[STACK] Road to Abundance (Trans. Med. 4) - EoG and a bit of EV4/EQ


ST1&2 - Day 67 - 4/15/20

I have also realized something that has been bothering me for a long time and that is showing itself to me to its fullest now. You know, I grew up in multiple cultures, I got to know the Western culture and the, lets say, Eastern Culture when I was a kid growing up.
I always identified with the latter when I was small, then I started to become ashamed of it and identified with Western Culture.
I don’t want to bash anyone’s culture here, I’m just sharing my experiences.
What I came to observe is that in Western culture basically nobody cares about you.
The only thing that is important is that you work. You got to work and keep quiet and everything is fine.
When you are sick, they maybe let you stay home for 1-2 days maximum, but you are considered a lazy dork.
When you are down, they give you a few pills and send you to therapy and wait. Wait for the mechanic to repair the machine so it works again.
When someone you know dies, they tell you “my condolence” and in the next sentence “get over it soon.”

That’s the reality or am I wrong? We consider it “victim-mindset” when someone needs to take his/her time to heal something. “Well, what good does it to continue living in the past? get over it, sweety”

During these past weeks I could get to know if my friends are friends or not.
I knew it all along but I didn’t want to admit it. Some of them are self-absored assholes who only care about themself, their goals and what is going on in their life.
I am sick of it. And it is a problem in the western world in general. It is the core of what this culture lacks, empathy. Ironically, the countries in the West who are more known for having empathy and caring for one another have been hit hardest now. Like Italy, Greece and Spain.

I really don’t care if you think I’m a crybaby. Yes, I want people I have known for quite some time and with whom I am together for the same reason to care about me.
Yes, I demand empathy from my friends.
Btw. I am not talking about you guys here, I am talking about other people.

I am deeply deeply disappointed.

Maybe everyone should lose at least 1 person they are close with until the time they are 18. Maybe this would teach people what pain and empathy is.
Having no real problems makes people ignorant and heartless.
And sadly, my country suffered the least so far. While other parts of the world start to wake up and get closer to each other, my country stays in its deep slumber.

Well… maybe this is a harsh way EoG is showing me who is worth my time and consideration so I can live and share a life of abundance who share their abundance with me aswell and not waste my time with the rest.


ST1&2 - Day 69 - 4/17/20

I have thought about my financial situation. It isn’t all that bad.
I got some sales the past few days and I guess more will come, so right now I am at about… 25$ I earned with my online… adventures so far this year.
This may seem horrible but I think it is just a learning process. I don’t count the money, which I don’t earn yet, from my job, because my goal is to earn money with my own business. Ofc I will tell my counselor that I got a decent job et cetera but I will continue until I have my own businesses running.

I have neglected the one design business I have worked on like crazy and I will start building it up again soon. As far as I can tell from all I have learned is that it doesn’t matter how many products you have, or how awesome they are, the only thing that matters is to sell them.
And to do that you need traffic. And to get traffic you need social media.
So that’s what I will do. I also started something else which doesn’t take much work, but I will link it to the design business soon and get some more traffic from there.

So… I’m pretty confident about my business. May partly be because I don’t fear consequences that much now. If you think about it, there aren’t any real consequences in life except for death.


I had to stop listening to ST2 because I got massive reconciliation symptoms and the pain was just too much. Never before have I had this much physical pain beacuse of a subliminal.
I’ll just let it be for now and continue on Monday


ST1&2 - Day 70 - 4/18/20

Reconciliation remains.
This is really odd. I won’t feel anything, but when I sit in front of the computer, my throat and my head start to hurt in this crazy way, which I only know from reconciliation.


ST1&2 - Day 72 - 4/20/20

Now that Sovereign and Fire updated the single stage titles, I am updating Limit Destroyer to Limit Destroyer Q. I thought about adding Rebirth Q too but I think I will not. I will keep running ST1+ST2 and LD until I feel like I can move on.
I just trust my gut with this. I have been 42 days on ST2 now.


ST1&2 - Day 73 - 4/21/20

First night after listening to Limit Destroyer Q for a few loops. I remember about 4 dreams.
In one of them I was with a group in Syria (I don’t know what I’m doing there all the time) and we just won the final battle and defeated ISIS for forever.
It was a pretty strong moment, and I guess it maybe symbolizes that a major limit has been dissolved.


