that maybe I was exaggerating and it was just the “light”. But today, I looked into the mirror again and was astonished. I did work out pretty intensely from January to August 2018 and possessed the best shape of my life. Then my travels, exam, etc came in my way and I first began training in late December. I quickly injured myself and now the last time I did my workout was in January. Between August and January, I had like 10 workouts. Now I looked into the mirror and I could not believe it. I have a very full muscular chest, a visible sixpack, a V-back… I look like the guy on the cover of Emperor… I did not lose any muscles, only fat. It is crazy! I don’t need to go to the gym more if I only want to train for the look of my body. Everything is there already… With ZERO effort.
  • How true yesterday’s statement is. My dad had an idea of how I can extend my internship for 30 more days even with the corona crisis and at the same time be a much more valuable asset to the hospital… Quick discussions, and 4 hours later I now have better work conditions, less strenuous work, much more responsibility, a nicer boss, a total of 2 months of internship and am very valuable to the hospital.

  • My dominance and commanding attitude tripled since yesterday. I am only an intern in a hospital, I am in the lowest position in the hierarchy. Still, because of how I act, I can “order” people around. I give them tasks and they just do it for me, without rebellion. It is a sense of power I get from Emperor and a feeling for what I can say. I know which people will do the things for me and I know when to better shut up.

  • Maria was asking for my opinion of the corona crisis like 3 times as I did not answer her in the beginning or just made some jokes. In the end, I was stating my reality and the reasons for different death rates among countries. Every person in that room, a total of 8, looked at me and hang on every word I said. At that moment, my further boss entered the room and I probably made the best impression ever.


  • My dreams were so intense today, and I had like a total of 5. In one, a thief was stealing from me, which we tried to find and later caught. In another, I was laying on the floor on top of a girl I like. I was very pushy and she told her best friend who secretly loves her to “help” her. Just when he approached to get me from her, we furiously made out. I felt his jealousy in my back. The dreams are all “like real-life” and feel very realistically. I cannot write all of them down but they had to do with the themes of seduction, power, dominance, the word NO, and challenges I have to overcome.


Awesome! I’m noticing improvements in my physique as well. Keep it up!

That’s impressive results @friday! I’m not there yet, but your results are truly a source of inspiration. You’re definitely making an impact in the hospital :slight_smile:


Day 21:

  • Every day, I am seeing the numbers 1313/1515/1818. At this point, it cannot be “just luck” anymore… It read somewhere that this is a kind of synchronicity that happens when your subconscious switches to your new reality but could not find about it.

  • When I do not act align with the Emperor scripting, EQ makes me aware of it. At this point, I cannot watch more than one episode of Netflix before Emperor is kicking my ass. It is a really strong push to close the tab and start working immediately.

  • I have been relentless in my work only taking one day off in the last 21 days, working every weekend. I will take my next free day foremost in 7 days and only because otherwise my superior get in trouble because I am reaching the absolute max of the allowed working hours by the law. I am getting called a workaholic… but I don’t like to see myself like that because I just don’t need any breaks from work because I enjoy doing it.

  • There was nothing to do for me at work today, so they wanted to send me home but without letting that day count as a workday. After some negotiating, I left 7 hours early and still have it count as me working 8 hours :wink: Work hard and SMART. Yet, I am noticing that since EQ I began to negotiate on a daily basis.

  • Some of my coworkers acted weird today. First I thought it is about my aura or my sub communications but I do think it is more because of the current situation regarding the Corona Crisis. I for myself am very calm about the situation and am just thinking how to make the best out of it.

  • I thought my productivity is pretty bad but I just realized that I was super productive the last days. I am learning a language (which progress is going nicely by the way), I am working on my sexual energy cultivation and skills, having a constant EQ journal, designing the interior design of a kitchen with my mum (which is far harder than one could ever expect), working 8 hours a day for the last 20 days… Not bad but still some improvement possible :smirk:


Day 22: I am coming to the conclusion that masked seems to be far more powerful for me than ultrasonic. I will try to listen more to masked in the next days.

  • Woke up with a huge boner and extreme sex drive. Half-awake half-dreaming I was imagining girls in my life and how I pull their hair and have rough sex with them.

  • On the one hand, I don’t have the need to fap so often but am instead to practising semen retention unconsciously but on the other hand, I am increasingly becoming so horny that I turn to porn again (especially now in the times of quarantine). But porn doesn’t satisfy me as it did before. When I watch porn I often click away after some scenes and switching to my own imagination having real sex with real women.

  • Maria texted me again sending me some video showing me “how much I am missing out of not being with her”. She was increasingly touchy today, and we talked about Tinder, asking me questions like how I get to know my lovers. I am so happy that after 6 months of Khan St4, 3 additional months of St1 Khan and now EQ giving me the last push that I finally lost my fear of beauty. It doesn’t control me anymore and I act like my pimpself with women like Maria.

  • My statements/responses to questions are increasingly emotion-provoking, good and bad ones. While I wasn’t the “nice guy” since Khan, now with EQ nobody would come to the conclusion to ever call me that.

  • I lead more, I dominate, I have intense eye contact. I talk slower and my voice seems deeper. When I am ordering something, people do it for me. I am living more in the moment.

  • I have had frequent headaches lately which is why I decided to quit listening for now and take a rest day tomorrow. My headache seems to vanish for now but I don’t think it causes is solely because of EQ and reconciliation.

  • Today is the first day, I am feeling more tired after work. Might be because I either experience tiredness of the number of loops I have been running lately or I am actually getting tired as I now went to work 22 days in a queue with only one rest day in between.

  • On the one hand, I have the desire to eat far less sugar to almost zero and on the other hand, I am craving it.