[STACK] Road to Abundance (Trans. Med. 4) - EoG and a bit of EV4/EQ


ST3Q - Day 83 - 5/1/20

About that… ooof… I really have to get going. I actually think this goal wasn’t define that well, since it isn’t in my power to make someone buy. I can only influence my actions.
I should have stated something like “Run 3 ads” or something like this. Anyway, I said it now and I am not going back on it. Actually, my social media slowly starts working. I got 5 followers now, I know it is nothing, but it is good to see that what I am doin has an impact. Now, because I know it can take ages to get from 5 followers to 5k, I will persue that goal by dm influencers (I already have a list in mind) and make a deal and pay them a few bucks for promoting my content.
It is a pretty basic, common way and my best chance to sell something for now, at least that is how I see it.

I noticed that ST3Q is 1 hour long. My app crashes from time to time when I play it. But I don’t have any reconciliation symptoms anymore right now. It works pretty smooth.
Maybe it is a plateau or something, I will just keep going with LDQ and run ST3 for… Maybe the whole month or more. Otherwise, I’ll just let my intuition decide.

Btw. I also had some pretty interesting dreams lately. For example a few days ago: I am in a mall and it is pretty famous mall and there is a camera team asking the people who hang around in the lounge something that is very common for interviewers to ask. I don’t remember what exactly it id. Anyway, people shout back, angrily "Money! Career! Job! Greed! We’re sick of it!!!"
And I am just amazed by the magnitude of that statement and how deep rooted it is.
I come closer and ass to the confusion and fear of the camera team. I look into the now quiet audience and say “I just want to climb the highest mountain possible and freely scream from the top of my lungs how sick I am of all this.”
And people nod, silently.

@Malkuth Did you experience similar dreams? For me, it is a mixture between EoG and many other things I spoke about in previous posts.


No, I don’t think I’ve had dreams like that. But it is pretty interesting to read and imagine it.

I’m usually not a very active dreamer.


If I am not mistaken Saint said that 1 loop of a Q-version subliminal equals 4 loops of the previous version, is that correct?


For older titles, 1 loop Q = 6 loops of the older version. (This includes Emperor.)

For newer titles (basically multi-stage titles), 1 loop Q = 3 loops of the previous version.

Nothing short, as they say, of revolutionary.


Excited about your business to grow. Curious why you dint choose affiliate marketing though. Will keep an eye on this journal


@Donjuan When I first started learning about online businesses, I also thought affiliate marketing was the way to go.
To make it short: I learned the only thing in affiliate marketing that actually sells is courses to teach other people about how to earn money with affiliate marketing… In reality you need a host of skillsets, lots content, time and energy to get affiliate marketing running. It is something I would do later on, but not as my first business. The only thing that matters is the sale and your job is to make the first sale as quickyl as possible, for multiple reasons.


ST3Q - Day 87 - 5/5/20

I messaged two influencers, 1 offered me a pretty nice deal, so I will go for it.
I only got 5 days left for the challenge but I think that will be enough.
The influencers on my list are the results of research I did prior, so I only picked those with a field of interest that is close to enough and an high-engaging audience.

The only way this could fail now is because of poor ads. I remember watching some tutorials about influencer-marketing and if I remember correctly they advised to design the posts in a way that makes them fit in with the rest of the influencer’s content.

I am a bit excited I must say. I’m also excited about next month and my job, since I am supposed to sign a paid contract then.


It may sound strange but boy I am so excited to earn some cash and build my businesses.


EoG ST3Q and LDQ still hurt to listen to.


Alright, I’m ready, I just submitted my post and hashtags and now I am waiting what’s going to happen next. This is the first ad in my life, I am super excited and ready to make a fool of myself, because well, it was for a very good price. I don’t have that great of a feeling about what is going to happen, but anyway, taking action is the only thing that matters here.
Alright, I will update on what is going to happen, I assume it will take 1 day or so to really get it rolling, at least that’s what I saw from this influencer’s other posts.

