Stack for a Confident Charming Writer


Last year i left my job. Started my own business, made money. Made some wise investments. Started my small food joint. Which was going good kountill lockdown happened.

I’m more confident in taking decisions. I dont crave attention from others. People respect me. I’m only running Emperor V4.


Very cool, @MavericKobra. Are you able to achieve your writing goals with just Emperor v4 too?

Edit: I am guessing you changed your goals from writing to starting a food joint?


Nah, he became a food critic. :wink:


I’m trying to improve my grammar, which sucks big time. Emperor is not meant to improve Creativity. It helped me to become a businessman.

Now I think I should purchase StarkQ and future version of Ultimate artist (if any). Let’s see. Writing is something I enjoy. I write poems regularly on Insta and for my friends and now for my gf. They like it.


I am sure once they upgrade things to Q, UA will run like a champ and be 10x better then it is now. Also i think that the products updated/upgraded to Q will show more results sooner then their previous version. An example would be EmpQ, EmpQ you could and see results with in the first few loops.


I tested EmpQ and no doubt its way smoother than any other versions but due to the large file. I lost my libido so I stopped using it. It would have gotten better with time but because i m in a new relationship, i had to switch back to EV4. I will restart once I’m free for 2 weeks.