ST1&2 - Day 74 - 4/22/20

I’m challenging myself:

  • Build and automate social media postings for my design business until the end of this week.
  • Sell first design before 10th of May


ST1&2 - Day 75 - 4/23/20

I am not sure if I posted it here but there was a time when I was afraid of losing my job. Ah yes, I did post it here. I feared I would be discouraged and stopp working. I also feared not being good enough for my boss to close a contract with me in June. Well, I don’t think he will not close a contract with me haha.
I proved my value many times now and it would be very hard for him to find someone with similar characteristics and teach him all the stuff all over again.
Not saying I am extremely good in what I am doing, but I am ready to learn and to improve, and that is what’s really important in these kinds of jobs.

So, this job is basically nailed now.

I’m really curious about the contract.

Btw about the challenge: I almost finished the first half of it yesterday haha. It’s easy once you get started.


Something I noticed with my dreams since I started LD Q is that I had 2 dreams in which people fell off a slope. The first time it was on a street, where the street startet to rise and people fell down and the second time it was a hillside.
I never had this dream sign before I guess.

It seems like it is a warning of a danger. I have no idea what danger it could be


ST1&2 - Day 77 - 4/25/20

I feel like I can move on to Stage 3 now. My body was very weary these past few days. Since I started Limit Destroyer Q I noticed something very… intriguing. On two occasions I halluzinated hearing things that weren’t there. The first time I thought I heard the rining of my phone but then I realized I’d hear the voice mail after I failed to answer the call, but I didn’t which means that I just heard it “in my mind”.
The other time was this morning when I halluzinated hearing music after stopping it on my phone.
First I thought “Well, it’s official now, you’ve gone nuts.”, not being really concerned about it.

But then I remembered the time when I halluzinated seeing words and sentences from my book with closed eyes after listening to EV4, which I called “mind-cinema”. This lasted for 3 days and then stopped.
Do you have an idea what is happening here @SaintSovereign @Fire ?
I find this to be highly interesting.

Main Discussion Thread - Q

Interesting. I had similar auditory hallucinations, but I did not connect them with Limit Destroyer Q or subliminal use.
When laying in bed half awake I heard a short ringing noise similar to my doorbell.
I thought of them as hypnagogic hallucinations.
Probably I am going nuts a bit.


ST1&2 - Day 78 - 4/26/20

I completed the first challenge

  • Build and automate social media postings for my design business until the end of this week.

Guys I tell you… the procrastination was relentless with this one. I got to take some smaller steps so I don’t feel overwhelmed… Alright, what’s next? “Sell first design before 10th of May”
Hm… Alright, let’s do it.
I thought about it and I will move on to Stage 3 tomorrow. So it will be ST3 + LDQ. Seems like fun.


Were you completely awake or in that state between dreaming and awake?


Completely awake, every time it happened


@SaintSovereign I was also wide awake when I had this “mind-cinema” experience with EV4 a few months back


To be honest, I’m not sure what’s happening – this is the first instance of this ever being reported. If I had to guess, it’s the scripting that adjusts your mind to help execute the script and your dreams. I remember seeing you talk about difficulties with visualization, this may be working on that.


Well actually I am pretty good with visualising. I said I wanted to reach the level of Tesla, who could literally see and feel the things he imagined.
I also noticed that my sensory imagination increased after LDQ, for an instance I could visualize skin and then imagine how it would feel like to touch it and it felt very real.
The only problem is that this seems to fade.


ST3 - Day 80 - 4/28/20

Second day of using Stage 3. Medium symptoms of reconciliation (special headache). Today I’ll play LDQ for about 6 hours according to the schedule. I’ll probably stop before when the symptoms get too painful.
Btw… isn’t it interesting that you can actually physically hurt someone just by speech?


ST3 - Day 80 - 4/28/20 - Post 2

I stopped ST3. Got such a headache and I just felt/feel awful. 80% of my EoG has been downfalls and destruction so far. There is a little challenge at my workplace I am being confronted with right now. I am supposed to finish something this week and I just feel bad and lethargic. It’s not as bad as it sounds and not as bad as it was but it’s like… my days are getting shorter and shorter and I lack energy.


ST3 - Day 80 - 4/28/20 - Post 3

This is the 2nd time I have been dreaming of a ropeway since I started using LDQ. I have no idea what it means. I looked it up and it is commonly said that it means:

  • You don’t need too much effort to achieve a goal. Take it easy.
  • If you see yourself using a ropeway with others you should consider being more cooperative to reach your goals.
  • It means you are following a higher spiritual goal with stubborn will.