Some help with some health issues


“Subliminals must have a pathway to manifestation in order to work properly.”


Previously I ran subs from a someone else (a competitor) for 9 months with no change. I followed the instructions to the letter, working with them on trying different things. Now I am here and as detailed, I have been using Ascension and Mogel (2 separate programs together). I run then as per instructions (days on and days off), throughout the day, at least 3 loops of each (6hrs) and the same at night. All are run Ultrasonic.
Effectively that is 6 loops of each. The only change to things i have made is making a volume change to Ultrasonic at night 8/15 as anything above 9/15 makes me wake up hammered. (Phone full volume is 15, 15 steps in the volume control. As noted I have it on step 8.
I don’t have any dreams, and I never have, subs or not.


Would you please change the text about the company to something like “another subliminal producer”, rather than mentioning the name of the company?


can i ask why???


Hmm,usually if only running 1/2 programs will see minor changes within 30 days whether in behaviour or small manifestations.At least enough to know its doing something/working.Usually the first 30 days will be more on behaviour like standing up for yourself,personal power or being more productive.The manifestation of finances and opportunities usually takes a bit longer to appear but can be sped up by taking more action.Best way is to take as much action as possible as if you werent running a sub which opens more avenues and chances for oppurtunities to manifest.The more you put yourself out there and network for business.The more likely the sub can kick in.The really obvious stuff usually starts around 2/3 months in though once the internal changes are made.


When you are running a single man business, and every second counts to you just surviving (that is having enough money for more than one meal a day), saying something like that is ridiculous. I dont have the money to advertise, nor do I have the time for network rubbish, which I did years ago for over 3 years with no changes or response. Once again, it then appears the sub stuff is crap.
I have not had $1 come my way… and I am still thousands in debt trying to manage every second without going under.

It really appears I was mislead then, as I was told the subs are supposed to alter internal blockages and get things moving your way. If you are saying get out there, then what is the point of subs?
the subs should be the ones altering your behavior… moving you to do things different as things appear.
If they are not going to work that way I will put in my request for the money back guarantee now.

I am at day 24 and nothing, not one thing has changed.


Take it from someone who was just as impatient as you.
Trust me on this. Stick to Ascended Mogul for atleast 3 months and report back here what you have noticed. I personally did AM and you can checky journal out.
Remember that the amount of time it takes you to see results depends on your amount of blocks that you have. Years of negative programming cannot be removed in one month…seriously.
Give it time.


Are you note feeling a desire to read or learn?
Are you not feeling a desire to get better?
Are you not feeling energised?
Are you not getting angry at things in daily life?
Are people in your daily life not pissing you off?


sticking with it is my intention.
I should also say one thing…when I run the subs during the day I am tired and want to sleep.

Other things
Are you not feeling a desire to read or learn? No
Are you not feeling a desire to get better? want to get better… sure
Are you not feeling energised? No
Are you not getting angry at things in daily life?
Angry… why would I get angry?.. no point and not very smart
thats such a dumb ass thing to do… get angry…

I worry about food… no point being angry…

Are people in your daily life not pissing you off?

Another strange question… I care about the people around me…
why would they piss me off???


This means its working on your subconcious thats why you hetting tired.
My suggestion would be to drop down to one loop per day. Do the loop in the morning and go about your day like normal. Make sure to hydrate & eat well. You will get rid of that tired feeling soon.


One loop… why would I do that?..
I am currently doing 3 loops during the day and 3 at night… 6hrs… and the same during the day.
12hours in total…

I am tired all the time…even before subs


Did you start at one loop?


In the first week… cant see the point in wasting this time…


Im trying to help you. If you feel its time wasting then its fine with me.
All the best :+1:


Sorry, you misunderstood my words. I meant, I cant see the point in keeping at with one loop for more than one week if I want things to progress. I see this as wasting time.

Additionally, as for your point about eating well, that is hard. I eat when I can afford to. I try and eat good when I can.


The information contained in these subs are new to your subconcious or should i say challenge your subconcious. It needs time to integrate. Thats why we say start with one loop even if it means staying on one loop. These subs use lots of energy. Thats why i spoke about eating well.


Ok, point taken. I will move back to less loops…
jsut cant change my eating when there is nothing to eat.
As I said, I do my best with the little i have.


If you don’t mind… Where are you located and what kind of business do you have?


Go 5days on and two days off. Just one loop in the morning.
Any questions you have post here and we will guide you.


AUS. Small IT consultancy