[STACK] Road to Abundance (Trans. Med. 4) - EoG and a bit of EV4/EQ


I thought something similar. I vowed to not buy another subliminal until I have reaped the results I want from the ones I already have, or until it is proven they don’t work for me.
The thing is, I have been taking action quite a lot actually. Saint told me EoG needs a lot of time to get revved up. And it did assist me with contemplating my role in the world and what wealth means to me.
But beyond that, nothing happened yet.
So… I don’t know what else to do…


I’d stick with the action side.

as in keeping the focus there.

not as a phase or step to be gotten through, but as the whole focus

like with strength training: you’re either working out, resting and recovering, or refueling. Apart from those three, there’s not much else to worry about.

with time, those three steps will work.

I mean, you can upgrade your specific methods and your form, but there’s nothing else to really worry about.

So what about in this area?

When it comes to wealth and wealth-generation, what would be the equivalents of Working Out, Resting and Recovering, and Refueling?

As I’ve been thinking about it lately, it’s seemed to me that it all comes back to negotiating deals around transactions of Value.

Building systems to manage and optimize your own sources of Value. Making proper and appropriate deals around the times when you grant Value to or exchange Value to others. Prospecting and mining to uncover and tap into additional sources of Value within your sphere of control (that includes positioning yourself geographically and metaphorically to allow optimal proximity to sources of Value).

That seems like it to me.


ST3Q - Day 98 - 5/16/20

I have thought about it. With “it” I mean this whole year I have been here. After thinking about this journal here and wondering why I haven’t made any real money yet and why many things haven’t changed yet, I was thinking if I ever actually got results from subliminals from here. So I reviewed my collection and my journals. I found that I did indeed get results but it was like I would always get stuck in a stage right before actual, physical results. For example when I used Emperor (correctly) there were changes. But most of the time it was… how can I explain it…
If there were 3 stages
1: Nothing is happening
2: Oh, I start to feel something
3: This shit is awesome!

I would find myself stuck between stage 1 and 2. It felt like there was always just a little bit more needed to get tangible results but it didn’t happen. I got to admit that for long periods of time I used the subliminals the wrong way. For example I wouldn’t play enough loops or not take steps.
I don’t think it is fair to claim these subliminals don’t work. I think they do work, but I have only scratched the surface so far. And I don’t want to jump around and buy more and more subliminals without using what I already got to its fullest.

So I thought about a solution. Let’s just assume I am doing everything right with EoG (Saint said so and I don’t see how I could do even more to assist the subliminal) but what about the rest?
What if I started all over again and used all subliminals I have beginning from DREAMS, continuing with AM etc. while continuing with ST3?
(Actually I feel like EoG isn’t what I thought in the first place. It seems like a program for entrepreneurs who plan to build a business from 0 to seven-figures over the course of mulitple years. All I want is a few thousand bucks to make myself a good time and then build a business later on. Well, I didn’t know I wanted that when I started with EoG too.)

Then I would play for example DREAMS + ST3 for a while and actually work with my dreams, and then move on to AM + ST4 and stop listening to EoG once I am finished with all stages and pick it up later on when I want to build my empire.
Then I’d play Emperor and so on and so forth.
I think this is a good idea. To give the subliminals I already got the opportunity to prove themselves again by using them in a more holistic way and not focusing too much on the subliminal but more on my life.


This is the reason why EoG isn’t working as well did you — you have an internal wealth ceiling, and it may be lower than you realize. We all have one, and it’s the main reason most of us can’t make money online (calling @JCast).

For this who don’t know, a wealth ceiling is a subconscious internal limitation of how much money one believes they can make that we self impose on ourselves. You can figure out yours by meditating on how your life would be if you generated a certain amount of money. If you thinking of yourself making 100k/year online and you experience fear, doubt or any other emotion, there’s your wealth ceiling.

For years, my ceiling was 100k. I’d always get close, then make weird decisions to self sabotage. Things like, “I don’t like money that much,” or “I’m actually fine at 86k!” Once in broke that ceiling, my whole life changed, because now I was thinking BIG. So now, I act and live like someone who will make millions and can accomplish anything.

I see results when I look at this journal. The action taking, the deep and rich self exploration, the reconciliation (which means those old thought patterns are now being tackled) — and that’s what this doubt is. It’s reconciliation at its best. Remember, the subconscious is shifty. It’ll convince you to switch just before you breakthrough. It’s attempting to maintain homeostasis, not change. Change is hard. Change could mean death (metaphorically). Keep going.


@SaintSovereign keep using ST3, I just don’t use Limit Destroyer anymore because I want to give ST3 more exposure.
I thought the doubt-handling and dissolving happened in ST1 or am I mistaken? Should I listen to ST1 again?


@SaintSovereign Is correct. Any deviation from the path or road to wealth or increase in your income is an obvious sign of an ingrained wealth ceiling. I experience it every day whether it’s self sabotaging behaviour, doubting myself and my abilities and wondering how in the fuck I am going to even begin, or constantly switching subliminals. I am determined to accomplish this and make it my reality. I need to be financially independent and self reliant for my metal and emotional health more than anything . I crave freedom more than anything and I want the ability to walk away from a situation , person, or place if I want to. To not be endlessly thinking about how much money I have or don’t have in my bank account. Thank You so much @SaintSovereign You have once again cemented to me what my ultimate goal is


ST3Q - Day 102 - 5/20/20

We crossed the 100 day mark! I’ll play one loop of EQ together with ST3 today, just to see what it is like.


