Something in-between Emperor and Stark Q?


Primal is a hard subliminal to run, and it’s one of the titles that led us change our thinking about how we created subs. We moved from “modules” to a more “holistic” scripting format and immediately saw better results from our customers. That’s one of the reasons Q took so long to make – changing everything back into a somewhat “modular” format without losing what we gain was difficult, but we were able to pull it off.


If the book zero to 1 was written now, Peter Theil would have used Subclum as an example of moving creating something from 0 in and industry which had already been operating in 1 for ages.


Does that mean that Primal is now easier to run? How did the change of scripting, change the way of execution with Primal?

Just wondering out of general interested. Especially because I’m trying to understand each title even though I haven’t tried it.


It was worth it, the modularity allows for any future changes to PrimalQ a possibility, IE Inner game mindset improvements. We all have a definition of what this really means and the sub being holistic can only amplify that viewpoint.


I remember reading that the Q module has some universality of scripting, say adding some aspects of the stack modules of rebirth to make sure that the modularity is less harsh, easier to frame against the old script.

Thats just my guess.


Primal is still difficult to run, because it’s a difficult subject matter. For whatever reason (and this is something every subliminal producer has struggled with), people running sexually themed titles always have issues. We have our theories (which we are exploring now), but any title that’s sexually charged will require quite a bit of natural willpower to harness.

Personality does play quite a bit of a role though, I believe. For example, I’ve never had a problem acquiring sexual partners, primarily because my natural personality is one of detached amusement. I don’t get attached to ANYONE very easily, and thus, whether a person stays or goes in my life (outside of my inner circle) is a non-event. Because of this, I’m not afraid of “losing the girl” if I push for sex in the second date. If she goes, she goes. There will be others. Some would say, “how can you incorporate that into a sub?” Not sure if it’s possible. My personality has been honed over my entire life. You’d have to think just like me to do things the way I do it, and that sense of detachment carries over into other aspects of my life and causes difficulties sometimes. So, when making a sub, it wouldn’t be wise for me to try and get you to act like ME. Instead, we’ve always tried to bring out the sexiest attributes in your personality.

For example, as someone who spends a lot of time in certain “hippie progressive” circles in California, I can attest that someone like @Hermit could get laid quite easily there, and all he’d have to do is open his mouth and start talking about his spirituality.

That being said, you have to really OWN who you are and seek out sexual partners who appreciate your strengths, rather than trying to put on the “I’m just a bad boy” jacket and not being congruent with who you are. That’s what makes it hard to run. People run Primal without knowing who they are, and they start trying to be all “red pilled,” only to realize that women have a strong intuition about those who are fakers and will shit test you to high hell over it. If you can’t take it, you’ll get mad or crack and that will reveal that you’re full of it.


I am getting a custom Emperor very soon,
as soon as I iron out this subject matter

Just to clarify your suggestions,

1.Add the second directional program EOG during Emperor like a stage at a time
or build more momentum on Emperor and then EOG?

  1. Would Alchemist qualify as a directional program in this context?


Primal is one of my main stays. I have that same mindset about women, if she goes, she goes, I got 5 more waiting so I love primal. After 2 loops i’m an animal primed and ready. The only reason I cant run it often is because pussy stays on my mind while im on it


Which would you say is stronger for wealth and manifestation, Stark or Emperor?


Both are equally powerful. They’re just two different routes. StarkQ is focused more on innovation and creativity. Think… well, Tony Stark, who attained his wealth from his inventions. Emperor is more “traditional,” though you can take it in a creative angle consciously. Think Bruce Wayne. Depending on which version of the comic you read, his family became rich through energy or arms.


@SaintSovereign how much of @Hermit’s belief is correct


I have to agree, everyone person is the attractive in his natural form, where everything seems effortlessly because you’re just ‘your self’, to the point where everything seems in flow because your life and internal state are at peace and surrender to outcome.

So I guess what you and Fire have been observing with each person being different and acting different according to subliminal’s scripts is because of underlying principles often mis-regarded by mainstream science is the energetic template of each person which can felt through emotional interfacing for a lack of better words.

The only reason I’m even running subliminal’s in the first place is being I stumbled upon Subliminal Club, other companies delivering suggestive hypnosis or anything re-programming of the mind we’re going against human will and principles causing a lot of interference or reconciliation. Subliminal Club’s scripts don’t force you to do anything and by that don’t interfere with human will, therefore the suggestions are variable to each persons spirit, there underlying energetic aspect; it’s what shapes your energy, being and presence around other persons naturally.


With that being said…
Subliminals will grow you at your own pace…
If I run ascension I may not go through what @Hermit goes through on ascension but I will go through my own progress…
Read others journals for inspiration but watch yourself grow at your own pace…others results don’t need to match yours…


So i guess if you combined the 2 you would get a darkseid or black panther vibe lol. Especially if you are searching for the Anti life equation lol


It’s more like a suggestions kind of thing, the suggestions lead you to a destination but how you get there is totally up to you. And everyone will do it in there very own and unique way.


I did not think that I will come back to the thread to see 50+ replies. So I should try
Stark Q (without T) x 1
Ascension x 1 / Primal X 1

for a middle ground? Or should I add Stark Q + Ascension + Primal, though I guess that’ll become too big to handle.


Depends on your goals in life, I would personally always head the spiritual way, it’ll lead to you abundance of all sorts, while wealth is only a distraction before you get to the through happiness. Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have everything to satisfy yourself, far from it.

Just understand that you don’t take your bank account with you after death but you do take your experiences with you so if you build valuable experiences and build wealth at the same time – great.

Those are only my points of view thought, don’t take them if they do not resonate.


Stark Q and Ascension or Primal depending on your goals, I would give that a try and report back.


Stark Q + Ascension it is then. If the sexual aspect doesn’t work out I’ll change it Primal later.


It’s not quite accurate. StarkQ does have all of that, but it’s not as evident because there’s a huge focus on crafting that inner circle and network of allies, so it’s toned down a bit. The inner strength is there and will definitely comes out when needed. Since Emperor has such a “lone wolf” feeling, it comes out much quicker.