[SOLO][Hoppa] EmperorQ testing


That’s a great step forward @Hoppa

I really celebrate this move towards confidence and away from shyness, and I look forward to knowing about your future results. I am sure the future holds exciting things for you :slight_smile:


I woke up 6am, took a sip of water and slept for another 45 minutes just to balance out the night before.

I currently sleep at the factory, as I do not want to waste money on rents. After all, my family is still in China and no idea when they can come back.

I just need to be presentable at 8.00 when the guy who works with me in the office comes. Usually it means I get up (slowly) around 7.30, go to bathroom and take a shower.

This morning I feel full of energy, I got up 6.45.

If I keep waking up at 6.00, I think I need to start some morning exercise routine. Which would be great as I’m in a terrible shape. (Years of not enough physical activity, eating irregularly and late in the evening due to work etc.)



I had an Off day yesterday, as I had to travel to an away game. First game of the season.

I slept really well on the night before, usually I can’t sleep that well before matches.

Absolutely zero pre game jitters. No nervousness at all, not even during the game when we were losing. Almost too calm.

I also noticed I keep stronger eye contact, it’s not me who looks away first. But I’m not trying to do that or force it, just happens.

And today I feel… good, I guess. I went to supermarket and I noticed that I was smiling when walking there.

Also, did not get any junk food, nothing super healthy either. And I skipped on Coke Zero too. Instead just got a bottle of carbonated water.



These past couple of days I have gone to bed earlier. Did not wake up early everry day, as I wanted to catch up on the sleep. I’m not feeling as tired as I used to because of that.

I feel my subconscious is pushing me strongly to not to go to the late practice on Wednesdays, as it messes up the rest of the week. I’m going to follow that instinct today and skip the practice.

Secondary reason is the Corona virus, it’s starting to spread here. I feel a bit paranoid about it, since I’ve been following it closely for months now.

I’ve started to have my last meal of the day a lot earlier. I have been eating too late for a long time. This also has helped with the thirstyness overnight. Maybe that was my minds way of telling me about late meals?



I don’t remember my dreams at all currently.

Last night I woke up suddenly because I sniffed something really strong. No idea what it was and that sense of smell went past really quick. I guess there was some smell in my dream. Never had that happen to me before.

Might not be related to EmpQ, but I thought I’d mention it since it was something new.



If you have the luxury, set your alarm clock a bit earlier than usual, turn it off when it goes on and fall asleep again… You will now enter the dream state rapidly and will be able to retain the dreams better. When you wake up, immediately start writing down everything you remember. In the process, you will recall more and more things.

EmperorQ has remarkably insightful dreams, it is all well worth the effort.


I might not achieve my goal of 2,5k/ daily average for this month.

The shit is hitting the fan with the corona virus.

Sales are clearly down because of it. It’s not that big a problem in the long run as we can build up our stock and then just sell it out with higher daily budget and email campaigns once we get over the biggest shock.

For a week now I’ve been feeling like I have a flu, but it’s really mild (not the corona one).

Today I have slightly worse headache due to sleeping badly. I had to wake up during the night twice to check if my FB automations worked properly. They didn’t, but I managed to fix it easily.

I won’t be going to practice anymore, as I do not want to risk the health of my loved ones and employees.



My intolerance for idiocy seems to be higher than normal. It’s always high, but now it seems to be strengthened.

I’ve been following the corona virus news for months now, since my family is in China. The local authorities here have been downplaying the severity of this pandemic.

But the funny thing is I’m not stressed about all this, not even about the consequences to my business. I can deal with all that. Just annoyed by the stupidity.

Other than that, I keep eating slightly healthier, not so late in the evening. If I have to eat late, it’s just a piece of whole grain bread with little toppings. I used to eat a pizza or kebab late in the evening if I was hungry.


Last night I had two vivid dreams, both dealing with authority.

In one of them I was talking to someone who was trying to dominate me in somekind of discussion and I just put him in his place.
After doing that his supervisor came and tried to do the same.
The funny thing that made me laugh was that the supervisor was something like 3 meters tall with heavy beard.
After talking to me for a while he started to cover his groin as he was afraid of me hitting him in the balls :smile:

In the second dream I was driving shotgun in a convertible with one guy who at some point in my childhood bullied me.
Suddenly he drove off the road into river.
I was pissed off because he just destroyed my laptop in the water and I physically just pushed his head under water and told him that he needs to pay it back.
After a little bit of his whining I swam away, but then I thought that this is not me.
I don’t need to bully people with violence.
Unless that person tries to get physical, then I just put them down with controlled brutality.

I used to be bullied when I was a kid. I was scrawny, extremely shy, I liked to play computer games before it was cool and I read a few books every week. That made me an obvious target. Name calling and all that.

However, as soon as they tried to get physical, I responded with violence. I had to do that maybe 5 times total over the years. Every single time the bully never tried again.

My parents took me to practice jujutsu for a few years when I was a kid to get more self confidence. Then I moved to flag football and american football as soon I was old enough. It didn’t show because I was so scrawny and shy. But it did give me the balls to hit hard and fast when needed. Served me well. Even against bigger bullies. Biggest weight difference was maybe 20kg, when I was 45kg.

