[STACK] Road to Abundance (Trans. Med. 4) - EoG and a bit of EV4/EQ


Yes and sometimes it throws it right in your face :smile:

My thinking is this: I always pay attention to new things that start to occur. If these things are of instant interest to me, I investigate them further. If some of those I have abandoned start to come up again and again, I pay close attention to them. Just like with this internship now


What r the others if u don’t mind sharing


Hey! Your Journal is in the news and updates section! No wonder I couldn’t I find it


ST1 - Day 6 - 30h - 2/15/20 - Post 2

Wasn’t very productive yesterday and today. Meaning I didn’t do what I said I’d do. Feel bad about it. But this time-thing really is a joke. Time keeps getting longer and longer, now I even managed to finish the 6hours before 6 PM! That’s absolutely ridiculous. I’ll add a few more loops, guess it will be a piece of cake to get to 8 hours (and beyond). This never happened to me before. I always struggled to get to 4 hours on Ev4 and then to 6. I know I mentioned this alot but this is still a thing for me.
Tomorrow is break day, no subliminals tomorrow.

(I took a break while writing this and guess what: I was productive!)

So… I guess this was a highly interesting first week. I am a bit blocked because I depend on the support team of a site I want to start sell my designs on before I sell them on my own website. But until then it’s best to just do what’s possible now.

There is something interesting I kept thinking about since the phone call. He said one of the qualities they are looking for in people is the ability to learn fast. The thing is this: My fields of expertise are design and marketing, that’s what they are looking for. What he meant by learning about the business is learning about IT-organisations, structures etc. I have no clue about IT, but I am highly interested in structures and how to develop systems of humans working together that works by itself.
Here is why I keep thinking about it: I wont say I am a fast learner… I don’t think so necessarily (depends, of course, but mostly no). My advantage is that when I invest enough time and dive deep into it, I have the opportunity to become really really good at what I am doing. Many people today don’t have the patience for this. And when I remember correctly on EoG sales page it says ST2 will help gaining knowledge of these kind of things. I have never seen @SaintSovereign or @Fire elaborating on this feature of EoG before and I am really curious what this means. Is it something like QL or Limitless, or does it mean it motivates you to acquire the knowledge?
Because of this I thought about adding Limitless, although I don’t think that’s necessary because Ev4 and EoG seem to be good enough for it.

@mecharc Hey, welcome to the show!


Are you following the suggested instructions of usage for st1, as provided by @Simon?

I have a screenshot of it, for your reference I’ll upload it here.

But full credit and thanks to Simon for sharing it with us

@Simon please don’t get freaked out. I just look up to your advice alot


I do. I wrote about it this morning. What I am not doing so much yet is writing when it (thoughts, fears) changes, but I will add that too, just getting used to journaling offline for now.


ST1 - Day 6 - 31h - 2/15/20 - Post 3

So I just finished what I planned to do for today anyway! Plus, this is a new record of listening time during a day: 10 loops EoG (7.5h) and 3 loops Ev4 (2h). You could say I am a bit proud about that.

(Edit: I honestly don’t know how I manage to get so much done and still talk to you guys this much lol)


Hey @myspace123, how are you doing? Do you have a Journal here in 2020?

Yes, he might have meant that, or it could even be something that “sounds good” that people say and managers repeat. Could you ask him to know the specific answer?

I find that speculation always hurts and is almost always incorrect. But asking the person gives you the clarity to know exactly what the right thing is to do.

Is this because of meditation? Or INTJ?

Think about it. Don’t do it :smile:

Your stack is already solid.


No this is what he said. It is a IT-company and his expertise is IT and the structure of the IT-business here. It’s similar to learning about internal structures, suppliers, ressources etc when you are in an engineer-business. He didn’t ask me to learn about programming (java etc) itself, it is about building a solid infrastructure (Michael E. Gerber did a phenomenal job on writing about this in The E-Myth)

I don’t know. I’m not that into personality tests, I did one a while ago which was pretty good, but I don’t think about them this much. Actually I think everyone has this ability. If you do something so intensely you don’t even know you’re doing it anymore, it becomes part of you and therefore effortless. I guess everyone can do that, maybe I just got really good at making things part of myself, without noticing it.

Edit: I did 16personalities about 3 times and every time I was in the green area. I’m actually impressed these personalities seem to be canon on the internet and everyone knows what is meant by for example INTJ, I have to look it up instead. This is something I haven’t made part of myself for example :wink:

I think so too.

Edit: I’m a bit annoyed because I had a small memory of a dream that was somehow related to EoG and the dream was metaphorical in nature but I concluded it meant EoG works, but I really don’t know the details or what actually happened. This is super important and I will pay more attention.


Hello, I’m good, really changed a lot since we last spoke, don’t have a journal here as of now, still considering a stack, I stopped khan and spartan a few days back and now I’m using smV2 to do some healing and get the added benefits


ST1 - Day 7 - 31h - 2/16/20

Good news but I don’t feel that great. Previously I mentioned a friend of a friend of mine who wanted to do business with me but then things got stuck and it didn’t work out because he didn’t have any orders coming in. Earlier he texted me and said he quit his collaborance with a client and asked me if he should give them my details and I approved. Now let’s see how this goes.
2 business-opportunities coming my way in 1 week, not bad at all.

Now on to why I feel a bit down. I figured I am a case of helper syndrome.
It is… annoying. frustrating. embarassing.
To be more specific, there is a group of young men around my age which is based on personal-development. The problem is… well where do I start?
I think I know a whole ton more about personal development, success, healing etc than these guys, not because I am awesome but because I have gone through the whole process for multiple years. And then there comes this guy around who has the exact same issue like you had a year ago for example. And you know the solution because you have gone through the same shit and you’ve integrated it.
And he just doesn’t take your advice and goes on.

