[STACK] Road to Abundance (Trans. Med. 4) - EoG and a bit of EV4/EQ


Thank you, my dear friend :slight_smile:

I have a principle I learned from high level management practices, which is that: “Selection buys more than training.”

I use this with girls too. Or clients. Or marketing.

People who are already highly motivated to be helped / be seduced / improve will always be a joy to deal with and will end up with better results than trying to change the attitude / convince / seduce girls or people who aren’t that interested or their motivation is low.

It’s about polarizing, so you deal less with people who aren’t very interested, and focus your time on people who are highly motivated to be helped, to implement, to solve the problem, which you will also enjoy dealing with much more.


Exactly. I am studying marketing for a while now and got a good overview, now I have isolated what I need to focus on, one of these areas is targeting the right audience. I bought a book for this case I currently read: https://amzn.to/32dJcvn I’m not too deep into it yet but it looks promising.

I think it is very important to study the reaction to this of every person you admire and see what it makes you feel like. I mentioned Dan because he’s intimidating and very well known for his… view points, yet there are people arguing with him about this same stuff. I watched a video of him ranting about this, it’s still stuck in my head “You don’t wanna believe him, you don’t fucking wanna believe him, because that means: More pressure is on you. That’s what it really means. More pressure. You’re looking for every fucking way to give you some cushion so you can fail. And that’s how you’ve led your life.” (Sorry for the curse words but it wouldn’t be an original dan-pena-quote without them)

Very good question. Maybe it is this part of me that keeps visualising a rejection-text, the moment before I open the message and actually see it.


Thank you for that book recommendation :slight_smile:

I think a book that explains things very well is this one:



Thanks, never saw that before!
There is a guidebook to it too. Do you recommend it?


Yes, I highly recommend it.

Michael Masterson is at the level of Dan Pena in wealth. And his wisdom is absolutely gold :slight_smile:


I just noticed the guide book I meant is by someone else, I mistook the author.


I thought you meant this book, which is more of a guidebook to Ready, Fire, Aim:


ST1 - Day 9 - 37h - 2/18/20

I had a dream about being rude to someone here.

I also have an idea regarding my goalsetting. I’ll build my money-making-skills up like a habit, which means I’ll start with the smallest amount possible. The mid-term goal still is to earn 2k through my own business. But my first milestone is to make 5$ online. 5$.


I like that!


ST1 - Day 9 - 38h - 2/18/20 - Post 2

I think I will drop Ev4 for now. It’s too distracting. It tries to push me to improve my dating life all the time and I can’t concentrate.

Thinking about going EoG + Elixier + Limit Destroyer

@AMASH What do you think about this?


ST1 - Day 9 - 38h - 2/18/20 - Post 3

I got invited to a job interview with the internship-guy.


Before I can give you the right recommendation, could you tell me whether you’ve ran EoG and Limit Destroyer before, and for how long. And whether you’ve used Elixir in 2019.

Let me know :slight_smile:


No, haven’t used Elixier and Limitdestroyer yet.


I noticed that EV4 is too distracting for you at this stage in your life.

So, for the right focus and for this specific time, a stack of:

Limit Destroyer
On repeat

With Elixir 2x when you wake up and 2x at night before sleeping will give you the essential push you need.

Go for it, @ExploringAstronaut, and we all here celebrate your progress!


Cool. So this feature is retained.

How many days were you on Ev4 approx when this started happening?
Mine didn’t start in a whole month.

I moved to Ev3 then, because I prefer it’s mechanism to Ev4’s.


I mainly noticed it regarding women because I couldn’t concentrate while working and my thoughts always shifted to… women.

I didn’t really pay attention but after a while I noticed my thoughts change during ev4. I’m about day 170 or so. Emperor really is a weird thing. I still can’t make sense of it, I think I’ll leave it aside until I have this done, maybe I’ll stack it with Khan once I get there.


ST1 - Day 10 - 43h - 2/19/20

I remember I remembered a dream upon waking up but it left me. I have to pay more attention to this.
So, I’ve dumped Ev4, a bit sad considering we were pals for 170 episodes but I think the new team (EoG + Elixir + Limit Destroyer) will do just fine. Used Elixir three times now, a very nice little tool indeed. I feel like this will assist me very well when I use trauma-and-strength-building-exercises (what a fancy name).

I will attend classes again today, the guy I told you about who wants to do business with me texted me and apologized because he forgot to send me something he said he’d do but didn’t.
He seems to be pretty occupied with his own stuff so I’ll forgive and trust him again.

Tomorrow is my job interview, been binge watching David Snyder’s seminar on this:

Actually it is pretty straight forward, I’ll watch it again and again until I can predict what he will say next and then I’ll practice it a bit when I get the chance to.
Basically what he’s suggesting is asking questions, listening to what people answer and echo them by repeating their exact words and showing you understand. This way they feel more comfortable around you because they feel accepted and understood and they will keep talking.

