[STACK] Road to Abundance (Trans. Med. 4) - EoG and a bit of EV4/EQ


Best of luck!


Thanks. I got the job.


ST1 - Day 11 - 53h - 2/20/20 - Post 3

How do I put this…
I attended classes again and it turns out the exam and presentation and submission of our projects is soon (Today in 20 days to be more precise). The problem: I have nothing so far and it is fucking much.
I’m talking about a complete business plan with model, market research etc.
So before I said I don’t care about it, business first. This still goes but here’s the thing:
I could see it as a golden opportunity to put me and EoG to the test. Can we really handle this task and still excel in our new job and work on our business? Will we be able to manage our time like people who own their time in order to get shit done? I don’t know. Let’s see.

I’ll figure out how to go about this today, first regarding the organisation and what is necessary for it, but also about the business itself, since we don’t want someone to steal our project and run around with it making all the money, do we?

I don’t want to utilize Limitless and confuse my stack even more, therefore I will rely on my own learning techniques and David’s videos. I’ll also have to think about how I am going to relax and deal with the stress


Very happy for you.


ST1 - Day 12 - 55h - 2/21/20

Thank you! Really appreciate it.
I have thought about the situation and here are some key points:

  • I will have to spend less time on social media, therefore I will be able to update this journal only once a day in the coming time
  • One of my greatest fears right now is that the reconciliation hits me really bad when I get started in the new job. I have 11 days left before it begins.
  • During the interview, I felt fears coming up. Fears that told me it was a bad idea and I’d be better off not working there, because what happens if something horrible ruins my reputation and then everyone knows etc. I had this fear for a very long time, it faded a lot now and I know it will vanish completely a few more months down the road
  • Just as I went back home another voice popped up and started downplaying my success like
    “Well, it was pretty easy since you know the boss’ friend and he vouched for you. And you know, he may just chose you because of that” etc. I know 100 points that prove this voice wrong but I feel like it is best to not argue with morons and just observe it

Today I will tweak some of my current habit systems so it carries me during the next time. I feel like I could handle alot thanks to EoG timemanagement-scripting, but I waste so much time going to bed late, wasting time doing stuff that doesn’t matter etc.
And now I’ll have to see how to plan my day for my own business, for the exam and the project I have to hand in and for the soon-to-begin job, while at the same time giving me enough time for relief and relaxation.


ST1 - Day 12 - 61h - 2/21/20 - Post 2
2. Week Progress: 0 / 2000
First Milestone: 0/5$

It feels like it’s already been a month. Let’s see. My midterm-goal is to earn 2k in cash, I’ll journal about it offline later. The first milestone I put forward is to earn 5$ online. What I did this week is to order a few samples of what I am about to sell, create a logo and get a job. They probably wont pay me the first 3 months but that doesn’t matter, what is important for me is they are really cool relaxed guys and still extremely young and ambitious. I’ll have much freedom to experiment with marketing and learn the skills I need for my own business.

Aside from that, this stupid project we have to do bugs me a bit. I thought about how I’d solve this problem and I came up with creating a simple product just for this project. I already got the product, now I’ll just document what I am going to do with it and that’s it. There is a very low risk of someone taking it and stealing it and if, it doesn’t really matter.

Haven’t had any noticeable reconciliation yet, but I know there is something going on under the surface (dreams). I hope I am one of the few for which this remains and they don’t have to struggle with lethargic laziness, depression etc. I don’t want that when my job starts or when I have to hand in my project.

I stopped Emperor for now because it is just too disctracting. I actually still don’t know what to make of Emperor, I feel like it can be very powerful but it needs certain requirements I am not aware of now.

I ordered the book AMASH recommended me, but I’ll also get a good novel to have a balance. You don’t want to think about business all the time, it is important to take care of stress relief. Btw. if you know any good novels, let me know, I am open for recommendations.

Other than that all I can say is I feel like the only way I could screw up EoG is with laziness. But when you just get started it pushes you forward on its own. I don’t really know how to describe it but I feel a weird kind of confidence since starting EoG. It is not the confidence of being a man, a lone wolf, like the feeling I had and loved with Emperor. It’s like… I am confident in my skills, so to speak.
It is still very subtle though and might be placebo, but just for the record.

I’m also very interested in seeing how Limit Destroyer gets into action. I have high expectations since I think this might be THE most useful tool SC created, since there is no scenario where it is good to have limits. If you can break your limits, you can achieve anything. I’ll look for some Limit Destroyer journals


I really like the way you’re thinking now @ExploringAstronaut and I can notice the big difference from the first time I read your posts and now. Very deep insights, and great progress!

When you wrote this, this highly recommended novel literally jumped in front of my eyes, I saw this exact cover, so maybe it’s a sign for you. A great novel that is also helpful to know how great businesspeople think:



Any particular genre or style?


Anything. I discovered there are gems in every category.


What are some that you’ve considered to be gems?


The Catcher in the Rye, Ender’s Game, The Martian, The Prophet, Kafka, The Samurai series by Chris Bradford, The Law series by Joe Abercrombie, Sphere (Although I liked the movie more), Miss Peregrine’s Home for peculiar Children. We had to read that one in school and what I liked about it was this feeling of an inner refuge, a magical place inside my mind I could visit whenever I wanted to. Might sound weird but it saved my sanity during high school hehe


I’d recommend The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. Impeccable world building. It’s actually the first installment of an ongoing fantasy epic. But I feel that it stands alone. But be warned, it may forever influence the imagery you experience while listening to The Commander. :slight_smile:

Also, for anyone who is thinking of making a living writing, Sanderson is a definite role model and teacher. His courses and podcast are great resources.

Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha will inspire in moments of existential quest. And his The Glassbead Game (Magister Ludi) will inspire extreme Quantum Limitless energy.

If you feel like looking at the world just about 30 degrees off-center, jump into Haruki Murakami’s A Wild Sheep Chase. and then read everything else he’s written.

The novel I’ve read most recently was The Book of Night Women by Marlon James. Wrenching and thought-provoking.

If you’ve never read Ursula K LeGuin’s Earthsea trilogy, that’s a beloved and deep classic.

Another Limitless inspirer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes.

The Prophet is a book to read and re-read. That’s a great one, @ExploringAstronaut . Kahlil Gibran is awesome. The Catcher in the Rye as well. and more and more.


The best thing about the books you have listed here is that I never heard of any of those. They probably are gems then. Thank you very much


ST1 - Day 13 - 62h - 2/22/20

Feeling a weird sensation on the right side of my nose, next to my eye. Might be reconciliation, that’s why I’m mentioning it. An idea came to mind, like “What if I really am one of those who don’t experience reconciliation emotionally, but physically?” I mean it is very possible since there is no neurological difference between emotional and physical pain and in the past this is exactly what happened to me. If this is true… well, then I’d be really really really happy. I don’t have problems with a bit of pain, as long as it doesn’t knock me out and I can’t do anything.


ST1 - Day 14 - 62h - 2/23/20

Today was rest day again, so I thought about what I could do to improve my results. Besides the obvious things (cutting out bad stuff), I came up with a list of habits, including things like relaxation, going to sleep early etc. to make it easier. What I also came up with is gratifying myself for achieving certain goals.
I have something really big in mind, something I want to buy for myself which is pricy but I am really drawn to it, so it actually motivates me alot.
But what I’ll also do is combine this with the milestone-thing and making the milestones even smaller, to combat procrastination and laziness (felt that creeping in a bit).
So my first milestone is to setup a new paypal account for the business.
The second is hiring a freelancer for some research.
The third is to contact influencers.
The fourth is to sell 1 product.
And then, a little bit further down the road, I’ll be able to do myself a huge favor (I get shivers of motivation just thinking about it)
I’ll also think about rewards for each milestone.
You might think this is silly and childish, I don’t know, maybe, I am just utilizing everything that could be helpful.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, I’d be very grateful to hear them.

Edit: I forgot to mention I have been very sleepy the past few days, in combination with this strange pain I felt probably a sure way sign for reconciliation.


Sounds both practical and smart. Including incentives in your plan.


ST1 - Day 14 - 68h - 2/24/20

Today is actually day 14, I confused the dates somehow, I also corrected it in my offline-journal.
Besides wasting a lot of time (I had fun though), I improved a design of mine, I’ll review it again today and if I’m satifisfied, I’ll order a sample. Besides that I made progress learning the stuff for exams. I used the mind palace technique and now I am able to fully recall all important points from 2 lessons. I’ll do this with 6 more lessons, then I’m done with this part.
It takes a bit of practice and rehearsel, but once it’s there, it’s almost impossible to forget it.
My goal for tomorrow is to hire a freelancer to do the market research I need. I’m not very happy with how much I’ve got done today, but I always tell myself it is better to take little steps everyday, than sometimes big steps and sometimes none at all.

(I got really creative with the mind palace thing btw. I even created some sort of alien-animal with multiple faces to memorize an audience-groups-model)

Edit: I looked at the calendar and got nervous again. 4 and a half Months left. 4 and a half months to perform a mircale.


ST1 - Day 15 - 75h - 2/25/20

We got alot of work done today, guys. I did a bit of research, contacted the freelancers, moved some money to my bank account to pay for everything that is comig my way, set up my profile on IG as best as I could, continued working on my reward list and my studies (although not as much as I planned to do) and started implementing my morning habits. It’s just amazing how much free time you have left when you do the nasty things first in the morning. I also sent an email I procrastinated alot about finally.
So far I am very content with today’s achievements. Now I have to think about what I will actually reward myself with, and make a contract so I actually do it. You may laugh but I often caught myself not being as good to myself as I promised to do for finishing work.

The only thing I am a bit behind with is listening to EoG. I still need 2 more loops today to get to 6 hours (Although I am sure I miscalculated and forgot to write down 1 or 2)


ST1 - Day 16 - 80h - 2/26/20

One of the freelancers I contacted rejected my offer, the other didn’t answer yet. I had a very bad start this morning. I feel like I have ruined the whole day already.
I don’t know how else to put it but I feel tired about certain aspects of my life. Tired of my inconsistent hygiene (I have various natural and stress-related conditions that make it harder for me), tired of my lack of organisation and this mess everywhere. I have never actually been taught how to be organized and tidy. It always was “You wait 'til you can’t ignore it anymore, then you stuff it all in a closet and pretend it is not there”-thing. So I’ll have to teach myself now how to be orderly.

I had a dream I remember. Again my old teacher from high school and my class. We are in a mysterious place, looks like giant, grey and abandoned structures. I leave the rest of the group because I am sick and tired of my teacher and go to another room to rest there. I hear him telling the class they should treat me with consideration because I am depressed and I have gone crazy since someone died. (lol)

Besides that, I feel my confidence in social situations dropped since I stopped using Emperor. I don’t know what I am feeling anymore actually. I am confused and tired.


What always gets me in the mood is starting to clean up my room and listening to music meanwhile (Space Rock ftw)
So I just did that and I feel much better