[STACK] Road to Abundance (Trans. Med. 4) - EoG and a bit of EV4/EQ


ST3Q - Day 90 - 5/8/20

I think I will readjust my schedule. I’ll run ST3 and LD in a playlist on loop everyday, except the weekend.
My intuition tells me that’s better.

Today my ad is going to air. Remember how I told you I messaged two guys?
The other guy answered, offering a pretty ridiculous price considering how obvious it is that most of his followers are fake.
This is how the conversation went so far:

Me: What are your shoutout-rates?

He: Hi there,
It’s 20$ for 24 hour story shoutout and 30$ only for post+story+bio+swipe up.

Me: I’ll take the 2nd option for 10$

He: Sure.

Now I have no idea if he is making fun of me or not, and I don’t really care. Either he’ll take the 10 dollars (which are still too much) or he’ll leave them for someone else. I got a whole bunch of niche influencers I am going to contact and I’ll just proceed with the list.

@Donjuan I am a designer and I created a whole bunch of poster designs, some niche specific, some for a general audience. I am uploading all of them in my shop but I only advertise the niche specific designs.

Edit: I’ve been kicked out of the amazon associate’s program because I didn’t meet the requirements, although I had a lot of klicks. See, affiliate marketing really is some advanced stuff, although these gurus out there don’t tell you because they earn their money telling others how to earn money with no skills.


I desperately want to be a guru in MMO niche, I have been following up for a quite sometime and I intend to be part of that circle.


I have never heard of that before. I didn’t know there are gurus for online games?


I meant MMO = Make money online niche, not games lol :joy:


Never before heard of “MMO = Make money online”. :hugs:

I was super sure that you meant Male Multiple Orgasm. :sweat_smile:


My ad is online!
Don’t forget to breathe


Now I’m sitting here, overthinking. I know it will probably not work out, it is what I expected.
But still I am proud of myself for actually doing what I said I would do.
It feels good. Don’t obsess over the outcome, focus on the actions you can take. (And of course, manifest)


ST3Q - Day 91 - 5/9/20

Aaaaaaand nothing happened.
No Sale.
No new followers.
Nothing. (Actually I only care about sales at this point.)

The good thing is: I saw there were other creators who promoted their stuff on this influencer’s channel and had similar results. Since my post fit in pretty neatly, I guess it is just the nature of this following to not be interested in this kind of offer.
Which leads me to the assumption: I just didn’t find the right channel to promote, but the idea in itself works (As I have seen many on youtube who succeeded) Also, it wasn’t because my prices were too high, since I can see the number of people who saw my designs and those were only +4 or so. So it is noones fault, it was just bad luck and I got to continue.

I contacted another influencer, let’s see how this will go. I also opened a Facebook account, I will run ads with. Other things I am working on are getting stuck, which is pretty annoying but well… just move on-


Btw. here is what happened with the 2nd influencer I told you about:

You see, don’t just take what they say. Learn how to negotiate. He knows his channel isn’t worth anything and he knows I know. Tbh, I rather keep those 10$ then waste it for something I know will do no good. If the first influencer with a much better audience didn’t bring me any sales, then he will certainly not.


ST3Q - Day 92 - 5/10/20

So, I canceled the deal. Don’t want to waste money here.
I started running ads for 1$ a day on the platform I am selling my designs.
What most people who start running ads don’t know is that the first month you shouldn’t expect anything. Just choose a daily budget, don’t change it, wait a month and see. The algorithm has to get used to you and what your ideal target audience is. It also checks if you are a reliable longterm-thinking partner, and if you are, it will provide you with better leads.
If you aren’t and just want immediate revenue, they’ll squeeze the money out of you because they know you’ll leave anyway.

So what I am going to do is to keep this ad running, 1$ a day isn’t such a big deal after all, and watch some Print On Demand Videos on YT just to check if I missed something important and then look for other influencers and try it again.

I didn’t manage to sell something, but I am still very content with what I have achieved so far. Just keep pushing.


Way to take action, very inspiring!


ST3Q - Day 92 - 5/10/20 - Post 2

@HappyHero Nice to have you here.

Something off-topic. Sometimes when I am bored I play a few games online, very short matches. No actual money involved. Now I played with a group of Turkish people and let’s just say they weren’t too nice.
It gave me flashbacks to my highschool years where I had very similar problems. It was fascinating to observe how similar this feeling lurking inside me now was similar to back then.
But I noticed I didn’t become emotional like in my highschool years.
They were like a bunch of kids provoking me and trying to humiliate me.
But I didn’t let them provoke me and therefore they couldn’t humiliate me.

