Something in-between Emperor and Stark Q?


Can u xplain ascension in that way @Hermit


So how would you get a middle ground between the two? Like would combining them work at all or would you be pulled in two different directions most of the time?


That’s really what I mean with Emperor, you would work a whole day long very hard on a lot of useless shit which didn’t make sense after all. Perhaps a little bit of Quantum Limitless wouldn’t hurt.

Anyhow Emperor makes you work hard and fulfill your goals.


That’s where the Q-store comes in handy, I personally use Ascension & Stark combined and the weight each other out. I’m already very Feminine in nature but Ascension really gives me those Masculine aspects and power to will my reality.


Yes, I’ll try to do my best.

With Emperor being build out of Ascended Mogul it seems obvious for Ascension to have very similar qualities. Ascension is also very masculine oriented and I like that, it gives you the power to will your reality, any hold-backs of the past simply disappear in the zero-point. With Ascension you grow your internal strength and confidence gradually overtime, you’ll attain a sense of inner-power and masculinity to not stand in your own way.

More over you’ll become the God version of your-self, the version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be, without any mental hangups standing in your way to get there.

Anyhow there are many more things to add to this description, I mean Ascension is literally one of my favorite titles out there.


I also noticed that if someone doesn’t give u want u want you get extremely angry and still want your way…could this be ascension also.


Yes this is Ascension but only the Social aspect of it, there’s way more to it then that. On Ascension I wake up and I ask myself the question – ‘what can I do right in this moment to take action?’, and then I start to look around and do anything that can be done. As well as a deep unshakable sense to evolve myself.

And much much more then that.

By the way the reason you’re experiencing anger is because it is caused by the reconciliation of your masculine qualities. Ever noticed how masculine people always get insanely angry, while feminine people can’t feel angry as they would be scared to upset the other. All elements have a Masculine and Feminine side but Fire is very often depicted to be a Masculine quality and when you attain this inner-fire and strength you’re very often going to feel like an Aries, where you act before knowing and the anger flows through without you being able to hold off.


So I can safely say my ascension is really kicking in :smiley:


Very much so and as it is a very compact title you’re getting easy and quick results, never overdo as to much change at once will cause reconciliation. Having another title in there working on a different aspect of life is probably not going to cause reconciliation where to much change in a singular aspect of your life will.


This is beautifully said and fantastic
any further thoughts or information would also be appreciated.

When I test ran Stark Terminus I felt like I could become an engineer, a world renowned healer and coach, all my slight interests to passions became viscerally possible.

On Emperor I feel like I can do whatever I choose but the ‘warrior’ mindset keeps the driving and thinking somewhat linear, less sense of play. Tons of execution and firepower. I believe as soon as I start the ball rolling on my next endeavor Emperor will support greatly

All I want and am driven too right now on Emperor is starting my own business or new career, that has high financial potential, is of service, and is in alignment with my purpose, and I am gradually gaining clarity on this. I could see the immense value of Stark for this as well.


Do you find this aspect of Ascension
covered in Emperor?


Yes, but not as focused and depending on the aspect you’re referring to I would say Emperor has any even greater dominance or masculine quality, Emperor really changes the Ascension aspects in many different ways. Personally I prefer Ascension though.

On Emperor my thoughts where on how to conquer the world and build a mega corporation which has franchises internationally, I actually had an immense amount of ideas on how to do this, but these only came when I started to work on a project – I instantly ‘saw’ how to turn this into an Emperor, exactly what the script is ment to do.

Stark is way more diverse then Emperor, with Stark you can become anything or anyone and with Emperor you’ll push all the limits to become your most Emperor-ish self, Ascension in Emperor keeps build yourself up and evolving your natural talents and skills.

If on Emperor you weren’t do this you’d feel empty and you’d keep on working on shit until you’ve actually found a project.

All of this was only in 7 months of experiencing various programs, so mostly I got only sneak peaks of them, honestly and from what it seems Subliminal Club’s programs keep on building and evolving on themselves so expect to see way more in the long-run (if you don’t jump programs).

It’s not like be on Ascension 2-3 months then take those qualities with you, the subliminal grows on itself exponentially, as you get accustomed to the subliminal you’ll be able to execute more and more and your life will change increasingly.


Yes that’s the phase I’m in now,
I’m keeping on working on shit until I find a project :joy:
glad to hear it contextualized like that.

I won’t jump ship now-Emperor as the main driver for another 3 months minimum

After that some variant of Ascension/Stark

thanks for sharing your experience and perspectives-(which I find get to the truth of things)


If you already know that you won’t be listening it anymore, why bother to keep on listening?

Honestly if you have a project and idea or anything like that and you just lack the perseverance, will and guts to do it then you need Emperor, it will skyrocket your productivity and let you work night and day on it.

Before that I would probably use Ascension or Alchemist to lead you somewhere in life.


That’s the phase I was in for a long time on Emperor and don’t get me wrong it brought me great growth though, somehow Emperor constantly brings you situations to grow out of.


Because it is creating very great benefits in my life.
I love the masculinity in it
My income is raising every month-up $3000/ a month now
I’m completely re-orienting my work situation to be level with everyone I work with
It is gradually giving me the courage and mental fortitude to take on what I’ve been avoiding
the purpose aspect of it, from Ascension likely is just the slowest to integrate.

I also believe and experience subs as having lasting effects, and find the scope of Emperor to build a great foundation of character even if there is some diminution of drive when no longer running it.

The idea of Alchemist or Ascension for direction is strongly worth considering. I do feel my direction is clearer now than it has even been on Emperor, just slower than expected but this has been the greatest learning curve for me in life.


The forum is telling me to consider responding to other people besides Hermit lol


So the current question is let go of current Emperor benefits/ momentum to rapidly clarify direction with Alchemist or Ascension/ Alchemist and Ascension :). Or continue and with strong intent and drive follow inklings of clarity and expand on them on Emperor

I’m leaning towards the latter because I promised myself 6 months on Emperor minimum to see full effects, or the beginning of full effects.


Maybe look at one of the Ultima titles, I suspect there is action/result additions to the base script.


@Azriel The first option will have the greatest growth and results overall.


In that case I’d stick with Emperor, it’s aiding you well.

The experiences you’ve had are your change, yet when you stop listening the suggestions will also stop and your behavior will change accordingly.

Perhaps a custom with Emperor can give you more direction if you add spiritual aspects to it.

I would probably follow

this advice, but I wouldn’t drop Emperor it seems to fit your lifestyle, instead I would keep growing on Emperor and then build up momentum with another program (one that gives you direction, perhaps EOG for business ideas) and then even possibly merge those together.