Now, of course I don’t want everyone to just do as I say but you get the point I hope. They don’t even give it a chance. And then you end up going after them and begging them to give it a shot. I feel like I am making a complete foul of myself and I am. This is ridiculous.
This has been bugging me for quite some time now but it got a whole lot better. Just got confronted with a similar situation that’s why I am bringing it up.

Actually, this lets me realise that there is a belief about me always aiming at the wrong target audience.
I think that is the very reason why my business opportunities got stuck and my products haven’t sold so far - because I believe I always attract people to my solutions who are just 0.5 inch away from the actual target audience for which the solution is perfect.
I remember as a kid when I sold my stuff to people and people came and wanted to buy but then, last minute decided against it because of a reason totally unreasonable to me and I got really annoyed because I tried to explain to them and they wont listen.
People who come to me have the exact same problem like I had a while ago, so similar it is painful to watch. But they are just not the right audience for my solution/product.
I guess that’s what it is. It sucks. Its frustrating. Sorry for ranting about it but I hope you can understand.
Imagine growing up in poverty and making your way to a millionar. One day, you see a young guy who struggles with the same poverty like you did. You tell him about it and offer to help him.
And he’s just like “Thanks but I don’t believe in that.”

hello darkness my old friend…

Now, I just shake my head and walk away. The problem is this: There are people out there who actually need this help and would appreciate it. Should I just shut down and don’t help anymore? I don’t know what to do. Maybe I should not offer help anymore but still be helpful if someone actually asks me for help.

About the wrong-target-audience-belief…EoG, go get them!


On the other hand… this even happens to people like Dan Pena, so…


ST1 - Day 8 - 32h - 2/17/20

Recovered a bit from yesterday. David Snyder’s exercise really helped. But I still feel somehow embarrassed and angry about it. It feels like I have betrayed one of my core principles. Anyway, I’ll leave it behind.

I remember a dream in which I was in a swimming area and I got a text message from the internship-guy. He rejected me and said he was sorry but then I noticed he must have mistaken me for someone else because he used another person’s name. I woke up after that.

Today I’m having lunch with a friend of mine. Since I don’t go out that often I am curious if anything has changed about my social interactions so far.

I caught myself being happy about today being Monday because that means I got to journal in my offline-journal.

The company I want to sell my designs on still processes my request which means more of my time gets wasted. Yes, I am a bit annoyed by that.This means the only things I can do today is create more designs and watch youtube videos related to my business.

Edit: EoG + Ev4 + Inner Circle would be an awesome combination, wouldn’t it? Don’t worry, I don’t plan to fidge around, I just noticed how well they’d fit


ST1 - Day 8 - 32h - 2/17/20 - Post 2

This may be the beginning of conscious reconcilation. I am following @AMASH’s advice, gradually increasing volume 1 unit every time I feel like I should move on. Again pressure on my ears and I feel like doing nothing. I feel like suddenly I became such a bad designer and doesn’t excites me for now.


I find that Ev4 doesn’t like it when I’m intentionally doing less than what I’m easily capable of. :sweat_smile:

  1. Can you not imagine more Actions towards the business goal?

  2. Do you not have any other goals?


What do you mean by that?

When I’m in moods like this, I just do little tasks I kept delaying like answering mails and stuff. Things that can get done in 5 minutes. This way I contributed an important part without stressing out.


I may have jumped the gun there. I saw “youtube” and thought “Emperor won’t like that.” :smile:

I know it’s an EOG Journal, so it’s reasonable for there to be only Business Goals in the OP.

For me, Emperor nudges me to work on all Emperor Goals that I can - so, Business, Fitness, Dating, Learning, Spiritual (till v3), Psychological (in v4) - everything I can, simultaneously.

So, if I’m ignoring / procrastinating on an area, Emperor will push me & remind me more.

Ev4 used to give me the “silent treatment” - like,
“OK, if you won’t do what I ask you to, I will stop everything as well.” :zipper_mouth_face:

:point_up_2:t2: This reminded me of that experience.

EOG also did that to me for a few days, back in August 2019.



For me there was this one fundamental self-destructive behaviour that kinda weakened ev4. It made the program less effective because I prove again and again that I lack commitment. This was a huge issue. With EoG I feel like I may let this behind now because EoG eliminates anything that it sees as a waste of time - which in turn makes Emperor more effective. That’s why think this is a very good combination.

But it is very hard for me to describe my feelings or view on Emperor first of all because of what I just said and because it was so vague. I knew it does something in my deep subconscious mind and that it is doing in its job but apart from that I am clueless about what’s happening and what I should do about it.

I also prioritized my goals and since financial independency is absolutely on top of the list, I concrentate on it completely. When this is done and I start to improve my dating-life, I don’t mind messing around with stuff like learning new skills or developing my spirituality or fitness simultaneously.


It’s human nature, man.

People only implement when they are highly motivated. Money people need to be left to feel enough of the pain of life to gain this motivation.

Trying to save them from this necessary disappointment just makes you be disappointed.

Yes. Or learn proper marketing.

The best brains have gone to try to solve this problem, and they found the solution. It’s marketing.

Most people don’t understand what it means. They think it means self-promotion or raising awareness or whatever.

But it’s about screening out those who don’t want to be helped or are not ready, and giving a way to solve the problems for those who are open, eager and ready to be helped.

I’ve been through the same road you have @ExploringAstronaut. It’s not a fun place to be. But luckily, there is way out. I see you study what Dan Pena does. He does it through sheer polarization. Or at least when he was younger in the 1990s, before he grew into the “kinder gentler Dan” :smile:

Which deep message from your subconscious could this dream signal to you? Or which fear is it revealing that maybe it is time to begin working on?


This is absolute gold! Very timely for me to read these words even though not directed at me.