Actually, I was more like “The creators of this game built in the possibility to send gifts to your enemy to taunt them. This way, if someone let himself get carried away, he would get emotional and start to make mistake and then he’d lose. Also, the creators of this game know about this and support it and profit from it. Interesting.” Pretty analytical actually.

In the end I lost, but I don’t give a damn about winning or losing, it is just a game I play from time to time and nothing more.

I think EoG contributed partly to this because you can’t let yourself get emotional when facing competition. But it also stems from my extensive introspective and being more like my true self.


I’m going to be honest, this incident really triggered something inside me.
It was my past self from my highschool years and he was very very angry. I went outside into the nature and I couldn’t get near people because when I did, I felt myself tear up. I sat with it, reminded me that this wasn’t me but this angry side in me and I assured it that it was okay to be angry. Shadowwork basically. I feel better now. I think I released a bit of tension


Make money online is an age old niche where gurus keep pumping new products and IM (Internet Marketing) newbies keep buying it. Its a lucrative niche, agreed Male Multiple Orgasm is a good niche too wet my feet :laughing:


ST3Q - Day 93 - 5/11/20

I had medium strong thoughts and feelings of depression and frustration yesterday.
There were just things keeping coming and adding themselve to this mount of memories that caused me deep frustration and pain. At first it was just about these Turkish guys, then it was about my highschool years, then about my past with women, other people I hated and envied etc.
I know I will make it. I have come so far now. I know I will make it.

It hurts, but I know I will make it. I will.
I had a dream about the forum… I bought SM and then I posted something similar to this post and Saint said something like “To me, you are on a very golden path”

I’m running my playlist again. Limit Destroyer and ST3 on loop for 6-8h.
When I start running Emperor, I think I will add Rebirth.


ST3Q - Day 95 - 5/13/20

Nothing special to report, really. I get a few bucks here and there but it is not really constant cashflow yet.
Hmm… I am going to be in the office again soon. Maybe in two weeks.
Then I will practice cold calling there. I have never done this before and I am very curious how it will go.
My confidence is still at a stage where it highly depends on certain aspects, but I have managed to take control and be confident when I want to.

For those who are reading this… I guess you feel the same when I say this is a damn long journey. My progress feels like this:
Well, I looked for a graphic to show what I mean but I couldn’t even find one.
Just imagine a horizontal line that is almost completely flat, just minimal growth over very long periods of time. That’s what EoG is. I don’t know if I am the only one or you are experiencing something similar, if so, feel free to comment.


Hope you remember my take on this…

EOG works perfectly fine for me, and I suppose it’s because my brain has the necessary experience & knowledge that Gold requires of it.

I’ve been using Stark since it’s release like 6 weeks ago, and only for the last 2 days I had stacked G4 with SQT for a specific experiment.
And notice the tone of my posts yesterday - I was writing like I were a Moderator here. :blush:


Could you elaborate please? What are you trying to say?


Jumping on the big subs without an existing foundation can be like building a house on loose sand - the building blocks just won’t stay in place. People on here used to recommend progressing from the smaller, tighter subs to the bigger ones, e.g. Mogul -> Ascended Mogul -> Emperor, but that idea seems to have fallen by the wayside, which is a shame because I think it has value.

If EoG isn’t quite working for you right now, maybe consider going back to basics for a while with Mogul, and return to EoG a bit later.


You’re not alone.

Feels long to me too.

Similar to @bujin’s suggestion, I thought of focusing on Mogul for a while. Particularly when all of the new Q-upgrades happened. But in the end, I decided to stick with this year-long commitment to Ecstasy of Gold.

I’m instead focusing my attention on the Action side of the equation.

It has constantly been said that the subliminals work best when given Action and Contexts of Action as mediums through which to work. Those are the raw materials that they use to shape their masterpieces.

If you manage to convince DaVinci to visit your home for a few months, better go the extra step and also prepare him a studio workspace well-stocked with art supplies.

So here are a few questions: ‘When it comes to the subliminal I’m working with, what are the Studio and what are the Art Supplies that it requires in order to get busy creating?’ ‘What does it need?’ ‘What is it asking me for?’

I’m working with those right now.