Stay tuned


I have been away from the forum for a while but I am constantly listening to EOG (Currently in Stage 2). I read 3 months worth of posts in the last hour, and gathered that “Q” subs will be customizable and might even have our names embedded.
I already see the Q versions of all my subs in my downloads. Since you are listening to a Q sub, I would like to know how to go about getting your name in the script?


There aren’t any names in the script, this is something that is still yet to come


The “Q” in those titles simply signify that it was created with Q (short for Quintessence), our A.I. powered, automated subliminal maker. Soon, the Q store will open and you’ll be able to order custom, name embedded subliminals.


ST3Q - Day 88 - 5/6/20

Alright, so we will promote my ad on Friday, 8th of May, which means it will probably be pretty close to the deadline. The other guy I messaged didn’t answer yet, so I messaged him again and if he doesn’t answer in a few hours, I’ll probably ask the next one on my list. The shoutout-rates seem to be pretty low, so it doesn’t matter if we burn some money here. I see it as an investment.
And you know what? I am proud of myself. I don’t even care if someone is going to buy in result of my ad, I am just proud of myself that I took the steps and actually talked to these influencers and asked them. This alone was such a hurdle for me, and it just feels so… uplifting and liberating to break these barriers, step out of the comfort zone and actually extend it, by getting comfortable of doing new things.

I am going to share more of my progress here, I also learned a ton about social media and how to use it, I learned alot about online marketing and what it is really about and I am eager to share it with you guys here for free, because I myself suffered from this lack of knowledge and I don’t think it is fair that some “gurus” on the internet tell you these things I am going to tell you and charge you a ton of money and in the end you gain nothing from it.
So, I was there too guys, and don’t worry about it, you can learn it, I can learn it, it is all just about taking a step back and breaking down the process into smaller chunks and knowing what needs to be done.

So, stay tuned for more


For Social Media you learnt any specific course or followed any specific niche author?
Excited to know about what you learnt in online marketing (hope its affiliate marketing or dropshipping).


Nope. Not needed. I watched a few videos on Instagram marketing and which social media tools one can use (I recommend Recurpost and Later, which are free).
I wrote it all down and then I took action. Luckily I have to do these tasks anyway for my job, so I just improved and learned new things as time went by. Actually, I am doing this since just 2 months now.
Taking action is the hardest part because it is something new.

The business I am talking about here is a print on demand business


Print on Demand is new for me, never heard about it. Thanks for Recurpost , this is something new never heard about. Will be useful for scheduling Web 2.0 posts. You should share more tips and tricks from your notes, or your notes completely :smiley:


ST3Q - Day 89 - 5/7/20

It seems like I can run ST3 on 4/15 volume without “getting hurt” now. I mean before I would start to feel pain, but now not anymore. Maybe it will return when it finds another blockage. I don’t think I will ever go beyond 4/15 with any subliminal, just to be safe.

So, tomorrow is the day my ad will go online. I just remembered about facebook ads. Facebook ads are pretty inexpensive right now because of Corona, at least that’s what I’ve heard and I think it’s true.
Here’s the thing: The minimum daily budget for an ad on facebook is 1$. I don’t believe they have gone lower now, I believe they just increased the quality of leads for the same price. Or it is the same as before and it only gets cheaper when you invest more.
Anyway, I think I will do it, starting with 1$. I have never done this before either, and there are certain… things one has to take care of when investing in (facebook) ads.
I don’t expect it to work, but let’s do it anyway. 30$ for ads are well spent if you can learn something from it.
Currently, my story has had 7 views in total so far.
So you guys see I am starting from ground zero here.

Edit: 9 views, excuse me~


Thanks for the response Saint. I look forward to it.


Please share your CTR too, niche if possible. At the end of this campaign. Looking forward to see how market responds during this Covid situation whether that affects buying dip.