I’m going to teach that to my kid, when he’s old enough.


Interesting. I am looking at running EOG now along with EmperorQ as my main priority should be money.

Anyway, I have been doing a business promoting exports of products from a small Northern European country to my country - I think it may be yours - so I found this a little funny.

The business plan has been disrupted by the darned coronavirus. Have to see how we can fix things now.


Seems like New Beginnings is working here :wink:

How do you respond differently? Do you just leave or are you saying something to that person


I get annoyed faster --> faster ignore. Or if it is just one person, I just leave.

I also keep talking if someone tries to talk over me. I manage to hold the attention of the people who I talk with, so the other (any) person just stops soon.


Yes, the economy is going down the drain, fast.

But we’ll handle it, as long as we stay healthy.


I was talking to a friend of mine. He has his own business and would like to start a ecom store for his products.

I’m not sure if his products are a good fit for B2C sales in FB. But I designed a full plan for testing it in about 20 minutes. And if his product isn’t a good fit for B2C, we already know it’s great for B2B.

So I came up with a full marketing/growth plan for that too.

Our conversation took about 1,5h hours. I was in a real flow state when we were talking and brainstorming. Just effortless.

He’s a close childhood friend, so I’m more than happy to help him. Plus it might open up some other opportunities for me later, once I have systemised/ built up a good team for my own business.

He’s the only one of my friends who is entrepreunial, but he has been doing his own thing all these years. Now when he sees the success I’m having, he has gotten enthusiastic about his own business too.

I’m pretty passionate about entrepreneurship and I want to help other people to start their own succesful businesses. If I only had more time and resources…


It seems it’s not only on the business side.

There have been some problems with the machines. I went to talk to the factory side about the problems and I just pointed them out into the right direction to fix the problems.

I know the machines well, as I’ve dealt with programming of the machines for years. But it’s not my responsibility anymore.

It’s like I just waltzed in, just threw a couple of ideas. And while I was still talking my father went to check the machine based on what I said. He found one valve was slightly busted (still working, but not fully) and fixed the problem…

They have been trying to locate the problem for several days. These valves have never broken down before, the machines are reasonably new.

Sometimes it feels like magic, how you can solve the problems. Great stuff :smiley:


I had a quick internal debate about adding the Aegis to my stack.

I decided against it.

I have been taking the pandemic very seriously since the beginning. I have been telling about it for a couple of months now to my friends etc.

EmpQ has given me the peace of mind regarding the Covid-19, so I don’t feel like I need to concentrate more on the epidemic.

I’m still running EmpQ with set it and forget method. Depending on the day I might be getting 16-20h listening time. I don’t feel any kind of reconciliation.

I mentioned the slight feeling of being burned out in an earlier post. For a few months now I haven’t had the energy or the interest to put in any extra studying after I finish work.
I have a gut feeling that EmpQ is helping with that too. Might take a bit longer, but I’m pretty sure I’m heading to the right direction regarding that too.


Now that I think about it, my decisiveness is a lot better.

It has been getting better since I started my SubClub journey.

But EmpQ is definitely boosting it.

Took me about 10 minutes of analysing my feelings and needs, then I “set aside” the need for running the Aegis.

Sure I still feel lightly the need to try the next new thing, but I think in a couple of hours I don’t feel even that.

As everyone knows (or should know), shiny object syndrome is one of the biggest obstacles to success. Now I find it easy to push those “urges” aside.


I had a flash of insight.

I hate working. I loathe it. And that’s why I’m having the burnout feeling.

My definition of work is having to do the same thing day in, day out.

I’m bored of doing ads. I feel stuck doing the daily marketing. It feels like an endless grind (my definition of Hell)

Now I just need to figure out how I can get other people to do it for me, at the same level.

Then I can get back to what I enjoy doing: Learning and building new systems, then pushing them off to other people once I get bored :smiley:


Not much to report.

For some reason I went back to not remembering my dreams at all.

And after my last insight, I’m definitely more energetic and enthustiastic about building my business.
Even if I still have to do the advertising.
But now I can clearly see why I felt like burned out and how to get out of it.


Took a couple of nights with no listening time, now back to normal routine.

I feel great, even though I had a hangover yesterday.

I don’t drink that often, but on Friday night me and my friend talked shit and drank till almost 6am.

I’m wondering how long this EmpQ test will be going on. I’m seriously considering getting StarkQ and running it at least a year. With name embedding, if possible.

EmpQ is definitely the best sub I have run till now. I feel mentally strong and stable in these trying times. I have clarity of what I need to do both short term and long term.

I’m an MBTI INTP, with Introversion being really dominating. I feel it is a weakness I want to overcome.

I have a feeling Stark would help me deal with it, while still giving me the advantages of EmpQ.

I’m not interested in being a playboy, but I would like to enjoy more being in social situations. It would help with building a better social circle for myself. And open some roads for better funding and business opportunities.