Something in-between Emperor and Stark Q?


Pheww thank god! that’s a relief… btw please check my inbox message :see_no_evil:


Agree on that one, once you’ve build great foundations there won’t be a need for Ascension as you would have great allies and I’ve also noticed that on Stark as well, in the 3 months where I was heavenly on it a lot of people where always standing up for me, even if me and friends we’re just playfully hunting each other if you know what I mean.

On Stark you really scourge any social conversations where don’t even need to put yourself at a position of an Alpha as you’re pretty much beyond that and you are always 7-steps ahead, more over you magnetize anyone and everyone; so it won’t ever come to a sword for sword battle.

@mecharc just to clarify so you don’t get discouraged. Often when I’m helping someone on the forum I feel out what they need and it doesn’t always cover the advice for another person, and it was far from a detailed explanation of what Stark is, Stark really takes a good 3 weeks to fully come ‘online’ and then you’ll feel it, you’ll be above the world.

There’s just something on Ascension that feels right for me as I’m more of a Feminine person already, and as Saint mentioned in the thread above everyone reacts to scripts differently because of there underlying energetic principles.


Aaah thanks for taking the time to explain! really appreciate it


Would running beyond limitless along side Emperor help make it more creative.


So an Emperor combined with a Stark would be Lex Luthor lol.


I am Stark Q + Ascension for last 10 days and one thing I am noticing is that even when I mean no harm, people are misreading the situation. This has happened 6-7 times in last 10 days. First couple of situations ended up in a confrontation. On the rest 4-5 situations I often clarify my intention. Though on the inside I still feel like the mini-version of Emperor. I feel like why can’t I have things my way?

The sexual aspect has gone down by a lot. So I guess I should change Ascension with Primal instead?


Not hermit and don’t have as much experience as him

but what I have to say may offer you something

Ascension may create challenges with other men in the beginning
while you learn to/ orient yourself as someone who stands up for themselves.
Your natural rise in status may also cause friction with people who have come to expect, and be able to deal with, you a certain way.

Your may be speaking with an unconscious conviction or authority or speaking your mind more freely in a way that can also be misconstrued-you might need to pay extra conscious attention to this in the beginning.

My personal theory is when your serotonin, the internal status neurochemical, levels don’t much the status others are perceiving from you-it may be uncomfortable for you and have you at a loss of how to handle things-(this is pure speculation). This seems to adjust in time.

I would stick to Ascension or Stark if your really having trouble, and then add the other one once your somewhat acclimated. Primal is generally considered a more difficult sub to run then either of those.


Have you tried Stark Q and Emperor Q together?


Also I want to add whatever you do after a few days doubt will set n and you’ll see problems most likely. Push through, keep going, guide the sub with your conscious intent and you’ll slowly steer it in the right direction. Of course there are still better choices and worse ones depending on what you want to get but you can do a lot by guiding it consciously to fit your needs.


I think that dude is long gone lol


Stark + Godlike Masculinity works wonders.


Still here. Though not updating the thread now as this was more of Q&A thread. I am still on:
Stark Q + Ascension

The only issue I am having now is the infrequent headaches. I am trying to reduce the loops and give some gap in between loops.