So this is what I will be doing today. A bit business, a bit for my classes and this.


ST1 - Day 10 - 45h - 2/19/20 - Post 2

Two really funny manifestation-stories that just happened when I was outside. So first of all, I took my headphones and listened to Limit Destroyer; when I got outside it rained like hell. It was dark, cold and it rained like crazy. I stood there, considering my options and decided to take the bus. While I was waiting I thought deliberately thought to myself “It is a perfect day. The sky is clear and there is no sign of rain.” I didn’t expect much from it because I thought it needed its time and I never manifested weather before, so I just stopped thinking about it and entered the bus and thought about how I could improve my business. I got off the bus 2 stops away and there was no rain, the weather was fine. I thought "Wow, these were just a few hundred meters and I’m in a completely different weather zone. I went to the bank and walked back the way the bus drove me and noticed it is the same weather!
Sky is clear, a few pale clouds, no wind and no rain! Then it dawned me what happened and I was blown away. This manifested in just like 2 minutes while I was on the bus.

I went to a grocery store and in front of it there was a man approaching me, I ignored him and went inside. I did so because I knew him; He asked me for money a few days ago and I am uncomfortable with that, especially if it is not my money. I went inside, got what I wanted and stood in the queue to pay. Meanwhile I watched him, how he stood there, waited for people to come out and talked to them, asking for money. Some of them talked with him, others just ignored him. I thought how sad it was we live in a society where we just ignore people in need, but what saddened me more was that there are people taking advantage of it, so you mistrust guys like him. Anyway, I thought, I don’t earn any money yet so I can’t just give him other people’s money. I remembered how I influenced the weather and thought “Someone help this guy. This guy is being helped”
I didn’t pay any more attention and paid and when I got outside I noticed he wasn’t there (I found it awkward to walk past him and ignore him two times). When I checked where he was, I saw him saying goodbye to a woman with a child, and he put a can in his pocket. A can of food the woman bought him I suppose. Last time he asked me if I had money for him he said he haven’t eaten anything for days.

Two little instant-manifestation stories I wanted to share, hope these weren’t too long


ST1 - Day 11 - 49h - 2/20/20

Remember how I said it is important to keep an eye on your dreams? Here’s why:

I saw my ex-coach somewhere and I decided to approach and to confront him. Let’s just call him Steve.
If you don’t know what happened, after I quit my job about half a year ago, I knew I wanted to build my own online-business, but I did not know how to start. I was overwhelmed. So I saw a YT who lives very close to where I am, he was the same age like me, he knew his stuff and he made an honest impression. So I decided to do a coaching with him and in that coaching he recommended me to write a book and sell it, which I did. He promised me we’d stay in contact, I’d get his courses for free, we’d meet in real life and have dinner etc etc etc.
Nothing of that happened, he ignored me after a few months. Yep, I was naiive.
Just as I was in this dream when I confronted him. He was very aggressive and kept getting close to me, pushed me around, told me how naiive and stupid I was and that I’d never make it. I didn’t really defend myself, I had a hard time just holding my ground.
It was like I was a little boy and he was the big, bad bully.

He kept making fun of me and laughing and calling me names. I don’t know how but we departed and I did something else. Then, the same thing happened, I confronted him again and this was his reaction. I am actually ashamed of how naiive I was in the dream, I kept telling him stuff like “I thought we’d do business together”, then he’d laugh hysterically about what I said and start to get physical again.

I then left him. I hated him, I wanted to destroy him but I felt so weak, compared to him. Unexperienced, naiive and (I figured this was a very important theme the dream was about) lacking money skills. After I had the argument with him, I lined up in a queue to buy a lotto ticket to get rich as fast as possible. I got closer to the ticket counter and then he appeared behind me again.
He grabbed the back of my jacket as if there was something inside and said maliciously “You must have won the lottery to be able to afford this”.

I knew he was right and left the queue. After that my memory fades but as far as I know, he didn’t appear anymore.

Edit: Just now I noticed what a stark contrast this is compared to the dream I had before. I was on a top of a tank, part of a larger group of soldiers who also drove tanks and we were in a fight. In this dream I was much more confident and aggressive.


ST1 - Day 11 - 50h - 2/20/20 - Post 2

So the interview is in a few hours and I got to admit I am nervous. I watched David’s video again and again and I think I’m good. Listening to a few loops of EoG now, I’ll use some of Quads videos to calm down and be able to build a better connection. Then I’ll get into a deep meditation and use Elixir to let everything sink in and then I’ll go. Let’s see how it goes