ST3Q - Day 103 - 5/21/20

I have run one loop of EQ yesterday after work, I didn’t notice any changes.
I thought a bit about everything I talked about a few days ago. I believe the core problem for me is the density of the subliminals. Since I am already taking action and I have a job, I think the best thing to do for me is to use lighter subliminals from now on.
Or maybe it is a problem with the way I react to the build of the subliminal. I remember back then when I tried Emperor Experimental I way pushed towards taking action in dating.
Now I have no idea why it was dating I felt so drawn towards and not business or something else but this proves my point wrong since Emperor is a very dense subliminal.
So another reason could be that the goals of EoG are too advanced relative to my current level in this area. I mentioned this already and this actually makes sense and gives us a better base of understanding to work with.

Here is my idea: Since my business life is working out pretty nice right now, I will write EoG off as a learning experience. I will continue with ST3 until Day 120 and then switch to ST4 until Day 150 before I end this project.
After that I will reorient my goals. I can imagine running Emperor (Either Experimental or Q) and a lighter subliminal with it like DREAMS or Mind’s Eye or something similar.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about this. A few days ago I had an occasion where I earned about 10 bucks. Not much you would say and I would agree but here is the thing: I can scale the process.
Since I am very experienced with what I am doing I can make these 10, 20 or 30 bucks in 10 minutes everyday. You know, I really like to get excited and play around with numbers. So I did the math: If I had just one such occasion everyday, it would be an extra ~600 bucks every month for little time spent. Take away the weekend, in case I want to chill on weekends, it would still be ~440 bucks.

In 9 days this month ends and I am going to sign the contract with my boss and get paid. There is only one thing that bugs me though: What is really important to me is to have enough free time for myself. And I need a lot of time for myself. Since I proved that I get much work done very fast (I got the work of more than one week done in 2 days and the boss is very proud of me) and we are all friends there (honestly, he is a great boss. It is a pleasure to work with him) I believe it won’t be a problem to ensure the hours I am physically present in the office don’t increase too much. He knows I want to start my own businesses and that I need time for them anyway.

So, all in all, so far I am very content with how this journey in this journal went. I didn’t become a millionaire but luckily I also wasn’t pressured by anyone to make money immediately.
I had a very great time learning alot of stuff with a lot of failure without it hurting me on an existential level. Almost nothing I have tried so far in this journal actually worked out. Since May I didn’t sell a single copy of my book, I didn’t sell a single one of my posters so far, no one used my affiliate links etc. I think every entrepreneur has to go through this frustration. And now, I can just take all the lessons I have learned, also how to work with the subliminals and which subliminals to avoid, and go on to the next project.


Also I want to thank @AMASH for his book recommendation “Ready, Fire, Aim” by Masterson. It is a very good read indeed. I didn’t complete it, because the rest of the book talks about how to grow your thriving business, so I am only reading the first part (Infancy) again and again.


I notice when I am at home there is a higher possibility for me to go through certain stages or phases if you want to call it that way.
It begins with something that frightens my ego. And then I remember death and I grieve for the dynamics of our present complicated world. And after that a kind of deep peace fulfills me.
I am thinking about starting to write poetry to become able to express these things (See, I can’t even give “it” an actual name) these moments better.


ST3Q - Day 104 - 5/22/20

I came up with a few ideas.
First of all, I can now clearly see which designs people are interested in. Currently there are 8 designs in my store. In total, I have about 20 designs. And only 1 of these 8 really grabs people’s interest. But they don’t buy yet. I guess it is because of the price. But it will be a numbers game. Some day one of them will buy. Now I can concentrate on this poster when it comes to advertising. I will have to look for an influencer and actually send them a copy and ask them to post about it. I can imagine this would be pretty pricely but there is a trick. Instead of reaching out to influencer with a large following, I will look for small influencers with a highly engaging crowd. This way I don’t even have to pay them money to post about it, because they are grateful enough when someone sends them something for free.
But that’s something I will be thinking about when I get my first paycheck, or at least when I have signed the contract.

Which brings me to the next point. Remember how I talked about starting all over again regarding subliminals? I got an idea. I will be using Mind’s Eye and DREAMS (together with ST3/4 until day 150, as announced). But I will only buy Mind’s Eye if I completed a certain (business-related) task.
I think Mind’s Eye and Dreams will work together very well.

First I thought about using Iron Throne for multiple reasons but I will save that for later. Although I must say maybe I’ll really use Iron Throne. I am going to be cold calling people soon and this inner-confidence thing might really help with that.


ST3Q - Day 105 - 5/23/20

I am going to change my listening schedule.
Saint recommended cutting down on listening time with Q titles and having more rest days.
So here is my idea:

Monday: ST3Q (2 loops)
Mind’s Eye (Either Terminus or Q) (1-2 loops)
Tuesday: Same
Wednesday: Nothing


I will set up reward tiers for Mind’s Eye and StarkQ (Guess it is just nice to have them. After that I won’t buy any new subliminals until I get the results I set up for each subliminal)


Btw I made a stupid mistake with Q.
I thought I didn’t notice anything so I can just continue with 4/15 volume (I use ultrasonics)
Well… long story short, my ears started hurting and I am going down to 1/15.
I hate ultrasonics.
And my stupidity.


ST3Q - Day 106 - 5/24/20

“Good” news. It seems like my aching ear isn’t from the subliminal but actually from an ear infection. I still played the subliminals too loud and my ears hurt a little afterwards so I will take it easier from now on and use hearing loss reversal audios.
I also thought about StarkQ and Mind’s Eye. I came to the conclusion I’ll just wait a few more days/weeks until the new store is there and then craft them on my own. The good thing is, I can cut a few things there and add others, which will greatly benefit me.


How would you break a wealth ceiling?


I hereby close this journal and end the experiment. I am going to start the final journal soon.
Thank you for ýour contribution and everyone who followed me on this journey.